Brother printer cartridges

Brother printer cartridges, quality prevails. A high-performance printer can best meet the demands placed on it with the right printer accessory. Anyone who chooses to buy a Brother printer has made the choice for a very reliable device with high-quality print output. To make the most of Brother's printing capabilities, Brother printer cartridges should be used as printer supplies.

The manufacturer develops its printers in conjunction with the consumables that it plans and assembles in parallel to the device. In this way, Brother ensures a well-thought-out balance between the device and the ink cartridge. Not only the body of the cartridge, but also the composition of the ink with its carrier liquid and the color particles are tailored to fit the printer with its mechanics and its print head.

Knowing its device best, the manufacturer knows exactly how to meet the ink requirements to ensure smooth workflow in the printer. The combined use of Brother printers with Brother printer cartridges guarantees optimal use of printer features and gentle interaction between the components that maintain the printer and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Model Features - Brother Printer Cartridges

The manufacturer Brother develops its inks and papers for a perfect combination with the printer for a high-class performance. Documents printed with the Brother Printing Concept consisting of a printer, ink cartridge, and paper have a guaranteed life of one hundred years before they fade. Brother printers, printer cartridges and paper are set to each other in such a way that the first print-out after the insertion of the ink cartridges into the printer is printed without error and the quality level is reliably maintained at a high level.

The reliability of Brother printer cartridges, combined with Brother printer and paper, saves on printer supplies, time and energy. Brother ink is engineered to minimize the size of the drops. Small drop sizes produce an intense application of color, because they are applied much denser than large drops. The dense application of color provides vivid vibrant colors of high brilliance, significantly expanding the color spectrum and thus providing a large number of shades, which are applied in fine shades with soft transitions.

Small droplet sizes also allow a balanced distribution of the color particles and thus a balanced color image. In addition, the Brother ink draws clearly contoured edges and sharp lines without smudging and tearing. The improved fluidity of the ink with small droplet sizes ensures the trouble-free printing process by the fine nozzles of the printhead are passed through unhindered and remain free of clogging.

The new generation of Brother printer cartridges - Innobella ™

The manufacturer, Brother, has named its printer cartridges and its photo and inkjet papers Innobella ™ - a combination of innovation and - with the Italian "bella" - aesthetics. The combined use of Brother ink cartridges and Brother papers optimally aligns the positive characteristics of both products and leverages their capabilities to deliver world-class print results. Innobella ™ represents an innovative technology to deliver aesthetically superior and durable print products.

The technology of Brother printers, inks and papers

Brother's latest series of MFPs feature advanced printhead technology that can handle minimal ink sizes. The amazingly small ink drops with a volume of 1.5 picoliters, which correspond to a diameter of 0.0142 millimeters, are placed exactly on the paper. Brother's print technology reduces image grainy, bringing images with well-balanced color, fine transitions and strong contrasts to the paper.

The Innobella ™ ink is the result of intensive research by Brother's development department, whose quality has been studied in numerous printer tests involving more than 100 different criteria. The advanced technology of Innobella ™ paper has a meticulously engineered coating that aids smoothness and reduces ink bleeding. The technologically sophisticated Innobella ™ Ink and Innobella ™ Paper increase the previous maximum color reproduction range, improving the color output of the three yellow, cyan and magenta inks.

The extent of the color reproduction range is the central criterion for quality in color printing. All three colors have an extension of their color spectrum averaging between 10% and 15% and are thus able to render color information realistically and vividly. Innobella ™ technology was developed to optimally match Brother ink and paper for high-quality image printing with high reliability.

Benefits - Innobella ™ Ink in Brother Printer Cartridges

Brother's ink, through the implementation of a new color photographic technology with a specially developed, advanced and precisely metered proportion of chemical compounds, shows an expansion of the color space, resulting in a lively, intense application of color.

Innobella ™ ink is resistant to light, UV radiation and ozone, ensuring long-lasting color intensity without fading due to stressful environmental conditions. Innobella ™ Ink prints have rich color, long life and are the perfect complement to Innobella ™ Photo Paper for delivering the highest quality prints with vivid colors, sharp images and a fresh look.

The supporting partner in the background - Innobella ™ paper for the ink

Brother's Innobella ™ paper has a specially developed coating that gives it a super smooth finish. The coating of the paper causes a matte finish in the color print, while it excludes bleeding of the liquid portions of the ink and prevents smearing. The special coating of the paper also helps extend the maximum color rendition range and improves the characteristics of the inks whose intensity, vibrancy and radiance support it.

The tightly controlled composition of the paper, its thickness and its softness work perfectly together with the ink and the printing device, sparing the mechanics of the printer to prevent damage and maintenance. The combination of Innobella ™ Ink and Innobella ™ Paper produces outstanding print images with intense colors, precise details, strong contrasts, accurate edges and no bleed.

Texts that are printed on Brother's paper show excellent readability with clearly defined characters, which, with sharply drawn edges and intense color, contrast sharply with the background. The imprints on the Brother paper are of intense color with accurate details and the excellent adhesion of the ink to the paper of long-lasting brilliance.

Environmentally friendly printing with the Brother printer cartridge

The Brother company is putting a lot of effort into environmental protection by organizing its production processes as well as its Brother Earth program. Brother customers can dispose of their used printer cartridges by packing them in a package and returning them with a return label to Brother Brothers for free. Brother not only takes back its old equipment, but also supplies empty Brother printer cartridges to the company's internal recycling system.

Original Brother printer supplies are used in the remanufacturing process, along with many other applications including alternative printer cartridges. In addition, Brother makes a donation to preserve the Peruvian rainforest every time he or she uses the used equipment or printer supplies, doubling his commitment to environmental protection.

Excellent print with the Brother printer cartridge

Brother has been awarded various certificates for its commitment to the quality of its products as well as its efforts to protect the environment. Brother printer cartridges meet the highest standards in industry and, in addition to other ISO standards, also comply with the ISO standard 11798, which distinguishes the quality of the ink and guarantees its age resistance under adverse environmental conditions.

The Paper Technology Foundation confirms the document authenticity of the Brother ink with the PTS certificate. The company and with it its products have been awarded the Blue Angel, which confirms the special environmental friendliness of the company and its products.