Canon ink Cartridges

Canon has two printing methods

For color printing with ink, there is the procedure:

• BubbleJet and
• Piezo

basically two different technologies. While BubbleJet printing uses a heating element to heat the water or solvent in the ink to cause a small blast by means of a vapor bubble that pushes an ink drop out of the nozzle of the print head, piezoelectric pressure uses the so-called piezoelectric effect. In this, the electric ink is pressed through a fine nozzle while forming drops, the size of which is individually controlled by electrical impulses to generate electrical voltage.

The manufacturer Canon uses for its color printing on a refined version of the BubbleJet process, in which the nozzles of the printhead are arranged at right angles to the heating elements and which comes very close to the piezo process. Canon ink cartridges are specially designed for the BubbleJet process and are optimally adjusted to the technical requirements of the mechanics in the BubbleJet printer.

The two ink categories

Because printing with inks places different demands on the print result, such as:

• Color intensity
• Cover
• Contrast
• Physical Properties
• Lifespan

The Canon ink cartridges are filled with ink, which consists of different compositions and optimally meets the specific requirements. The two ink categories used in Canon ink cartridges are:

• dye inks and
• pigmented inks

The dye inks are characterized by their intensity in color, which goes back to their basic components in the composition of the ink. For the production of Canon ink cartridges with dye inks, dye molecules are dissolved in the ink liquid. Dye inks consistently maintain their dissolved consistency, as no deposits of particles can settle.

Canon's inkjet inkjet cartridges print out a wide gamut of colors in a wide range of color tones, with their many gradations applied in soft transitions to high-contrast, color-intensive color prints. Pitmenttinten, however, consist of ink liquid and pigment particles. The pigment particles float freely in the ink fluid of Canon ink cartridges, which are characterized by their long-term durability and delayed fading.

They enable a strong application of color and produce high quality printed matter, which can be processed immediately after printing, as they have a stable wipe and abrasion resistance. Canon ink cartridges are also added with special additives that prevent drying out of the ink in the printer and especially in the nozzle channel of the printhead.

Canon ink cartridges - advanced technology for professional color printing

Dye inks are preferably used for the three basic colors cyan, magenta and yellow and for other additional colors, while pigment inks are used predominantly for black. For Canon color printers, the manufacturer provides, among many others, especially the following Canon ink cartridges:

• ChromaLife100
• ChromaLife100 +
• Pixma 4 ink system
• Lucia
• Lucia EX

Canon developed ChromaLife100 in 2005, the first dye-based ink system specifically designed for photo printing to achieve the most realistic color gamut possible. In this so-called additive color mixing, the color system CcMmYK is used, which provides additional shades for cyan and magenta. In a further development step, the ink cartridges in the color system were expanded by the color red with the abbreviation R and green with the abbreviation G.

Printed matter, and especially photos taken with the ChromaLife100 Canon ink cartridges, has a long lifespan of color stability. When printed on Canon's PP-201 photo paper, ChromaLife100 ink cartridges have a color stability of over 100 years in the photo album, 30 years behind the glass and 10 years without the glass. The Canon ChromaLife100 ink cartridges are available for printers in four, five and eight ink cartridges.

The ChromaLife100 + Canon inkjet cartridges enhance the color reproduction of red using a special black ink compared to their predecessors, the ChromaLife100 ink cartridges. The Canon inkjet cartridges ChromaLife100 + optimize the faithful reproduction of the colors in print and give out the black in a rich and deep color. In the photo album, the color prints with the Canon ink cartridges ChromaLife100 + over 200 years, protected from light behind glass for 40 years and air-protected without glass for 10 years.

The Canon ink cartridges ChromaLife100 + provide both ink cartridges for individual tanks and in the form of combined tanks with printheads. Easy-to-use Canon printing devices use the Pixma 4 ink system, which uses only the cyan, magenta, and yellow inks for photo printing, used with single ink cartridges, or in combination with black in each printer.

The Canon ink cartridges named Lucia are filled with pigment-based inks. They offer a high precision in the reproduction of colors and excellent stability of the colors whose life under storage in the photo album is up to 200 years, protected from light behind glass at 80 years and air-protected without glass at 50 years. Canon ink cartridges with the name Lucia EX are a further development of Lucia and its follow-up product Lucia II and created for the 12-color system with the name CcMmYKLIRGBk.

The manufacturer Canon warrants for his Lucia EX ink cartridges a 20% extended color space, which comes close to the screen colors of Adobe RGB. In an independent printer test, additional inks from different manufacturers and printer models were tested in comparison to each other. The resulting printer reviews document how it was assumed that the human eye can distinguish about 2.4 million colors.

Together with two other models from leading printer manufacturers, the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF 5100 printer, with its color system equipped with Canon ink cartridges in CcMmYKk and RGB, performs better than standard 400,000 CMYK offset printing with a color output of approximately 800,000 different shades colors.

High-quality pigment ink at an attractive price - Maxify Canon ink cartridges

In the area of ??pigmented inks, the manufacturer Canon developed a special ink for its Maxify inkjet printers with the so-called Dual Resistant High Density (DRHD) technology. The DRHD technology is based on the so-called Canon FINE ink technology with its precise placement of each ink drop and its high density of closely arranged micro nozzles.

The Maxify Canon ink cartridges have been specially refined for use in the office and the business documents used there, by having an increased resistance to moisture and abrasion and can be processed immediately after printing, for example, with highlighters. The longevity of the documents with their print image applied in intense colors and clear contrasts is enhanced by the special refinement with the DRHD technology.

In the text image, Maxify Canon ink cartridges display high-quality print output while graphics and images are printed in a wide range of intensely applied color tones. Maxify Canon ink cartridges are used in small businesses and in the home office and offered in low-priced multi-packs.

Canon Recycling - Dispose of Canon ink cartridges

To dispose of used printer cartridges, Canon offers a recycling system that ensures environmentally friendly reprocessing of printer supplies. High-quality components of used ink cartridges can be used for alternative ink cartridges. Reputable manufacturers of compatible printer cartridges, such as Prindo, use original components from manufacturers to produce their high quality alternative printer cartridges to fill with ink that meets the quality standards of the original.