Canon replacement cartridges

Canon replacement cartridges - refueling quality, rewarding considerations when buying Canon replacement cartridges.

Canon replacement cartridges - quality from the manufacturer

Canon offers optimized printer models for different requirements, for which the manufacturer has designed the printer accessories as part of the development of the devices for a perfect interaction of all components. Printers that are made available to large enterprises and their needs for high-capacity, network-enabled, high-performance devices have a special ink that supports the printer's performance, while small-office or home-office printer models use a different type of ink shows their strengths in color output.

The various inks from the manufacturer are each equipped with varying special features that all Canon replacement cartridges must meet to the same extent during print output. Since the devices along with the printer accessories are fine-tuned as their development progresses and their features complement each other perfectly, buying Canon replacement cartridges offers the greatest security for the customer in order to maintain optimum quality.

When developing a printer and ink, the manufacturer makes sure that the ink cartridges spare the delicate mechanics of the device and thus ensure reliable work processes and low susceptibility to interference. The performance of the printing device is not only best protected by the use of perfectly adjusted components on printer accessories, but also maximized in their potential.

Cheap Canon Replacement Cartridges - Surprises inclusive

As Canon not only spends a considerable amount of research and development on its equipment and printer supplies, but also uses costly, high-quality materials while meeting a high level of quality expectations, original Canon replacement cartridges cost a lot. Who buys original Canon replacement cartridges, can confidently expect quality.

On the market, however, in addition to the original Canon replacement cartridges often ink cartridges are offered, the packaging of which corresponds exactly to the original, but provides a recreated using inferior material clone. This form of piracy comes mainly from China and is easily recognizable by the fact that the ink cartridges are offered at a price that is extremely far below the price of the manufacturer.

At the latest at the time of printing, the print cartridge reveals itself as a clone if the first pages are not printed correctly, if the colors are faded, the print image looks fuzzy and smudged, the ink leaks into the printer, and finally the ink cartridges are emptied after a short time. If very cheap cartridges are offered in the packaging of original Canon replacement cartridges, it is worth resisting the temptation of apparent price savings.

Clone Canon replacement cartridges - great damage for a small price

The damage caused to the manufacturers of printer equipment by cloned ink cartridges and other printer accessories are immense. As early as 2014, the damage inflicted on so-called Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to printer accessory manufacturers through piracy and cloned ink cartridges was estimated at between $ 3.5 and $ 5 billion a year.

The so-called "China clones" are mainly produced in Asia and distributed via the Internet. Not only the financial damage weighs heavily with the manufacturers of original printer accessories. Above all, the damage to the image costs the customer's trust, which must be re-acquired through great effort. The rebuilding of trust requires an intensive use of education, marketing and protective measures as well as substantial material investments.

Canon replacement cartridges - desires of product piracy

The market for printer accessories is large, the products are diverse, sophisticated and correspondingly demanding in price. For product pirates who do not need to invest in R & D and also spend very little on their material, it is easy to sell their cheaply manufactured products at an unbeatable price.

Not only original Canon replacement cartridges arouse the desires of product pirates. In addition to the original printer accessories, the German and European market offers sophisticated and high-quality alternative ink cartridges, which are manufactured in the rebuilt process, such as by the company Prindo. The crosshairs of product piracy contain products from the printer accessories, such as

  • OEM ink cartridges
  • Refill ink cartridges
  • Rebuilt ink cartridges
  • Compatible ink cartridges

The OEM ink cartridges come from the home of the manufacturers, who complete the development of their printer accessories completely. Alternative ink cartridges that are manufactured in the refill process consist of the original cartridge case and an alternative ink. These inks bear the name of the refill company. In the Rebuilt process - as for example by the company Prindo - alternative printer cartridges are produced by the original ink cartridges disassembled according to their consumption, cleaned, provided with new spare parts and filled with a high quality, the technology of the original ink.

The product produced in this way bears the name of its own brand, such as the Prindo PRICPG540XL ink cartridge, which replaces Canon's original cartridge with the product name Canon PG-540XL. Compatible printer cartridges are completely rebuilt by third party companies. Both the case of the cartridge is rebuilt by the third party company, as well as the ink is specially composed and filled.

The finished product bears the brand name of the third party. Before purchasing Canon replacement cartridges, it's worth comparing the different offers and pricing designs closely and buying from manufacturers or dealers that show a serious demeanor and a transparent manufacture.

How do you recognize original Canon replacement cartridges?

The manufacturer Canon has taken extensive measures against the product piracy, in order to protect its customers effectively against a wrong purchase. His ink cartridges Canon now packs only two clearly identifiable variants

  • Ink cartridges in cardboard boxes
  • Ink cartridges in plastic packaging

The cardboard packaging of the Canon replacement cartridges contains not only the logo, numerous technical data and instructions for the consumer. The manufacturer has equipped its original Canon replacement cartridges with a unique Canon hologram, which is located on the product packaging. Depending on the viewing angle, the two terms appear

  • Canon and
  • Genuine

The graphic on which the words are located is linear and changes by turning into a shape of waves. The second unmistakable packaging of the Canon replacement cartridges is the plastic packaging, the so-called blister packaging, which consists of thermoformed plastic.

The small article boxes, in which the Canon replacement cartridges are located, not only offer the ink cartridges optimum protection, they can not easily be imitated and cloned. The printing and sealing of the imprint on the packaging are of a quality that is not worth while for a clone and ensures excellent recognition of the original.

The Golden Mean for Canon Replacement Cartridges - Alternative Rebuilt Printer Cartridges

It is quite justified if the manufacturer brings in the costs for development, research, planning and material use over the price of his original Canon replacement cartridges. In the long run, however, it is just as justified for the customer to equip themselves with alternative ink cartridges, which are produced in a legal and transparent way. Especially the rebuilt process offers opportunities that provide positive effects for all participants.

  • Environmental protection through recycling
  • High quality and tested quality
  • controlled production
  • customer-friendly price-performance ratio

Because the Rebuilt process uses and reprocesses the used original ink cartridges, the manufacturing process is an important component in the recycling system that protects the environment. Since the Rebuilt product has to compete with the original in numerous printer tests, the manufacturers, such as Prindo, strive for a high quality, which corresponds to the level of the original.

The production of the compatible printer cartridges is subject to the control of European law and thus European quality standards, provided that the production in Europe - as well as the company Prindo in Germany - is handled. The result of the Rebuilt process is a high-quality, high-quality product that publishes informative printer reviews and is delivered to the customer at an attractive price.

The price of alternative rebuilt ink cartridges is well below the price of the original, as it is used for its production on already existing high quality material. At the same time, the pricing corresponds to the effort required to repair the cartridge and to produce the ink and, with the compatible printer cartridge, provides a quality-assured alternative to the original.