Epson printer cartridges

The pressure equipment manufacturer Epson develops its devices together with its inks to guarantee the best quality in the various application areas. Epson printer cartridges are optimized for the manufacturer's printing equipment and are designed specifically for use with Epson equipment to create a crisp, intense print image. Texts and photos printed with Epson inks have a smudge-proof surface in both image, graphics and text as well as photo printing.

The extensive color palette of the Epson inks, which is issued in a wide range of shades in fine gradations and smooth transitions, retains its high intensity and brilliance over many years without fading. For the printing of documents, color prints and photos, the combination of Epson printers, inks and other printer accessories from Epson, such as the high-quality papers are issued, the manufacturer guarantees excellent printing results with a light resistance of up to 300 years.

Technology for high-quality Epson printer cartridges

The manufacturer Epson develops its printer cartridges specifically for the printer models in which they are used. This not only produces first-class printing results with true-to-life colors, but also the protection and care of the fine mechanics in the printing device is guaranteed to a maximum by the optimally adjusted Epson printer cartridges.

To control the pressure, Epson uses the SmartValve control, which controls the release of ink during printing. Air chambers and filters in the printing technology used ensure that no ink leaks, while intelligent Intellidge chips communicate with the printer and inform the user about the ink level.

Unbeatable as a team - Epson printer cartridges, printers and printer accessories

Epson develops and designs the devices for its various printing applications along with printer accessories and ink cartridges. Not only the Epson printer cartridges and printing devices, but also the paper is subjected to numerous tests by the manufacturer in the printer test. As a result, the printer reviews show that the Epson printers' print results, along with the perfectly matched print components designed for them, provide Epson inkjet cartridges and printer supplies with outstanding printing results and maximize the potential of each component to its maximum.

Epson printer cartridges - the applications

Epson printer cartridges are designed for a wide variety of applications and their specific needs and are available for:

• Graphics editing
• home user
• Office

In graphic editing Epson offers excellent inks with:

• UltraChrome HD Ink
• UltraChrome HDR Ink
• UltraChrome HDR Ink with White
• UltraChrome HDX Ink
• UltraChrome Hi-Gloss2 Ink
• UltraChrome K3 Ink
• UltraChrome K3 Ink with Vivid Magenta

For private users Epson has the two types of ink:

• Claria Ink and
• DURABrite Ultra Ink

Especially suitable for the office is the Epson printer cartridge:

• DURABrite UltraInk

Great selection, maximum quality - Epson printer cartridges

Epson provides its customers with a very large selection of inks, which are specially specified for different applications and are constantly being further developed. Target groups in the offer are not only private users, but also small and medium-sized businesses as well as professional printing companies.

The Epson printer cartridges for home users

Even in the private sector, the requirements for high-quality printed matter are at a high level. Not only the family album should look perfect, even study projects with high quality standards decide on professional success as well as business letters that are printed in the home office. For high quality home applications, the Claria inks are suitable, of which Epson the varieties:

• Epson Claria Home Ink
• Claria Premium Ink
• Claria Photo HD Ink

The Epson printer cartridges Claria Home Ink are designed for daily printing needs. Not only high-quality documents are printed with them, but also printer accessories such as photo paper, high-gloss photos in laboratory quality. The benefits of pigment inks and inks with dyes are combined in these Epson printer cartridges.

A new formula in ink allows the combination of the longevity of black pigment ink with the color brilliance of the colors cyan, magenta and yellow as inks with dyes. As a result, Epson's Claria Home Ink printer cartridges are distinguished by their excellent print output of text with excellent readability and by their color printing of lab-quality photos. Epson printer cartridges Claria Premium Ink are suitable for printing high-grade documents as well as for glossy photos.

The premium ink also uses the combination of pigment and dye ink and also uses another photo black ink. The Epson printer cartridges Claria Premium Ink are outstandingly suitable not only in text printing but also in photo printing and are characterized by their high resistance to abrasion and moisture. Epson's Claria Photo HD Ink cartridges offer outstanding print quality for photo printing with the use of six colors.

The Epson six-color printing system uses a light cyan and a light magenta in addition to the usual cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks to enhance the reproduction of highlights in photos with the two additional border colors. Due to the special technology in the printers that use the Epson printer cartridges Claria Photo HD Ink, when printing with this special ink a larger number of drops are issued, which have different sizes.

This provides a rich color palette of smooth transitions, increases contrast, and reproduces the light skin tones in a realistic manner.

The Epson printer cartridges for business printers

For business printers from Epson, the manufacturer offers its specially developed, fast-drying and smudge-proof DURABrite Ultra inks, which guarantee a very long shelf life for the documents printed with them. The pigments of these Epson printer cartridges are coated with resin to optimally settle on the paper. DURABrite Ultra inks are characterized by their pin-sharp drawn and razor-sharp text and intense high-contrast color prints. They are great for duplex printing because the ink does not penetrate the paper for perfect coverage without bleeding through.

The Epson printer cartridges for professional image printing

For professional photo printing Epson offers its:

• Epson UltraChrome Ink
• Epson UltraChrome Hl-Gloss2 Ink
• Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink Vivid Magenta
• Epson UltraChrome GS Ink
• Epson UltraChrome HDR Ink

The Epson ink cartridges UltraChrome Ink represent the first generation of professional pigment inks from Epson. Epson UltraChrome Ink cartridges are coated with pigments that are coated with a layer of resin. The printed colors thus have a very smooth surface, are long-lasting and very resistant to environmental pollution.

They are characterized in printer tests by a high color stability as well as by a stable light, water and Abriebresistenz as well as by their extremely large color space. The Epson UltraChrome K-Gloss2 Ink brings its surfaces glossy and shows a high color brilliance, while the Epson ink UltraChrome K3 Ink Vivid Magenta extends the color space again and has a total of four black inks next to five color inks. The Epson UltraChrome GS Ink offers eight colors in the color printing system, which makes the color palette even wider in color.

The Epson UltraChrome HDR Ink uses new inks in orange and green which, when combined with the newly developed MicroPiezoTM TFP printhead technology, produces an extremely wide color gamut with infinite color distribution that is ideal for professional photography, fine art and demanding color prints is.