HP printer cartridges

In addition to computer systems, HP manufactures high-quality output devices for printing in the laser and inkjet printing technologies. In addition to the devices, it develops the corresponding original printer accessories, such as HP printer cartridges and papers with various substrates, in order to achieve maximum print quality for its devices. The printing device with its fine complex mechanics represents the central component for the printed output.

Nevertheless, HP ink cartridges with their special inks account for as much of the quality of the printed matter as the printheads and other printer supplies. Intense colors and brilliant images as well as deep black texts of first-class readability are only possible through the interaction of all components in the print process. Original HP ink cartridges are filled with inks that consist of a highly complex liquid.

Their chemical composition and physical properties must be in perfect harmony with all components of the printer, but also with the nature of the substrate. The HP printer, along with HP's original ink cartridges, the printhead with its nozzles installed, and finally with the paper, is a highly efficient team whose performance depends on the dependable quality of each component.

Custom HP printer cartridges for individual HP printing systems

The manufacturer Hewlett Packard manufactures Packard ink cartridges for each device type, which are optimally adjusted to the individual requirements, future applications and the associated requirements. Therefore, they are specially adjusted to the device specifications of Hewlett Packard's output devices. Depending on the application of the printing device, the characteristics of the original HP printer cartridges vary to precisely meet the expectations placed on the device model.

The use of the original printer cartridges from Hewlett Packard in the associated printer not only protects the mechanics of the printer with its perfectly adjusted physical properties. It also guarantees maximum reliability. Genuine HP ink cartridges print the first job on a flawless page after loading the printer. Their high quality ensures maximum reliability in the printed output until the ink is completely consumed.

Save money with original HP printer cartridges

The reliability of printing with genuine HP printer cartridges reduces the running costs of printing noticeably. Reducing maintenance and minimizing the need for repair saves many unnecessary long-term costs in printer operation. Error-free printing eliminates unnecessary consumption of printer supplies. The costs of paper, ink, energy and labor costs are kept to a manageable level.

HP printer cartridges for every need

The range of Hewlett Packard printers is designed to meet a variety of needs. Each printer model comes with original HP printer cartridges for a variety of needs. Hewlett Packard cartridges are called

  • Standard cartridges
  • Long-range cartridges
  • Multipacks
  • Photo and Officejet Value Packs


Standard format HP ink cartridges are recommended by the manufacturer for occasional printing use. HP offers its standard-sized cartridges with high quality and reliability at a very affordable price for home users or small businesses. High-range HP printer cartridges are provided by the manufacturer for high print runs, for permanent printing, and for large print volumes.

The XL HP cartridges have a price per page that is up to 50% cheaper than HP standard ink cartridges. HP's XL ink cartridges provide an extremely economical way to manage the ongoing operating costs of printing. With constant use, their dependable operation ensures optimum control over the further expenditures for the printer accessories and, in the long term, efficient cost-effectiveness. The purchase of Multipack Packard ink cartridges saves the user up to 20% compared to using single HP cartridges.

Multipack ink cartridges are suitable for users who work with regular print jobs. With constant use, they provide optimal cost control over the operating cost of printing. By offering original Packard ink cartridges in the so-called HP Photo or OfficeJet Value Packs, the manufacturer offers savings of up to 30% on printer supplies in the form of a combined ink and paper package.

The original HP printer cartridges are developed together with the high-quality papers and are optimally adjusted to each other. With this they guarantee a maximization of the quality in the printed output. Packard ink cartridges in HP Photo or OfficeJet Value Packs are designed for use in photo printing, business, or professional printing applications.

HP printer cartridges for photo printing - Vivera inks

In addition to numerous special inks, for example, for various models of HP DesignJet printers or HP DeskJet printers, the manufacturer offers Vivera HP printer cartridges a guarantee of quality for photo printing. Vivera inks are specially designed for home users, for the home office or small businesses. They are used to print lifelike color photos and crisp text on HP printer supplies or on plain paper. All Hewlett Packard photo-printing cartridges are inks that carry the Vivera brand name.

Vivera ink cartridges are filled with dye-based or pigment-based inks. The pigment inks are provided with encapsulated polymers, which lead to a particularly high intensity in the color. Above all, the black of the Vivera pigment inks is of outstandingly dark intensity and allows a reproduction of gray tones without the addition of the three printing inks cyan, magenta or yellow. The color system of the printers in which the pigment inks are used consists of a total of eight ink cartridges. They use the cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks, and the additional border colors are light cyan, light magenta and two grays. The dye-based Vivera HP cartridges are mostly used as combination cartridges for the inks cyan, magenta and yellow.

These are supplemented in the system with other shades of gray. Printers that use Vivera's dye-based inks use mostly cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, as well as light cyan and light magenta. The unique compositions of the inks achieve a particularly high brilliance and consistency in the reproduction of the colors and reduce the grain. Vivera inks are protected against fading and smudging. They ensure a particularly long shelf life for the colors of the photos printed with them.

HP Instant Ink - the flat rate for HP printer cartridges

Hewlett Packard's ink delivery service Instant Ink provides its printing equipment customers with a highly effective savings program. This can save up to 70% on original HP printer cartridges. The service stands for numerous

  • HP DeskJet series
  • HP ENVY series
  • HP OfficeJet series
  • HP OfficeJet Pro Series

to disposal. Customers who have purchased a printing device from one of the specified series can choose from the three different monthly rates

  • Random printing
  • Moderate printing and
  • Frequent printing

select a tariff based on their expected consumption. The three tariffs are based on the expected number of printed pages per month. They cost 2.99 euros per month for occasional printing, 4.99 euros per month for moderate printing and 9.99 euros per month for frequent printing.

Unused pages that are paid at the monthly rate but have not been printed are counted as credit in the form of printed pages. Additional printed pages cost 25 pages per 1,00 Euro per month more. Using the various instant ink rates will save up to approximately $ 500 annually for HP printer customers and greatly simplify the cost control process.

Eco-friendly print - Planet Partner Program by Hewlett Packard

Original Hewlett Packard printer accessories are designed to be environmentally friendly during development. Hewlett Packard develops its products with a focus on optimal post-use recovery. More than 80 percent of the printer cartridges and 38 percent of the cartridges of laser toner manufacturer Hewlett Packard are made of recycled plastic in a closed process of repeated processing. Only products that can no longer be used are reprocessed. Since 1991, more than 500 million original printer cartridges and toner cartridges have been recycled worldwide by Hewlett Packard.

During the same period, Hewlett Packard processed more than 2.5 billion bottles of water worldwide in its cartridges and toner cartridges. Since 2000, Hewlett Packard has used more than 53,000 tonnes of recycled plastic to manufacture new Original Packard printer cartridges and toners. With the Planet Partners program from Hewlett Packard, the manufacturer offers its customers an easy way to dispose of printer cartridges and toner. Consumed printer accessories are disposed of within the scope of the offer just as conveniently and recycled as old devices of the manufacturer.

The offer is aimed at home users and freelancers in the home office as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Larger companies and the public sector are also addressed through the Planet Partner Program. Each of the groups has different amounts of consumption. Therefore, Hewlett Packard recycling with different offerings is targeted separately for each type of consumer.

Low amounts of used material can be sent to the company free of charge. The empty print cartridge and the used toner cartridge are simply packed in a package and pasted with a label for return. So prepared, the package can be delivered to the next collection point of the post office.

Small and medium-sized businesses can order online collection boxes. For this Hewlett Packard offers a form on its homepage. The collection of collection boxes is also ordered via the Internet. Hewlett Packard has set up a recycling service for the collection of collection boxes at numerous sites. The boxes are picked up locally by the company and sent to the recycling circuit of Hewlett Packard.

For large companies and the public sector, Hewlett Packard offers another service for the recycling of printer cartridges and toner cartridges. Each up to ten boxes for the disposal of toner cartridges and also for printer cartridges are provided for a single pickup. In this way, up to 2,000 printer cartridges and up to 300 toner cartridges can be disposed of in one step.