HP Toner Cartridges

Sophisticated technology from HP Inc. for the HP toner cartridge. The printing equipment manufacturer Hewlett Packard holds over 13,000 patents worldwide in image processing and printing technology. Hewlett Packard ink cartridges, as well as the HP Toner Cartridge, are the result of more than 20 years of high quality research and development of the manufacturer's products. The HP toner cartridge incorporates advanced HP technology that sets new standards in the printing industry.

The printer technology in the HP toner cartridge

Up to 70% of the technology required for printing is contained in the HP toner cartridge. The mechanism of the printing device indisputably plays a central role in the work processes that are triggered during a printing process. The printer accepts the data information of the image file or document file via printer chips in order to process and forward them to the impulses prepared for the mechanics.

The printing device has a number of rollers that perform different functions in laser printing. However, most of the technology needed to transform the information and run the print job is provided by the HP toner cartridge. For the technology of the HP toner cartridge are criteria, such as:

  • melting point
  • interaction
  • Static charge
  • color precision

of high relevance. The extremely low melting point of the toner powder in the HP toner cartridge ensures that the print job on the paper is applied as gently as possible and that the paper as well as the mechanics of the printing device are optimally protected. The low melting point of the toner powder in the HP toner cartridge allows the heating drum in the printer to operate at a lower temperature.

Lowering the temperature in the laser printer continues to affect the entire system in the printer as the mechanics of the printer are conserved under less heat and the printing process is speeded up. Due to the reduced time used by the fast-melting toner, the time required for the printed output is considerably shortened. Not only the short melting time has a favorable effect on the speed of printing, but also the drying of the print job takes less time because the material on the paper has a lower initial temperature before cooling.

Thanks to the lower melting point, lower requirements must be placed on the printer accessories used, in particular on the paper. For example, many papers with different substrates can be used when printing with the HP Toner Cartridge. The perfect interaction between the toner, the printing device and the paper type is optimally ensured by the use of the original HP toner cartridge. Every HP toner cartridge is designed exactly for the printer model it's used in, and its technology is matched exactly with the printer's technology.

The melting point of the toner in the HP toner cartridge, for example, is exactly matched to the temperature of the heating drum in the printing device, while the grain size of the individually used pigments leads to a precisely calculated flowability. The exact flowability of the toner powder in the HP toner cartridge is required to allow the toner powder to reach the intended area of ??the printer at the correct time during the printing process, according to the speed of the printing mechanism.

The static charge is the physical force unit that applies the toner powder exactly to the paper. The toner powder in the HP toner cartridge is also well defined for its static charge for each model of printer through a proprietary formulation to counteract the static adhesion - and with it also residues of toner powder on the paper, which lead to contamination in practice ,

The specification of the ink application is in the HP toner cartridge in addition to the grain size of the toner powder and its chemical composition also one of the tasks of flowability. In order to obtain perfect color blends, the various cyan, magenta and yellow color toners, as well as the black toner, must flow unimpeded at the same speed and fluidity that the color pigments blend together. For example, the two color toners, yellow and magenta, must flow in a precisely calculated speed and fluidity to blend perfectly into a bright orange.

JetIntelligence - intelligent technology in the HP toner cartridge

HP JetIntelligence technology is just as suitable for small businesses and the home office as it is for medium and large businesses. With JetIntelligence's advanced technology, Hewlett Packard introduces a range of efficient devices that come with a newly developed toner in the HP toner cartridge. Hewlett Packard printers using JetIntelligence technology with the accompanying JetIntelligence HP toner cartridge are the series

  • Color LaserJet Pro M252
  • Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277
  • Color LaserJet Enterprise M552
  • Color LaserJet Enterprise M553

The toner powder in the HP Toner Cartridge with JetIntelligence technology has an even lower melting point, which again accelerates the speed of the printing process and halves energy consumption. The HP toner cartridge with JetIntelligence technology has up to 33 percent higher page performance than comparable toner cartridges without the new technology.

The time until the first page is printed is considerably reduced by the new technology, while the duplex printing is significantly accelerated and automatically executed without any risk of interference. The toner used in JetIntelligence technology is identified by the article name HP-ColorSphere-3. Not only does the melting point in the ColorSphere 3 toner improve, but the HP toner cartridge housing is also made with a much stronger material and is ruggedly finished.

The print quality with the ColorSphere 3 toner is noticeably improved, while the compactness of the HP toner cartridge increases the protection of the toner powder and enables the construction of compact printing equipment to continuously and flexibly expand the fleet of equipment using the JetIntelligence technology to be able to. JetIntelligence technology uses a new measurement technique that reports toner levels in the HP toner cartridge to improve control over the consumption of printer supplies, especially for large businesses.

The HP toner cartridge with JetIntelligence technology is also equipped with a reliable protection against counterfeiting. The seal of the HP toner cartridge is no longer manually removed on the JetIntelligence toner cartridge. During the installation process, the HP Toner Cartridge is authenticated while also informing the user that they have made a false purchase.

The toner portfolio from Hewlett Packard - HP Toner Cartridge for every occasion

Hewlett Packard offers HP toner cartridges in different price ranges for different printing needs.

  • HP Economy Toner Cartridge
  • HP standard toner cartridge
  • HP high performance toner cartridge
  • HP toner cartridge in 2 and 3 pack

The HP Economy Toner Cartridge, labeled "L", is designed for low-volume users and is offered by the manufacturer at an attractive price. The HP standard toner cartridge labeled "A" will be used for normal printing and will be offered at a regular price. The HP high-performance toner cartridge labeled "X" has a long reach.

It provides sufficient toner material for high print volumes, high volumes in the company and for large print jobs and is offered at an attractive price per page. The HP toner cartridges in the 2 and 3 packs called "MULTI X" provide the toner powder for a high print volume, for high print runs, for permanent printing and for very large print jobs. With the "MULTI X" HP Toner Cartridge a saving of up to 10% is offered and the optimal price per issued page is achieved.

HP Toner Cartridge - HP Recycling

Hewlett Packard offers its customers, as well as Prindo, a free recycling service for the return of used toner cartridges such as ink cartridges and HP toner cartridges. Small and medium-sized businesses can dispose of their toner free of charge and also benefit from Hewlett Packard's pick-up service to return the used materials to the manufacturer for delivery to the recycling system. For large companies, the manufacturer offers the recycling of large quantities of HP toner cartridges, which are combined in requested collection boxes and collected by the manufacturer free of charge.