Printer Cartridges

When it comes to the ink for an inkjet printer, there are many manufacturers to choose from. However, which manufacturer actually comes into question depends on which printer is actually available. For example, HP ink cartridges will only work with genuine HP printers. If you want to buy the original printer cartridges or the toner cheap, you can also do without the original and choose a third party instead.

These third-party vendors offer the right printer cartridges for a wide range of devices and are compatible with popular models. Below, we will go over the most popular and well-known manufacturers of original ink cartridges.

HP Printer Cartridges

One of the best-known companies for printers and compatible printer cartridges is HP. Whole 36,000 droplets are put on paper per second to make printouts appear. HP offers various types of ink cartridges, depending on what is needed. A standard printer cartridge is for occasional use and offers an attractive price. But HP also offers extra long-range cartridges, multipacks, and Photo and OfficeJet value packs.

Canon Printer Cartridges

Canon is best known for cameras, but there are also printers and Canon ink cartridges around the PIXMA brand. These are compatible with each other and provide a harmonious and first-class print. Like HP, Canon also offers a handy feature on its own page that makes finding the right ink quick and easy. To do this, select the printer type from Canon, then the model number, and then get the suggested ink cartridges, all of which are compatible with your inkjet printer. Laser printers are also part of HP's range, so the right toner is also sold.

Epson Printer Cartridges

The Epson website makes it easy to select your own printer model using the search function, and the compatible and compatible ink cartridges you need for your model are also displayed here. At Epson, however, not only are original printer cartridges available, but also toners for laser printers, tapes, labeling devices and more.

Brother Printer Cartridges

One of the best-known companies in the field of ink cartridges is Brother. This company also offers printer cartridges and toner compatible with Brother printers. Brothers also find the right cartridge for the practical search for specific product names or consumables, or alternatively for a step-by-step procedure in which the printer type and the model have to be manually selected from a list.

Original or alternative - cheap or better quality?

If you want to buy a cheap printer cartridge, sooner or later you will come to the alternative products from third-party manufacturers. These are manufacturers who produce ink for numerous printers. The ink cartridge is in this case compatible not only with one device, but with numerous printers.

As a customer, you therefore have the option of purchasing an original cartridge (for example from HP) or replacing the original with a third-party cartridge. Compatibility is the keyword here, because in the first step, it does not depend on the price comparison, but first on the question of whether the selected third-party cartridge is compatible at all with your own printer. Usually, a compatibility list is always available on the Internet listing all devices compatible with this alternative cartridge.

Good to know: Of course, there are not only compatible ink cartridges, but also toner cartridges from third-party manufacturers that can be used for laser printers.

Original printer cartridges and toner have the advantage that there are absolutely no defects in terms of quality. For a third party, on the other hand, it depends on who you buy the ink and whether the final result can keep up here as well.

Pay attention to the quality of the ink

When choosing toner cartridges or ink cartridges, it is important to pay attention to the quality. There is always compatible ink for your own model, but not all products are fully recommended.

After all, third-party cartridges are generally much cheaper than comparable original ink.

  • Be aware that the manufacturer's warranty may be voided if you use a third party printer cartridge for the device. The damage (if, for example, a cartridge runs out) must be taken over in this case.

  • The third-party products may differ in color representation from the original inks. But if quality is not an issue for you (for example, because it's just notes or internal documents, not application documents or other important documents), then a third-party cartridge is not a problem either.

  • Depending on whether you print a lot or a little and the printer was expensive or cheaper, the third-party printer cartridge may not be profitable for you. If you bought a rather expensive printer and generally do not print often, then it would make no sense to switch to the third-party ink.

What colors are there with a printer cartridge?

For a printer there are four different colors as standard. These are abbreviated and describe the so-called CMYK color model. The letters stand for the following colors:

  • C: blue (cyan)
  • M: red (magenta)
  • Y: yellow (yellow)
  • K: Black (Black)

There are even some inkjet printers that work with other colors or variations. In this way, especially gradations and transitions can be better represented.

  • G: Gray (Gray)
  • LG: Light Gray
  • DGY: Dark Gray (Dark Gray)
  • LC: Bright Blue (Light Cyan)
  • LM: bright red (light magenta)
  • R: Red
  • G: Green (Green)
  • B: Blue (Blue)

Buy printer cartridges online or in stores?

Consumables of all kinds for a printer, including ink and cartridges, can be purchased online at any time. This is convenient because the order can be placed at any time and without observing the opening hours. In addition, the delivery lands right outside the door - so there are no travel costs or own time required. Another advantage of having an online order is the fact that as a customer you can compare countless products with each other and select the right accessories for you - usually at the lowest price.