Brother ink Cartridges

Inkjet printers apply small drops of ink to the paper by ejecting the liquid through the nozzles in the printhead. The drops of ink hit the paper in the form of small dots that land close to each other and thus take shape in the form of a picture, a graphic or a text. The ink cartridges consist of the components for the housing and the liquid ink, which, depending on the technology, consists of different chemical components. Brother printer cartridges are characterized by their high-quality material and a solid construction in the cartridge case as well as by high quality ink inside the case.

The components of Brother ink cartridges make an important contribution to the mechanical operation inside the printer during the print job, while the ink proves its quality in the vivid reproduction of the image file with intense color.

Small drops with great effect - the ink in the Brother cartridges

The small drops of ink cartridges in popular Brother inkjet printers are sized one at a time
Up to 0.4 millimeters, depending on the capacity of the printer and depending on the number of nozzles in the printhead, are printed on the paper at a density of approximately 300 to 1200 dpi. The acronym dpi means dots per inch and designates the number of drops striking the small area of ??one inch. The denser the ink appears on the paper, the more accurately the image, graphic or text is drawn.

A 1,200 dpi print output shows a much higher precision in the execution of small details and a more intense color than an image printed at 300 dpi. The high density with which the ink is applied to the paper is achieved, above all, by minimizing the size of the ink drops. Brother printer cartridges are filled with ink, which as a result of long development work in cooperation with the design of the nozzles of the printhead in extremely small drop sizes on the paper.

The tiny droplets that are applied to the paper from the Brother cartridges combine color prints of high color intensity with a balanced application of color in a wide range of color tones. Color prints made with Brother ink cartridges display print images with vivid and realistic image reproduction, strong contrasts, and sharp edges. The use of
Brother ink cartridges are suitable for the professional printing of high-quality printed matter.

A new generation of Brother cartridges - InnobellaTM

With its new InnobellaTM development, the company is once again optimizing its printing equipment with the right printer accessories to maximize quality. InnobellaTM is a concept for optimizing print output through the interaction of perfectly matched components from Brother printers, Brother cartridges and Brother papers.

Each component of the concept of InnobellaTM printer accessories has been optimized in its technical and chemical properties and at the same time adjusted with the properties of the other components. If conventional inks showed weaknesses in environmental durability such as ozone, light and UV radiation and temperature fluctuations, the Brother cartridges with InnobellaTM ink, which are printed together with the InnobellaTM paper, show insensitivity to the aforementioned stresses and a very high color stability ,

With the innovative InnobellaTM technology, prints with Brother cartridges offer a much longer life, more intense colors and high precision in the execution of fine details. The InnobellaTM ink in the Brother cartridges is composed with a pioneering chemical formula to maintain its excellent color intensity and brilliance over a very long time. The associated InnobellaTM paper is coated with a specially formulated chemical formula that gives it a high smoothness and immediately absorbs the ink completely.

Brother Earth - easily discard ink cartridges

With Brother Earth, the manufacturer provides a convenient disposal option not only for his old equipment but also for the printer accessories. To dispose of the printer cartridges, the used Brother cartridges are packed in a package, provided with a return label and delivered to the post office.

The old Brother ink cartridges are thus fed to the recycling system from Brother, where, among many other uses, their components are also received and reprocessed by third-party manufacturers for compatible ink cartridges.