Epson Toner - Strong quality in laser printing

The company Epson Europe BV was founded in Amsterdam in 1990 and belongs to the Japanese Seiko Epson Corporation, which emerged from the 1961 founded company Shinshu Seiki Co. Shinshu Seiki successfully produced parts for precision watches and finally the clocks and devices of the print edition for the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

In 1968 the first printer named Electronic Printer with the short name EP was built and as a further development the printer model Electronic Printer 101 with the short name EP 101 was provided. Inside the company, the EP 101 was called the son of the EP, in German EP's son - in English EP's son, which eventually led to the company name Epson.

Epson is a pioneer in image processing technology with a product portfolio of printing equipment, projectors, scanners and sensors for the industry, medium and large enterprises, and the consumer. The high-end presses and printing supplies business is a strong division of Epson, which develops and delivers high-level solutions in both inkjet and laser printing technologies.

From a company's strategy to the quality of its products - Epson Toner

The manufacturer Epson takes particular account of the requirements of its customers and, in particular, the needs of companies with which the manufacturer is in constant dialogue in order to respond to the needs of its customers in the development of its products. With the emphases derived from it, not only the Epson printing devices, but also the printer accessories and the Epson toner are designed, engineered, tuned, optimized and finally built to the maximum of potential from the interplay of all print components for optimum print quality deliver. The emphases of the Epson strategy in the form of

• Technology
• Productivity
• Economics
• Environmental friendliness

can be found in the company's products and thus also in the Epson toner.


To best meet the diverse needs of its customers for every industry, size, and target, Epson uses a variety of technologies for its solutions, printer supplies, and related services tailored to the needs of the business.


The company's focus is on productive work tools that are equipped with a variety of features to support the efficiency of customers in the business, but also in the office and small business.


Every company attaches great importance to economic work processes within the company. The company develops its products in the first design phase with a focus on the highest possible economy. So the Epson toner is designed for a particularly high thrift and ensures that printer accessories, power and toner are used with little effort.

Environmental friendliness

Epson is committed to the sustainable production of environmentally friendly products. All wastes generated during production are recycled, while sales of CO2 in sales are reduced by almost a quarter. Epson Toner is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and will be introduced into the recycling process after use, where the empty cartridges are used by reputable manufacturers of alternative toners, such as Prindo for compatible toner cartridges in the Rebuilt manufacturing process.

Epson Quality in Technology Laser Printing - Epson AcuLaser and Epson Toner

With more than 125 AcuLaser models, Epson shows its strength in laser printing technology. The AcuLaser laser print models are tailored to meet the specific needs of corporate and industrial customers in addition to traditional residential applications. The printing devices of the AcuLaser fleet of Epson are characterized by their

• quality
• durability
• Economics

out. All devices are Energy Star certified. The range of laser printers from Epson ranges from compact black and white printers and color laser printers for offices, small businesses and the home office to high-performance color printers in complex corporate environments in the IT sector and, together with its Epson toner, becomes a broad spectrum to accommodate variations in the application.

The quality criteria of the printer fleet are largely due to the Epson toner, as up to 70 percent of the technology, which is implemented by the laser printing, in the cartridge of the Epson toner. So does the high productivity, the demanding printing requirements are met in high reliability as well as the sovereignty, which handles large print jobs with low maintenance, as well as the high printing speed and the excellent price-performance ratio, which is in the low side costs as high efficiency reflects on the quality of the Epson toner.

The technology in AcuBrite Epson Toner

Epson toner, used in AcuLaser printers, is named AcuBrite and is based on advanced, state-of-the-art technology that delivers the outstanding print quality of your printer supplies.

• color fastness
• Precision
• Shine

The technology in the AcuBrite Epson Toner is based on a new chemical composition of the toner powder, which also has optimized physical properties. The AcuBrite Epson toner is composed of especially small and absolutely uniform toner particles with electrostatic properties. The toner is mixed with small wax particles, which fuse with the dye and black pigments when fixing the toner powder on the paper. In addition, the AcuBrite toner powder is added with a special resin, which favors the melting properties of the wax.

Color fastness with AcuBrite Epson Toner

For the AcuBrite Epson toner, the color and black pigments have also been specially designed and improved to guarantee a vivid color in the printed output. In order to consistently ensure color quality in a balanced uniformity of the micro-paint application, the wax in fine particles is mixed with the AcuBrite toner particles before the pigment and wax fuse upon melting.

In this way, the color is printed in minimized dots on the paper and is composed to a finely applied, dense and precisely set color surface, which brings a high color fastness in the reproduction of high-resolution image files. The output image prints are completely natural, by reproducing all colors exactly.

In addition, the light skin tones that are printed in the print output of conventional printing systems very low-contrast, reproduced by the AcuBrite Epson toner in a realistic representation with exact hues in a large color space and smooth transitions in numerous gradations.

Precision with AcuBrite Epson Toner

The exact placement of the fine dots of color used to apply the AcuBrite Epson toner to the paper reproduces details from the image file with great precision. With the uniformly shaped toner powder of minimized size, the finely dispensed details are printed in a high intensity of color, with strong contrasts and clarity, and thus delivered to a highly realistic reproduction. The precision in the execution of details is not least the text printing with the AcuBrite Epson toner benefits, which is issued in excellent readability.

Brilliant quality with AcuBrite Epson Toner

The special resin in the toner powder, which optimizes the wax and toner melt, gives the print image of the AcuBrite Epson toner a soft sheen, resulting in a matte finish and a high quality of the documents printed with it.