Kyocera Toner - economy through quality

The high efficiency of the Kyocera toner is a result of its well-balanced acquisition costs, its reliability and its technology, which guarantees not only high efficiency but also a long service life. Documents printed out with the Kyocera toner are issued without errors after the toner cartridge has been loaded into the printer from the first print job until the cartridge has been used.

The high reliability of the Kyocera toner stabilizes the ongoing operating costs for the printing by the gentle handling of the printer accessories toner and paper as well as by the saving of energy and working time. Since the toner cartridge is sturdily built and has a long life with a high page yield, the wear of cartridges and toner powder is set at a low level, thus providing an efficient component in the printing system.

Economy paired with ecology - Kyocera ECOSYS printer and toner

The manufacturer Kyocera has developed with ECOSYS a unique technology for laser printing. The name ECOSYS is program and consists of the components

• Economy - Economy
• Ecology - Environmental friendliness
• System Printing - Printing Technology

together. The abbreviation ECO stands for Economy and Ecology, while the abbreviation SYS stands for System Printing. The ECOSYS printing system uses economy for economy, ecology for environmental friendliness and system printing for a sophisticated printing technology that assembles the printing device and toner components into a team that performs optimally in combination.

In ECOSYS technology, Kyocera toner is the only consumable that needs to be replaced. The image drum, the developer and fuser remain with their life of up to 500,000 pages in the printer and are not replaced as with conventional systems each time the toner is refilled.


For ECOSYS printing systems, only the Kyocera toner is used as a printer accessory. The remaining in the printer photoconductor drum has a high stability and running time, so they do not have to be replaced during the entire life of the printing device. Since the components of the toner cartridge are not constantly replaced and only the Kyocera toner is replenished, correspondingly low consumption costs.

Environmental friendliness

Since ECOSYS printing systems only replace the toner powder, not the components of the toner cartridge, fewer valuable resources are used to protect the components and protect the environment. The PSLP drum, which is built into numerous models, consumes very little CO2 for its production and thus makes its own contribution to environmental protection. By using the ECOSYS printing system with its Kyocera toner, waste quantities are reduced by up to 75 percent.

Printing technology

The ECOSYS printing system integrates its components into the systems of numerous printing models in order to be able to use the individual components variably interchangeable. The toner cartridge, which remains in the printer in the ECOSYS printing system, carries an amorphous silicon photoconductive drum and is used in many mid-range and high-end systems, while a positively charged PSLP drum is used for a variety of entry-level models.

Document authenticity with the Kyocera toner

Printing with Kyocera toner shows a high-quality print quality that meets the quality requirements of so-called document authenticity. The Kyocera toner has been tested and certified for paper authenticity along with numerous Kyocera printing equipment by the Paper Technology Foundation in the US, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and the Paper Technology Foundation (PTS).

Document authenticity is a standard defined in § 29 of the Notaries' Code of Services - abbreviated to DONot - which describes the requirements for documents in the field of public authorities, for officially valid documents, identity cards, documents, contracts and certified copies. In the printer test, the Kyocera toner shows its high level with the output of first-class print images, which are output in a high intensity of colors.

In text printing, the Kyocera toner brings out texts of excellent readability, which are drawn with cleanly spaced characters. Moreover, according to the results described in the printer test reports, the Kyocera toner shows its quality by its successful performance in light fastness, water resistance, resistance to impact and abrasion tests, resistance to temperature variations and heat and its impact on the stability of the printed paper ,

Kyocera toner for health

Also regarding medical aspects the Kyocera toner is thoroughly tested on the basis of international standards and certified as harmless to health. The toner powder in the cartridges of many other manufacturers includes:

• Mercury
• cadmium
• lead
• Nickel
• Chromium (VI) compounds
• carcinogenic particles in dyes

Kyocera toner is free of all pollutants mentioned and does not expose any harmful substances during the operation of the printing device as when replacing the toner powder. The Fraunhofer Institute in Braunschweig and the Institute for Occupational Safety in Sankt Augustin examined the Kyocera toner in numerous test series in their laboratories and confirm that no toxic substances endangering human health are contained in Kyocera's toner powder.

Climate friendly printing in CO2 neutrality - Kyocera toner

For all its printing and copying systems, the manufacturer relies on its Kyocera toner, which is made carbon-neutral. With the use of Kyocera Toner not only large companies improve their own carbon footprint and make an important contribution to the protection of the environment through the use of printer accessories, which is provided in an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

The company Kyocera supports the climate protection project of myclimate and compensates for the amount of CO2 that accumulates during production in the extraction and processing of raw materials, as well as in the packaging, transport and consumption of the Kyocera toner. By supporting the myclimate project, which is implementing CO2 savings elsewhere, Kyocera is adequately compensating for the CO2 used to produce Kyocera toner, thus providing an environmentally neutral carbon footprint.

For example, the myclimate Kyocera climate protection project is specifically promoting the spread of efficient and low-emission cookers in Kenya to protect local wood resources, promote public health and reduce CO2 emissions.

The disposal of Kyocera toner

To dispose of used cartridges from Kyocera Toner, the company offers a free program for the customer to return used equipment and used printer supplies to the manufacturer. In this way, used toner cartridges are fed to the sophisticated reconditioning system, which provides reputable manufacturers of compatible toner cartridges in the Rebuilt process, such as the company Prindo, the high-quality base material for its alternative toner.

In this way, the manufacturer ensures that his products do not end up in the landfill after consumption, but are treated, recycled and reused in an environmentally friendly manner.