Label Printers

Labels are needed in many industries, but they are rarely labeled by hand.
For this purpose, a so-called label printer is used, the everyday life in the trade, office, healthcare,
greatly simplified in warehouse or logistics. To be created with a label printer including mailing labels,
Name badges, franking labels, patient bracelets, visitor badges or even barcode labels. In this way
We would like to tell you more about the functions, the operation and the structure of label printers.

Label Printer Brother P-touch D450VP

It continues with the more expensive labeling device, which, however, also
more professional and even equipped with USB interface. You can use the device as well
l mobile as well as on the PC and use the extensive label design software. Both
Writing tapes are supported in widths from 3.5 to 18 mm. The LCD display has three lines
each of 20 characters, plus a maximum print height of 15.8 mm.

Structure and functions of a label printer

Depending on the model, a label printer or labelwriter may be a mobile or stationary one, and so on
act larger device. The different printers for labels also offer different interfaces.

  • USB
  • serial interface
  • LAN
  • Bluetooth
  • Tablet or smartphone connection

Also in terms of functional diversity, there are many variations on the market, which are often also dependent on the final price of the selected model. These include:

  • mobile use
  • Display with several lines
  • time function
  • date function
  • automatic cutting unit
  • Template for labels (usually via PC software)

Finally, the individual label printers differ based on their individual printing features. These can be:

  • Barcode Printing
  • Banner printing
  • multi-line printing
  • mirror printing

Good to know: The label width of most mobile marking devices is intended for 3.5 / 6/9/12 mm.
Depending on the device, however, a maximum label width of up to more than 100 mm is offered.

Label Printer Brother P-touch D200BW

This labeling device is primarily for private use or for the
Suitable for home office. The Brother P-touch D200BW is inexpensive to buy and suitable for
Tapes with a width of 3.5 / 6/9/12 mm. The printing speed is 20 mm per second.
A total of 617 icons, 14 fonts, nameplate templates and a deco mode are provided.

Label printer operation - it's that easy

Depending on which label printer you want to purchase, the operation of the device is also important
a little different. Each manufacturer provides individual instructions to explain how mailing labels,
Franking labels and other labels are to be printed.

At the beginning you should familiarize yourself with the printer. Which individual parts belong to the apparatus and what do you need,
to print labels? All this can be found in the official printer manual (usually even including the picture).
Then follow the steps in the manual.

  1. Unpack label printer
  2. Set up label printer
  3. Connect the label printer to the mains or the computer (or computer network)
  4. Switch on the label printer
  5. The control panel and its icons depend on the model you choose and can vary greatly.
    - Pay special attention to the symbol that indicates that the machine is ready to print the labels.
  6. Insert required material (note any special steps, such as setting support angles)
  7. Place the label roll and position it on the roll holder
  8. Synchronize paper run (this is only necessary at the first operation, or, if the print head was opened in between)
  9. Print labels

Important: Although every product requires a certain amount of care, the care required for a label printer is very high
within limits. It is only important to clean the thermal print head from time to time to keep it consistent for a good print image
to care. You can also counteract premature wear with it.
Maintenance of a label printer also includes cleaning the device about once a month.