Lexmark Toner - image quality, reliability, sustainability

Founded in the United States in 1991, Lexmark International Inc. provides advanced software and hardware for businesses of all sizes and their printers and multifunction devices in both laser and ink jet printing technology.

In laser-beam printing, Lexmark's new Unison toner and printing system provides a new color platform that opens up new ways to save on toner, paper, energy, and labor, while also protecting the environment through the reduction of packaging materials.

Generation Unison - the new Lexmark Toner

Lexmark Unison is providing a new generation of color printers and multifunction devices that meet industry-specific requirements, work very efficiently, and deliver excellent print output. Their strengths are reflected in

• quality
• Technology
• Economics
• Ecology

Quality that convinces - Lexmark Toner

Unison toner convinces by its quality in

• picture and text
• Consistency and
• Precision

Quality in picture and text

Unison Lexmark toner delivers high-quality imagery, high-resolution images, text and graphics with a consistent consistency that significantly stabilizes and improves productivity and efficiency in the work environment. When printing color images and graphics, the Lexmark toner impresses with vibrant colors of high authenticity to the original.

The colors are output in high intensity and brilliance in a wide range of hues in numerous smooth transitions to a high quality color print. In monochrome printing, the Lexmark toner shows its strengths through its intense black and a wide range of shades of gray, which are finely graded and merged into one another.

Quality in consistency

The high quality level of the Unison Lexmark toner is available to the user from the first to the last page in a consistent and reliable manner. After inserting the toner cartridge in the printer, the first page is already applied without any misprints and the high perfection in smooth workflows to the last page maintained.

Accurate output of details is as consistent as intensity and fidelity of color, so Lexmark toner uses consistently high quality in variable requirements, on different media and for different needs, consistently and reliably recommends it as a reliable component in the corporate environment ,

Quality in precision

Fine details from the image file are reproduced by the Unison toner with high precision in strong contrasts with detailed color tones. In monochrome printing, in addition to the deep black, the countless shades of gray are also applied to the paper in fine, precisely executed details for the output of images. In textual print, the Lexmark toner shows its high precision in the execution of each character, which are clearly separated from each other and applied with clear contrast to the white of the paper.

Edges, edges, and contours are applied with Lexmark toner with equally high precision, without tearing, fraying, and curving, as are fine scratches with serifs, bows, or ramifications. The excellent readability of documents whose texts are output with the Lexmark toner is retained even with small font heights, with narrow and dense typesetting as well as with long running text in unchanged high quality.

Quality Maximization Technology - Lexmark Toner

The Unison toner has a very low friction between the toner particles and thus an optimized flowability. The improved flowability unfolds its effect in the print quality and by the protection of the printing device. The increased toner flow results in efficient transfer of the toner powder to the paper and minimizes toner loss. The toner cartridge is built separately from the imaging unit, which ensures a better economic and ecological balance, as the exposure drum has to be replaced much less frequently.

Also, the melting point of the Unison Lexmark toner, which is located at a low temperature, not only reduces energy consumption during the printing process, but also protects the wearing parts of the printing device. The Unison Lexmark toner is packaged with a special formula that ensures that the print job is started in a minimized time frame.

Economics That Pay Off - Lexmark Toner

Printing with the Unison toner proves to be a cost effective component in the long term because of the toner's two efficient properties

• Reliability and
• capacity

is excellently equipped and has a very positive economic balance due to its strengths.


Consistent with its consistency and reliability in quality, the Lexmark toner shows its economic strength, as it saves the consumption of printer supplies in the form of toner and paper, as well as energy and working time due to its flawless operation, with its print jobs Pressure device is spared. The Unison toner is designed with the printing device and, with its sophisticated technology, has an excellent flowability that passes through the fine mechanics in the printer smoothly and without clogging or clogging.

Because Lexmark toner effectively protects the printing device, it reduces the need for maintenance and repairs on the printing device, and effectively reduces the associated costs. Reducing energy consumption over the long term is proving to be an important component in continuously reducing ongoing operating costs in printing, resulting in significantly improved cost control and cost efficiency for medium and large enterprises.


Unison toner cartridges offer extremely high capacities, in addition to others with page counts of up to 55,000 pages in black and up to 55,000 pages in full color. The exposure units built separately from the toner cartridge show a running time of up to 300,000 pages. The Lexmark toner cartridges of the high capacity classes show an extremely economical price-performance ratio thanks to their particularly low cost per page and allow very high production runs in the production, which can be printed in continuous work processes and produced without interruptions.

Leveraging Lexmark's tremendous capacity in Lexmark toner, Lexmark provides a reliable permanent-press and large-volume print job that runs smoothly. The further savings resulting from the uninterrupted processing of high volumes of printing concern the printer accessories, the energy consumption, the working time and the packaging material and all in all lead to a highly efficient economy through the use of the Lexmark toner.

Sustainability Ecology - Lexmark Toner

With Unison Toner, the company takes a more advanced approach to the sustainability of its products through the components

• Corporate print cartridges and
• Recycling

Environmental Protection with Corporate Print Cartridges - Lexmark Toner

Lexmark Corporate toner cartridges are constructed from a particularly strong and durable material and are carefully crafted to provide long-term reliability when combined with Unison toner. The toner cartridges of the Lexmark toner show excellent durability with a low carbon footprint. Because the corporate toner cartridges are manufactured within the EU, the supply chain is environmentally friendly and makes its own contribution to the positive environmental performance of the Lexmark toner.

According to the printer test reports from an independent study examining the life cycle of the Unison printing system, the Unison toner's carbon footprint in printing is 46 percent below that of its largest competitor. The A4 cassette comparative study, commissioned by Lexmark's WSP Environment and Energy, LLC, confirms Lexmark's commitment to environmental protection.

Recycling the Lexmark toner with LCCP

In printer tests that examine the life cycle assessments of printers, it has been demonstrated that toner cartridges recycled through the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Recycling Program, abbreviated LCCP, have a 50 percent reduction in CO2 exposure to landfill disposal. Lexmark is moving the toner cartridges sent to the LCCP to dispose of toner into the production of new cartridges, where reputable alternative toner manufacturers such as Prindo manufacture the material for the production of their compatible toner cartridges in the rebuilt manufacturing process reprocess.