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Ink cartridges for Canon PIXMA iP models

Cartridges for Canon PIXMA IP7250

The Canon PIXMA iP7250 is a high performance inkjet photo printer with 5 separate ink tanks and 2 paper trays. It connects via WLAN to all devices in the immediate vicinity. Using Apple Air Print, as well as the Canon PRINT app, prints can be ordered even from the smartphone and tablet. The duplex function allows double-sided printing.

This makes the paper-saving printer suitable for both home and office use. In addition to photos and documents, Direct Disc Print can also be used to print on CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. The high-quality and detailed print quality is shown in a resolution of 9,600 dpi. Optically, the iP7250 convinces in a slim black design.

An overview of the Canon PIXMA iP

The Canon PIXMA iP7250 is the successor model to the PIXMA iP4950 and differs mainly in the now built-in WLAN module. In terms of quality and various functions, such as duplex printing, this model is in no way inferior to its predecessor. In addition to faster printing of 10 to 15 pages per minute, the iP7250 can be loaded with XL ink cartridges. The printer series is equipped with the standard cartridges PGI-550 and CLI-551.

To the iP series of the Canon PIXMA printer belong among others the following devices:

  • PIXMA iP4850
  • PIXMA iP4950
  • PIXMA iP7200
  • PIXMA iP7250
  • PIXMA iP8750

More about the Canon iP7250 cartridges

Canon iP7250 cartridges include the PGI-550 with pigment black and the CLI-551 cartridges in the respective main colours cyan, magenta, yellow and grey. These are the compatible standard inks from Canon. Optionally, XL versions can also be used in the printer.

The ranges of Canon PIXMA iP7250 cartridges for document printing are specified by the manufacturer as follows:

  • Pigment Black normal: 300 pages
  • Cyan normal: 332 pages
  • Magenta normal: 319 pages
  • Yellow normal: 344 pages
  • Pigment -Black XL: 500 pages
  • Cyan XL: 695 pages
  • Magenta XL: 680 pages
  • Yellow XL: 695 pages

Canon's PIXMA iP7250 XL cartridges have a much greater range for both document and photo printing. In the long run, this also reduces printer costs. For any user who prints a lot, XL cartridges are suitable, as they simply have a longer range and are much cheaper for the same quality. In addition, the purchase of multipacks with the individual colours is also an option.

However, it must be decided in each individual case whether an XL cartridge or a normal cartridge is more suitable.

Inexpensive alternatives that convince

You can find a low-priced alternative to the original Canon iP7250 cartridges at our house brand Prindo. The individual cartridges are offered at a lower price compared to the original cartridges and are available in XL format. They are compatible with the Canon PIXMA iP7520, as well as with other printer models in the series such as the PIXMA iP8750 and PIXMA iP7200.

Prindo's alternative printer cartridges for the Canon PIXMA iP7250 are presented below.

Cartridge compatible with Canon CLI-551 XL

Instead of the original CLI-551 XL cartridge Prindo offers the Prindo CLASSIC and GREEN cartridge. These alternative XL cartridges offer an extra long range and convince with a colourful and precise print image. They can be ordered in black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Behind the name GREEN is a recycled and elaborately remanufactured product.

The Prindo cartridge is compatible with many other Canon printers. These include the PIXMA iP7520, 7200 and 8750 printers, as well as models from the PIXMA MG, MX and iX series.

Cartridge compatible with Canon PGI-550 XL

Cheap black printer cartridges, which can be used instead of the Canon original cartridge, are also offered here at Prindo. The XL versions of Prindo CLASSIC and Prindo GREEN are available. CLASSIC represents an optimal alternative and convinces with full functionality and very good quality. The long range is attractive for many printers.

If you are looking for a good printer cartridge with environmental considerations in mind, you can rely on the Prindo GREEN. These are remanufactured and recycled products that are available for sale again. They are of the same high quality as the classic models. One cartridge is sufficient for around 500 pages.

Their compatibility extends across several Canon printers. These include the PIXMA iP series 7250, 7200 and 8750, as well as 13 other Canon printers from other series.

Compatible Multipacks with Canon CLI-551

Prindo offers another inexpensive option with the compatible multipacks. These provide all the important colours - cyan, magenta, yellow and black - in one package. This gives customers a significant price advantage over buying individual cartridges.

The multipacks are available in Prindo BASIC, Prindo BASIC XL and Prindo BASIC XL Plus. The packs differ in the respective filling quantity of the cartridges.