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Ink cartridges for the Canon PIXMA MG models

Cartridges for Canon PIXMA MG

Canon's PIXMA MG series is specifically designed for special print formats. Many series models have a CD and DVD print function in addition to photo printing. The printer interfaces include connectivity to WLAN, SD cards, USB and, via scan-to-cloud, to the Google cloud.

With Canon's PictBridge smartphone app, a direct connection to a smartphone or digital camera is also possible. Depending on the design, the user interface of MG series models may have a touchscreen display. The MG devices are very compact and have a handy, slightly ergonomic design. Different colour variants such as black, white, grey, blue or red are available for many MG models.

The Canon PIXMA MG series in focus

The additional features available on Canon PIXMA MG printers vary from model to model. However, even the entry-level model Canon PIXMA MG2150 has some very exclusive special features that are not necessarily common for series beginners. For example, the MG2150 offers not only print, scan and copy functions, but also photo printing and printing on Bluray discs, CDs and DVDs.

If required, this can also be done with double-sided printing options. The next higher models such as the Canon PIXMA MG2555s also come with a printer with a slightly flattened design. Those who want to save some space in the height of their printer will be well advised with these MG models. Both mentioned models have a USB interface. WLAN or Bluetooth are still missing in these entry-level models. In return, the models of the MG series from MG2150 to MG2555s are relatively inexpensive and thus optimal for private use.

The MG models from MG2950 to MG8250 offer considerably more functions. Most of them come with various interfaces for WLAN, USB, smartphone and cloud service as standard. Particularly popular models in this respect are the Canon PIXMA MG3050 and the Canon PIXMA MG3650. High-end models like the Canon PIXMA MG8250 also have interfaces for cameras and photo memory cards.

Canon PIXMA MG2150 cartridges

The Canon PIXMA MG2150 was launched as the successor to the Canon PIXMA MP280. The MG2150 is more compact and easier to store on shelves and in cabinets. And there are also differences with regard to the printer cartridges. Instead of the cartridges for MP280, PG-510 and CL-511 (alternatively PG-512 and CL-513), the MG2150 uses PG-540 cartridges for black printing and CL-541 cartridges for multicolour printing.

Alternatively, XL inks can be used for a longer range. As standard inks, these inks are also used in many higher models. For example, Canon PIXMA MG3650 cartridges correspond to the same format.

Basically MG entry-level models up to and including MG2250 use a 4-ink system with 2 FINE print heads. The micro-nozzles of the printheads emit up to 2 pl fine ink droplets, which enables printing at high resolution of up to 4,800 x 1,200 pi. With a printing speed of approx. 8.4 black and white pages and 4.8 colour pages per minute, quite good printing results are possible. The printing speed in photo printing for photos á 10 x 15 cm is additionally approx. 44 seconds per photo.

Canon PIXMA MG2555s cartridges

With the ink cartridges in the Canon PIXMA MG2555s, another cartridge format has been introduced for the first time within the MG series. The printer uses the standard inks PG-545 for black and CL-546 for colour for its 2 FINE print heads. The cartridges are also standard for some higher models of the MG series. This applies for example to Canon Pixma MG3050 cartridges, which are identical to the MG2555s. Thus, those who want to upgrade and still have the respective cartridges at home are recommended to change to MG3050.

The print resolution of the Canon PIXMA MG2555s is of 4.800 x 600 dpi. In terms of printing speed, it can achieve up to 8 black and 4 colour prints per minute. The range of the ink cartridges can be increased by using XL inks.

Canon PIXMA MG3650 cartridges

The ink cartridges vary greatly, especially within the MG3000 models. This can also be seen in the Canon PIXMA MG3650 cartridges. While models like MG3050 use PG-545 and CL-546 cartridges. The MG3650 is based on the PG-540 or CL-541 cartridges in the MG2555s. However, the print resolution of the MG3650 is much higher with up to 4,8000 x 1,200 dpi.

In total, the Canon PIXMA MG3650 cartridges on plain paper have a range of 180 pages (black or colour). With the XL versions of the cartridges, even 600 black and 400 colour prints are possible. The print speed is better than lower models in the MG series, with 9.9 black and 5.7 colour pages per minute.

Canon PIXMA MG5100 cartridges

From MG5100 onwards, models in the MG series increasingly use a 5-ink system with separate ink tanks. Up to 1 pl fine ink droplets also make the printed image more detailed and allow a resolution of up to 9600 x 2400 dpi. The printer is therefore ideal for photo printing in particular. With 9.7 black and 6.1 colour pages (39 seconds printing time for photos of 10 x 15 cm), it also prints faster than lower MG models. However, different ink models are required for the separate ink tanks. Required here:

  • PGI-525PGBK for pigment black
  • CLI-526BK for black
  • CLI-526C for cyan
  • CLI-526M for magenta
  • CLI-526Y for yellow

The ink cartridges are also used in high-end models such as the MG6150 or MG8250, making them one of the most powerful cartridge units in the MG series.

Canon PIXMA MG5450 cartridges

Canon added another cartridge variant to the MG series with the model MG5450. Like the MG5100 series with a 5-colour system, the performance characteristics of both ink photo printers are relatively identical. However, the print speed of the MG5450 is much higher with 15 black pages and 10 colour pages, and other cartridges are required, namely:

  • PGI-550PGBK for pigment black
  • CLI-551BK for black
  • CLI-551C for cyan
  • CLI-551M for magenta
  • CLI-551Y for yellow

These cartridges are also used in higher models (e.g. MG6350 or MG7100). The models are therefore similarly powerful in printing.

Canon PIXMA MG5750 cartridges

The last higher quality cartridge unit in the MG series came out with the Canon PIXMA MG5750. In terms of print resolution and droplet size, this model, with 4,800 x 1,200 dpi and 2 pl fine ink droplets, is based on the entry-level models in the series. However, the printing speed (12.6 black and 9.0 colour pages per minute) is on a par with the higher series models. For this balanced printing performance, the MG5750, like comparable models (e.g. MG6850 or MG7750), requires special cartridges. The necessary inks for the 5-tank system are here:

  • PGI-570PGBK for pigment black
  • CLI-571BK for black
  • CLI-571C for cyan
  • CLI-571M for magenta
  • CLI-571Y for yellow

Cheap alternative cartridges from prindo for Canon PIXMA MG

prindo offers an inexpensive alternative to all the above mentioned cartridge variants. These are guaranteed to be compatible with the respective MG models and promise the same print quality as comparable manufacturer cartridges despite their lower price.

prindo cartridges compatible with PG-540 and CL-541

As a replacement for the 2 FINE tanks of lower MG models with PG-540 or CL-541 cartridges, prindo offers PRICPG540+ and PRICCL541 cartridges of our Basic series. In addition we also offer corresponding XL cartridges for a higher range. Our multipacks are also recommended for budget foxes.

prindo cartridges compatible with PG-545 and CL-546

The second variant of the 2 FINE print heads is provided in the MG series of PG-545 and CL-546 cartridges. Here too, our own brand offers inexpensive alternative inks with the prindo Basic cartridges PRICPG545 and PRICCL546. They have the same quality as manufacturer cartridges and therefore print with the same precision. XL variants for a longer ink supply are offered by the prindo XL alternative ink cartridges PRICPG545XL and PRICCL546XL.

prindo cartridges compatible with PGI-525 and CLI-526+

For 5-tank systems of the Canon PIXMA MG series with PGI-525 and CLI-526 inks prindo offers two different cartridge alternatives. In our Classic series PRICPGI525BK (pigment black) and the black or ink cartridges PRICCLI526+ are suitable replacements for the manufacturer's cartridges. In addition, our Green series is a sustainable alternative to the above mentioned cartridges. The cartridges are made of recycled and environmentally friendly materials.

prindo cartridges compatible with PGI-550 and CLI-551+

For these 5-tank inks of the Canon PIXMA MG models, prindo also offers sustainable products from our Green series. Basically we have the most important ink cartridges for the corresponding cartridges from the manufacturer with PRICPGI550BK and PRICCLI551+ in our Classic range. Inexpensive multipacks as well as XL versions of the cartridges for longer range are available.

prindo cartridges compatible with PGI-570 and CLI-571+

Our alternative ink cartridges for PGI-570 and CLI-571+ are PRICPGI570PGBK and the black and color cartridges from the PGICCLI571+ range. The cartridges are of course also available in XL and as a green option. PRICPGI570GBKXLG even offers a cheap and sustainable solution in Twin (Green) in a double pack.