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Ink cartridges for the Canon PIXMA MX models

Cartridges for Canon PIXMA MX

The PIXMA MX series is one of the most popular printer series from Canon ever. The series models are extremely durable and extremely robust. In addition, even the entry-level models offer generous multifunctionality and can accept print and copy, scan, fax and direct print from camera.

Special interfaces such as USB or WLAN and cloud for non-PC systems are usually also included in every MX model. This means that the Canon PIXMA MX multifunction printer offers a good all-round service that is not common for every printer series.

The Canon PIXMA MX series in focus

The MX Series can print on a wide range of paper sizes from plain paper to glossy photo paper. The printing speed is very good, with up to 22 black and 17 colour pages per minute. Depending on the model, MX devices also print photos very quickly in up to 21 seconds. As for the design of the Canon PIXMA MX series, many printer models have a very peculiar design.

In most of the models, the rounded box shape that is characteristic of Canon printers is complemented by a pyramid-shaped base that houses the scanner in the series. This runs with a CIS sensor and often also has an automatic document feeder (ADF). Formal exceptions are on the one hand models of the MX400 series (e.g. Canon PIXMA MX492), which have a flat attachment. On the other hand, the Canon MX7600 and MX850 also stand out due to their extremely special construction.

The special models have an ergonomically formed, wave-shaped attachment, which is optically a real eye-catcher, especially because of the silver-black printer design of both printers. Further colour variations, including black, white, silver, grey and an exclusive black-red design for MX725 and MX925 are available.

Canon PIXMA MX375 and MX395 cartridges

The inkjet printers MX375 and MX395 differ again from their predecessors in their cartridge usage. The 2 FINE print heads of the models use PG-540 and CL-541 cartridges for the first time within the MX series. For a higher range the XL versions of these cartridge units can be used as usual. The listed cartridges are also common for the higher models MX475 and MX525.

Canon PIXMA MX495 Cartridges

While most models of the MX400 series use either the same cartridges as the MX320 or the MX375 and MX925, Canon PIXMA MX495 cartridges are a bit out of place here. The last model of the MX400 series can be considered as a transitional model to the higher MX devices in terms of printing technology and accordingly uses individual colour cartridges. PG-545 and CL-546 cartridges are required. Alternatively, you can also use the corresponding XL inks as a replacement for the Canon PIXMA MX495 cartridges and thus achieve a higher ink range.

Canon PIXMA MX725 cartridges

The MX725 not only stands out for its elegant black and red design, but also for its extremely fine ink droplet size, which is sometimes even less than 1 pl. The Canon PIXMA MX725 is therefore very economical in its consumption, allowing one cartridge to print up to 5000 document pages or 7500 photos when XL or XXL cartridges are selected. Once again, special ink cartridges are required to achieve this outstanding performance. Standard inks for the printer's own 5-tank system are here:

  • PGI-550PGBK for Pigment Black
  • CLI-551BK for black
  • CLI-551C for cyan
  • CLI-551M for magenta
  • CLI-551Y for yellow

Canon MX925 cartridges, and thus the ink cartridges in the high-end model of the MX series, also correspond to this cartridge unit. This makes the PGI-550 and PGI-551 cartridges the most advanced cartridge variant of the series.

Canon PIXMA MX7600 Cartridges

Another special model is found in the MX series with the Canon PIXMA MX7600. This multifunction printer with the original wave-shaped attachment is the first MX model with a 6-tank system and uses for this purpose:

  • PGI-9PBK for pigment black
  • CLI-7BK for black
  • CLI-9C for cyan
  • CLI-9M for magenta
  • CLI-9Y for yellow
  • CLI-9 Clear for infrared

The clear ink is a very special feature here. The apparently invisible ink colour reacts to infrared light and then produces a bright green colour. It is therefore a fluorescent UV ink, which is added exclusively to the Canon MX7600.

Canon PIXMA MX860 cartridges

The MX series receives a last individual cartridge unit with the MX860. Once again a high-resolution multifunction printer, whose 5-tank printing technology convinces with a very fine ink droplet size of only 1 pl. The photo prints of this MX model are also certified "laboratory quality" in the test. The cartridges required for this outstanding printing performance are

  • PGI-520 for pigment black
  • CLI-521BK for black
  • CLI-521C for cyan
  • CLI-521M for magenta
  • CLI-521Y for yellow

Our cheap alternative ink cartridges for Canon PIXMA MX

Our Basic, Classic and Green ranges offer affordable alternatives to the above-mentioned original cartridges for Canon PIXMA MX series printers. The cartridges are usually cheaper than comparable manufacturer products, but do not lose print quality. Our range includes the following alternative cartridges:

prindo cartridges compatible with PG-40 and CL-41

For the cartridges in MX300 and MX310 our own brand offers different solutions. On the one hand we have alternative ink cartridges for the original inks in our range with our products prindo PRICPG40 and PRICCL41. On the other hand our prindo Basic PRICPG-50 and PRICCL-51 cartridges are also compatible with both models.

prindo cartridges compatible with PG-510 and CL-511

The original PG-510 and CL-511 cartridges can also replace our alternative cartridges with two variants. These are the replacement cartridges for the coloured original tank PRICCL511+ and the alternatives PRICPG512 and PRICCL513.

prindo cartridges compatible with PG-540 and CL-541

These original cartridges replace our Classic alternative cartridges PRICPG540 and PRICCL41+. The cartridges are also available in their XL-version, of which we also offer inexpensive multipacks.

prindo cartridges compatible with PGI-525 and CLI-526

Original PGI-525 and CLI-526 cartridges can not only be replaced by the prindo PRICPGI252BK and PRICCLI526+ cartridges of our Classic series. With the corresponding cartridges of our Green series we also offer ink cartridges for CLI-526+ from sustainable production. The cartridges are made from recycled materials that have been specially processed for production. So it is guaranteed to print with a clear conscience.

prindo cartridges compatible with PGI-550 and CLI-551

prindo also offers green alternatives for these cartridge variants. Together with the Classic cartridges PRICPGI550 and PRICCLI551 they offer the best alternatives to the original Canon cartridges and this at a lower price with the same quality. XL and multipacks are available.