Coffee is a popular drink. Due to the caffeine it contains, the hot drink gives us the necessary kick after getting up to start the day. In the office, coffee keeps us awake during strenuous tasks. At the same time, the drink improves memory and concentration. This gets our organism going at full speed. In the Prindo online shop, you will find a large selection of ground coffees, such as the popular "Jacobs Krönung or "Dallmayr prodomo". With our products, you can enjoy classic filter coffee in different roast intensities.

A perfect start to the day with coffee and water

You load the coffee machine with whole beans or feed the Senseo with practical coffee pods for quick enjoyment. Here you can choose from numerous coffee specialities such as Café Latte, Cappuccino or Caffè Crema. Connoisseurs reach for Nespresso capsules or brew their afternoon coffee in the espresso pot with "Lavazza Qualita Oro". Those who like it stronger enjoy a strong espresso with a full aroma from Segafredo.

Water is a good choice for in-between meals. It supplies your cells with trace elements and minerals, regulates important body processes and increases performance. A good way to drink more is with Sodastream water bubblers. With these devices, you add carbon dioxide to tap water. A large selection of syrups allows you to spice up the drink as you like.