To increase the ease of use and functionality of your PC or laptop, the right computer accessories come in handy. This includes hardware such as speakers, monitors, webcams, headsets, storage media, cables and adapters. In addition, there are transport bags for laptops and input devices such as computer mice and keyboards. We pay attention to quality. In our shop you will find selected articles from popular brands such as Logitech, Plantronics, Verbatim and HP.

Work comfortably with the right mouse

Input devices are among the most important products in the field of computer accessories. A cheap PC mouse is sufficient for a few clicks on the Internet. It is not recommended for work in the home office or in the office. Better is a high-quality product that fits well in your hand and does not strain your wrist. If you have large hands, don't go for a tiny model, as the muscles in your fingers will quickly cramp up. The same applies if the mouse is too large and bent. A sure instinct is what counts when choosing a mouse.

Logitech offers real treasures for people who work a lot at the computer. The Marathon Mouse M705 for right-handers is recommended. The model convinces with its optimised, hand-friendly and naturally balanced shape. It produces hyper-fast scrolling and enables easy connection. To do this, you plug the Logitech Unifying receiver into the device and get started immediately. Click-to-click scrolling lets you explore images, lists and slides step-by-step. The best part? You don't change batteries for three years.

Score with a good webcam during a video call

For the home office, the webcam is irreplaceable as a computer accessory. A good model is compatible with popular video call clients such as Skype or Google Hangouts. It has a high resolution and an integrated microphone with noise reduction. The small black Logitech HD Webcam C270 with accompanying microphone enables smooth, clear video calls in a quality of 1280 × 720 pixels (720p) in widescreen format. Automatic exposure correction allows people to be seen in natural, vivid colours.

Thanks to the built-in noise-cancelling microphone, you can make video calls without distracting background noise. The automatic exposure adjustment sets you ideally in scene so that your conversation partner recognises you optimally. The universal mount allows you to attach the wired unit to the screen or shelf. The product works with popular video call clients such as Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts.

Stay connected with a headset

A headset is a handy combination of headphones and microphone. It is often used for tele- or video communication or gaming. The advantage: while you are talking to the other person, your hands remain free, for example, to type something into the PC or operate the controller.

There is a choice of cordless or wired variants such as the Plantronics Blackwire C3220. The computer accessory is ideal for modern businesses. The durable, robust headset impresses with its slim design, flexible microphone boom and individual adjustment. You get a product with high wearing comfort thanks to the lightweight metal headband and the comfortable leatherette ear cushion. It comes in a practical case.

You control the most important functions via the headset, such as answering and ending calls, muting or adjusting the volume. The integrated hearing protection prevents damage caused by transmission at too high a decibel level. The superior audio quality lends itself to the transmission of music, speech and multimedia. Use the device with your PC, mobile phone or tablet.

Save data on the go with the 32 GB memory stick

A USB memory stick is one of the classic computer accessories. The small storage media fit in any desk drawer or pocket. With enough memory, you can store pictures, text documents, music and other files.

The V3 MAX USB memory stick with 32 GB from Verbatim in chic blue comes in a high-gloss finish with a robust, scratch-resistant UV coating. The USB 3.0 stick offers high data transfer rates of up to 175 MB/s. The write speed is up to 80 MB/s. The write speed is up to 80 MB/s. It is backwards compatible with conventional USB 2.0 devices. Use it for fast data backup on notebook, PC and MAC. Thanks to the "slide and lock" mechanism, the USB port can be completely retracted into the casing when not in use to protect the adapter.

The best computer accessory for gamers: a gaming monitor

A normal office monitor is not suitable for gaming. LG brought real top-of-the-line models onto the market with the 27'' large UltraGear gaming monitors with QHD resolution. The powerful gaming display equips gamers for combat use.

The LG 27GL850 allows you to play current top games with an impressive colour spectrum and high colour fidelity. HDR 10 support immerses you in even more realistic gaming worlds. This makes battlefield scenes more vivid and exciting. Various modern functions such as G-Sync and Adaptive Sync avoid judder and noise. The overclocking of 144 Hz enables smooth gameplay. A wide range of setting options increase comfort.

Transport your laptop safely with the right backpack

Packing your laptop in a normal backpack is not a good idea. At Prindo you will find suitable laptop bags and backpacks under computer accessories. These offer an extra large, padded compartment for the device. In addition, there are compartments for other equipment such as hard drives, phones, charging cables and notebook mice.

The HP business backpack is suitable for devices with 17.3". You use it for work or for travel. The soft, dimensionally stable carrying straps offer pleasant comfort. The trolley holder allows you to place the backpack comfortably and securely on your suitcase. An RFID compartment protects your passport or credit cards from data theft. The lockable zip with double spiral is particularly secure. The backpack is compatible with popular HP laptops in 17 inch.