In our online shop you will find a large selection of storage media. USB sticks in various sizes for connection via USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 are common, as are memory cards (flash cards) for smartphones and cameras. CD-R blanks are used to write your data to CD. CD-RW formats are suitable for repeated writing. Optionally, you can use DVDs for larger files such as films and videos. With external hard disks you can process a large amount of data. In our shop list you will find the most important data storage devices for every need.

Storage media for every use

There are a variety of data storage media that are suitable for different purposes. Before you order a product, think about what you need the storage media for. There are variants with which you can:

  • store large amounts of data for long periods of time,
  • transport data,
  • store data for a short time or
  • archive data permanently.

You can process a large flood of data with external hard drives. They offer a high storage capacity for photos, videos and files. Other storage media have only limited storage quotas. In the following, we explain the suitability as well as the advantages and disadvantages of different data storage media.

External hard drives for large amounts of data

An external hard drive works like a small computer. You connect it to your computer or laptop via USB to transfer the data. The portable storage media offer plenty of space for up to 16 TB. The products are suitable for users for whom the normal storage space on the computer is not enough. This is the case if you store many high-resolution photos and videos for projects. SSDs are well suited for full back-ups. They are irreplaceable for data backup.


  • for fast, simple back-ups
  • High storage capacity


  • more expensive than other storage media
  • susceptible to shocks and temperature fluctuations

Tip: Look for high speed so that data can be transferred in a short time.

USB sticks as a low-cost storage medium

USB sticks are available in numerous versions. They are very widespread. Practically everyone has at least one data storage device of this type. They are used to store files, videos and photos. They are mainly used to transport data. They are not suitable for permanent data backup. USB sticks are available with a capacity of up to 64 GB.


  • very robust
  • insensitive to magnetic fields
  • easy to handle
  • space-saving
  • encryptable


  • low capacity
  • high risk of losing the compact sticks
  • depending on capacity, more expensive than other storage media

Tip: Pay attention to the data transfer rate. At 5 Gbit/s, USB 3.0 is ten times faster than a stick with USB 2.0 standard.

Blank discs for storing and archiving data

Blank CDs and DVDs are less widespread today. This is especially true for the CD-R format. You can use them to store files up to a maximum of 900 MB. CDs are used to permanently store photos and text documents of small size. They are suitable for data backup and archiving. The data on the disc cannot be erased. Some of the discs allow you to add more files. They are practical for handing out content to customers, as users do not accidentally delete it. CD-RW blanks are suitable for multiple writing. With DVDs, you distinguish between single and double layer. They store 4.7 to 17 GB. Blu-Ray discs with high storage capacity are a good alternative.


  • inexpensive purchase
  • fast storage of data of small size
  • Data on discs cannot be erased (exception: RW variants)


  • short lifespan
  • are quickly damaged

Flash cards for smartphones and cameras

The smallest storage media are suitable for digital cameras or mobile phones. They store music, files, photos and videos with a capacity of up to 2 TB. They are also used for easy data portability. Together with the USB stick, data storage media are the most widespread. Different capacities and formats are available. The read and write speeds of the copies are important.


  • high storage capacity
  • compact, lightweight design
  • not prone to mechanical problems
  • easy data transfer
  • extremely durable


  • are quickly lost
  • compatibility not given with all devices