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Ink cartridges for the Epson ECOTANK models

Epson ECOTANK printer cartridges - the perfectly equipped all-rounder

The printers of the ECOTANK series are modern 3-in-1 inkjet printers. Customers use the devices in this series for printing, photocopying and scanning. The printers are suitable for the home office and for smaller working groups due to the Wi-Fi connection. The devices with ECOTANK have an Epso microPiezo™ print head. This has 59 nozzles for magenta, cyan and yellow inks and 180 nozzles for black ink. The ECOTANK printers from Epson are characterized by their high ink capacity.

The devices do not have conventional cartridges. They have a modern, cost-saving ink tank system. The refilling is done with Epson ECOTANK ink in bottles.

How does Epson ECOTANK work?

ECOTANK printers from Epson such as the ECOTANK ET-2600 or ECOTANK ET-2720 differ from normal printers. They do not use ink cartridges for printing, but large-volume ink tanks. These supply the printer with ink. The advantage? Users do not replace ink cartridges. They refill them when needed. When purchasing the printer, customers receive the printer with the appropriate ink. This is sufficient for up to 14,000 pages. On average, one load of Epson ECOTANK ink corresponds to 88 ink cartridges.

With the Epson ECOTANK printer, users save time and money. There is no need to change the ink cartridges regularly. At the same time, the system is child's play to operate. For clean refilling, customers put the bottles with the ink on top. Devices such as the Epson ET-2720 or ET-2600 print reliably and convince with high print quality.

What special features does the ECOTANK series from Epson offer?

The ECOTANK models have ink tanks that reliably supply the printer with ink for up to three years after filling. They are more economical than conventional ink cartridges. The drip-proof ink bottles with Epson ECOTANK ink allow simple, clean refilling. The printing costs are very low due to the refilling. The tanks are clearly visible on the front of the devices to read the current fill level. Users can read about the advantages of the ECOTANK series in a test:

  • low printing costs per page
  • no ink cartridges
  • long-life durability
  • CO2-neutral
  • lots of ink included
  • high ink yield
  • best printing results

The printers have an Epson Micro Piezo™ print head with 180 nozzles of black and 59 nozzles per colour. There are four tanks for the colours black, cyan, yellow and magenta. Epson ECOTANK ink comes in drip-proof bottles. Users place them upside down on the tank. If the refill bottle sits securely on the filler plug, the ink runs cleanly into the tank without leaving any stains. Different plug shapes prevent buyers from filling the Epson ECOTANK ink into the wrong tank.

Epson ECOTANKs, such as the ET-2750, allow users to print without borders. This was not possible with the predecessor model Epson ET-2600. The printers also offer a duplex function for copying and printing. For the interfaces, users choose from USB or WLAN in the 2.4 GHz network. If necessary, they use both connection options simultaneously. They can use the printer on the move via Wi-Fi Direct. Users use the device to access the following printing services for cloud and mobile devices:

  • Apple AirPrint,
  • Epson Connect (Remote Print Driver, Print, Email Print) and
  • Google Cloud Print.

The low power consumption is to be emphasized. In operation, the Epson printer consumes 12 watts, in sleep mode 0.3 watts. The model comes with the software:

  • Easy Photo Print,
  • Epson Print Connect and
  • Network tools for administrators.

In a test of seven multifunction devices without fax in May 2018, Stiftung Warentest gave the ET-2750 the test mark Good (2.2).

Which models of the Epson EcoTank series does Prindo support?

At Prindo, customers can obtain printer cartridges for the best-known models in the ECOTANK series:

  • ECOTANK ET-2600
  • ECOTANK ET-2650
  • ECOTANK ET-2720
  • ECOTANK ET-2750
  • ECOTANK ET-4700
  • ECOTANK ET-4750

All models of the ECOTANK series can be found on our site.