Canon Printhead

The Canon Printhead - The pen of the printer. High-performance print media, Canon's advanced printhead technology.

Guarantee of high quality in printing - the Canon Printhead

The printhead is the moving component in the inkjet printer that causes the ink from the ink cartridges to be applied to the paper. The reliability of the printing process, as well as the quality of the printout, is heavily dependent on the design, the technology and the design of the print head, which, in close cooperation with the ink optimally composed for it, is responsible for the print image.

The components in the inkjet printer - Canon printhead and more

The inkjet printer uses a variety of components, and the printheads play a central role in ensuring that the ink from the ink cartridges is applied accurately, in the prescribed composition of colors, and in the correct drop size without bleeding and smudging.

To accomplish this task, inkjet printing technology brings together several key components in the printer in a perfectly matched mechanism:

  • Printer controller
  • Roller for paper transfer
  • ink cartridges
  • printheads

The Printer Controller is the control center that forwards the information from the computer to the two motors in the printer, where they are picked up by the printheads and printed on the paper. The ink cartridges respectively associated with a printer model are usually inserted directly into the print head.

The manufacturers have developed various procedures for the transfer processes in the printheads, with which the ink is applied to the paper. The Canon Printhead is also designed and optimized with respect to a specially selected technical process. The two most important processes used by the leading manufacturers of pressure output devices are the technologies

  • Bubble jet and
  • piezo

To execute a print job, the data of an image file from the computer is first given to the controller of the printer, where it is converted to pulses to which the printer responds by putting its mechanics into operation. In the execution of a print job, the printheads of the device, which are attached to a pole lined up side by side, move horizontally back and forth in the printer.

At the same time, the paper with the roller for paper transfer is pushed longitudinally through the printer.
During their numerous transversal movements, the printheads press the ink from the ink cartridges onto the paper. Behind these finely tuned workflows of the printing device are many years of developments and improvements in the technology of the Canon print head.

The technology in the Canon printhead

Printers using Bubble Jet technology produce minute drops of ink by heating the liquid or solvent of the ink through a heating element inside the printer. Due to its composition under heat, the ink shows a chemical reaction that results in a small explosion that creates a tiny bubble of vapor.

The bladder exerts pressure on the ink in the tank and forces a drop of ink out of the nozzle. Bubble Jet technology is very similar to Piezo technology, where printers using Piezo technology press the ink out of the ink cartridges with the help of what is known as the piezoelectric effect, controlling the drop size of their inks with ceramic elements and electrical voltage.

The Canon company uses its Bubble Jet technology in its printer models, for which the associated Canon print head is built after years of development work on a mature, high technical level with reliable working components made of high quality materials.

The nozzles in the Canon print head are optimally positioned at right angles to the heating elements. In addition to special printing technology, the company has equipped its Canon printhead with the unique FINE printhead technology. Thanks to the FINE technology, the micro-nozzles in the Canon print head have a diameter that is considerably minimized by up to 0.009 millimeters, which applies extremely small droplets of ink to the paper.

The minimized droplet sizes provide a much more refined print output with a densification of the individual color dots, which provides an extended color gamut and increased precision in the output of fine image details.

Optimally assembled printer accessories - optimum performance in the Canon printhead

The advanced technology in the Canon printhead optimally exploits its potential in conjunction with finely tuned technical components that are interdependent.

Canon manufactures its printing equipment along with its sophisticated printer supplies, such as inks and papers, to assemble a team of high-performance components that guarantee maximum quality in the output of printed documents.

Canon uses both inkjet printers' categories of inks, developed primarily for inkjet printing technology, where they have established themselves as high-quality inkjet technologies, depending on the model, requirement and application:

  • Dye inks and
  • pigment inks

Dye inks consist of dye molecules dissolved in an ink liquid, while pigment inks consist of an ink liquid in which the particles of color pigments or black pigments float and are not dissolved.

Both inks have their strengths and weaknesses, which are used in the ink cartridges as required, for example, as pigment inks in text printing or as dye ink in photo printing. For a perfect print output, the respective inks in the Canon ink cartridges are precisely adjusted to the Canon print head, for example, in their fluidity, in their drop size or in their resistance to drying out.

In order to tailor each printer model to the user's requirements, Canon has diversified its printing supplies and developed a wide range of inks for various applications, such as photo printing, high-speed printing, mail merging, and document printing, all of which are provided in Canon's printhead. Canon's advanced inks include highly efficient variants such as:

  • Maxify inks
  • Chromalife 100
  • Cromalife 100+
  • Lucia
  • Lucia EX and more.

The other printer accessories, such as the paper on which the ink is printed, must be optimally adjusted to special individual requirements, such as the duplex printing in black and white or in color as well as the properties of the ink for optimum printing results to deliver.

Cleanliness is half the pressure - cleaning the Canon printhead

The technology inkjet printing works with liquid ink. Both dye inks and pigmented inks are, to a large extent, ink liquid which can dry out when not in use. When printing, the ink is pressed through the fine nozzles of the Canon print head with its ink liquid.

After completion of the print job remain liquid residues in the nozzle, which - if they dry up - can not be removed. The manufacturer Canon prevents the drying out of its inks, which have a special chemical formulation that slows down the drying inside the printer and especially in the Canon printhead, while they dry as soon as they are heated during the print job as quickly as possible on the paper.

The chemistry makes it possible that both requirements are met successfully by the advanced technology of inks. In support of this, the printing device performs mechanical cleaning operations in which ink is blown through the nozzles to rinse them out.

The excess ink is injected into a sponge. Another measure to protect the printheads is the airtight parking of the printhead at a certain point, so that the remaining ink, which is still in the nozzles, can not dry.

Canon has specialized its printing equipment in a variety of applications, including home and small office printers, the best-in-class network printers, and high-volume, high-volume printers, as well as features and functionality in the Canon printhead equipped with the various options for cleaning the print head or nozzles.

Optimum care for the Canon printhead

With the manufacturer's warranty on his equipment, he also demonstrates his confidence in the Canon Printhead. In addition, users can actively support the long runtime of the Canon printhead by using Canon's original Canon printing supplies and only using high-quality, compatible printer cartridges whose ink meets the requirements of FINE printhead technology, such as Prindo's alternative ink cartridges.