Connection to the WLAN can not be maintained

Your printer will not be able to connect to or break the Wi-Fi connection after successful installation
constantly off. In the following steps we would like to show you solutions that will help you to solve the problem
Problems should help.

Checking the WLAN display on the printer

  1. First check the wireless LED on your printer.
  2. This must indicate to you by lighting up that it is in operation.
  3. If this is not the case, activate it.
  4. Start a connect attempt as described in your manual.
  5. If no connection to the WLAN is possible again, continue.

Control of your IP address

  1. Print a network configuration page from the menu in your printer.
  2. This printout shows the IP address of your printer:
  • The IP address may have a different name on the network configuration page. URL or URL (s) for Embedded Web Server
  • The message "not connected" may be displayed here. Thus, your printer is not connected to a wireless network.
  • If you see this message, please continue.

Connect the printer to the wireless network

  1. It is important that you know the password and the name of your network.
  2. In the Search my product search box, type the printer name or product number of your device.
  3. Select your printer model in the following list.
  4. By clicking on the model you will see the support page.
  5. Now locate the appropriate document to introduce your printer to a wireless network.
  6. Please follow the detailed instructions to install your printer software properly on one of your wireless networks.

Reset your wireless router and the printer and restart your workstation

  1. Turn off your printer first.
  2. Disconnect the power cord from the device and the router.
  3. Turn off your PC.
  4. Now it might take a little while, please wait.
  5. Please wait about one minute until you return these steps.
  6. Plug all power cables back into their respective devices and switch them on.
  7. The router as well as your printer and PC now start again and align themselves accordingly.
  8. The original Wi-Fi connection should now be restored.
  9. To check, print the wireless network test page and check it standing status.

Control of the IP address

  1. On your printed wireless network test page, verify that the Connected status is displayed as Pass. If this is not the case and the status appears as "failed", check the IP address of the printer.
  2. § If your printer is connected to your wireless network, the IP address is not, and the printer is maintaining the wireless connection, you do not need to proceed with troubleshooting.
  3. § If your printer is connected to your wireless network and the IP address is not, but the wireless connection is not maintained, go to the next step to check the network name (SSID).
  4. Verify that the network name on the printed test page matches the name of the wireless network.
  5. If your printer detects other networks with the same network name (SSID) as your network, the wireless network test results page will tell you the number of networks that match the particular networks in the Diagnostic Results section. You are most likely connected to the correct network name (SSID) but to the wrong network.
  6. If you have not changed the name of your default network of the router when you set it up, and there are other wireless networks in your immediate vicinity, you may find it confusing or your network will find it very difficult to distinguish between them.
  7. We advise you to change the name of your network to avoid confusion and to allow easy detection.

Install the necessary firmware updates

  1. We recommend you to download the necessary updates on the "Support Homepage" of the manufacturer.
  2. If necessary, search Google for the latest firmware updates for your printer.
  3. Please always keep in mind that you are correct in your current operating system in order to download the optimal and correct update.
  4. It's best to check the latest version of your driver in advance.