Difference between Laser and LED Printers?

The difference between laser and LED printers are very similar in their process, but there are small differences, which are briefly explained here.

In order to understand the deviations of an LED printer compared to a laser printer, one must
The basic principle of the two printers will be known.

In the short version: Both printers have a picture drum that charges electrostatically. Then recesses of the charge are made, which are the template for printing. The toner is electromagnetically attracted to the recess locations and adheres there first. After that he is fixed on the paper.

The above-mentioned recesses are produced by laser or LED lights, and this is precisely where the fundamental difference exists. While a laser beam is shot down via the print head in the laser printer, many lamps are arranged next to each other in the LED printer. The laser beam is controlled by a complicated mirror system, while the LED lamps extend over the entire width of the medium and thus need not be steered individually. The laser illuminates point by point and the LEDs line by line. As a result, the LED printing is done slightly faster than the laser pressure.

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