Envelopes and Shipping Items

There is a lot of correspondence in a well-functioning office. Almost every day, the postman brings important letters and there are certainly a few documents that need to be mailed. Sometimes they are even whole folders, which start a slightly longer shipping and arrive intact at the addressee.

Various envelopes and other shipping items are available to the respective office traffic in order to be able to tackle such tasks and to master them. Different types of envelopes and other utensils are as important as the package tape to close a slightly larger shipping bag.

Important shipping items for your own office

Finally, there are a lot of items that are very important for proper delivery of documents. These include:

  • different envelopes in different sizes
  • Mailers
  • tape
  • cartons
  • Folder shipping packages
  • Letter opener for received parcels and letters
  • packaging tape
  • mailing tubes

Of course, there are still different types and shapes of most shipping items. After all, you can not just choose one option for normal envelopes. There are several types of envelopes that may be suitable for your office:

  • normal, rectangular envelope
  • A4 envelope
  • Envelope with window
  • Envelope without window
  • Mailing bags with window
  • Mailers without windows
  • Envelopes in size DIN C6

Envelope is not the same as an envelope. A certain portfolio of envelopes should be found in every well-stocked office so that different types of letters and documents can be sent properly and intact.

Everything that is important to send

However, the focus is still not only on the envelope or the box with which, for example, a file folder to be sent. These packages and envelopes must also be properly packaged. It is advisable to use packing tape for larger packages and shipments so that the package does not accidentally open on the way. With a tape roll scooter you can attach this tape perfectly and close your carton or larger shipping bag. This is not necessary with normal standard letters, because usually such envelopes have a tape with which the letter can be closed.

However, depending on the document, Tesafilm should also be used for mailing bags and larger letters in order to be able to close the shipment as safely as possible. Finally, particularly important and sensitive documents should reach the addressee as quickly and safely as possible. If your letter is a bit of a bulky document, it may be useful to use more wrapping tape or more than usual.

A good tip: you will certainly receive a lot of parcels or letters in your office. Take an example from self-delivered programs. Particularly important documents are usually extra sealed or arrive in a special shipping package. You should also use such shipping articles if they are similarly succinct documents and papers. This not only assures the recipient that everything runs smoothly, but you too.

Envelopes for different services

After all, you may already know many types of envelopes yourself before you even start working in an office. There are a lot of variations available for shipping that serve different purposes. A small selection gives you a better overview:

Normal standard letters with a message, like an invoice or the like, are usually sent in a standard envelope. Those are available to you with a window or without. Depending on the presentation of the document, it is worth using an envelope with a window, because then the most important information of the recipient for the postman in the prefabricated window. However, if this is not very important, you can also use an envelope without a window and note the address of the recipient by hand. But then use the right place, otherwise you will send the letter to yourself after you have thrown it in the mailbox.

Normal letters are usually folded and fit in this way in the envelope. But there are important documents that should not be folded, such as contracts or other shipments. Here is an envelope that is ideal for messages and documents that come in "DIN-A4" size. As a result, you do not have to fold the paper, and you'll also lose unsightly edges and creases that inevitably come to light.

Whole folders can be shipped with appropriate boxes, because of course you can not use a normal envelope. This can be very important if a partner needs pertinent data from a folder, but you can not fax it, for example.