Epson Stylus Color Ink Cartridges

Epson is a specialist in the field of image processing technology and offers numerous printers and multifunction devices for home users, for the home office, for offices and businesses up to multinational companies. Applications for Epson printer models range from desktop printers to office printers, small and medium-sized workgroup printers, departmental printers, large department printers, large format printers, label makers, and color label printers.

In the field of high-quality color printers and photo printers, the Stylus Color series stands for outstanding Epson quality.

The Epson Stylus Color range of premium quality printer technology

With the series Stylus Color, the manufacturer offers various series of printer models for color printers and photo printers. The Epson Stylus Color printers are characterized by their high-quality color printing with high resolution in the ultimate print quality. The printing technology of the Epson Stylus Color series is suitable for a variety of professional applications and can be used equally on the Windows and Macintosh platforms. In the series of Epson Stylus Color printing devices, the manufacturer offers several series with printer models for different requirements and applications and for print formats from A4 to A2:

  • Epson Stylus Photo
  • Epson Stylus Photo R
  • Epson Stylus R
  • Epson Stylus SX
  • Epson Stylus PX
  • Epson Stylus WD
  • Epson Stylus S

Inks for every requirement - Epson Stylus Color ink cartridges

Not only are the Stylus Color printers specially developed for every requirement and equipped for every requirement, the Epson Stylus Color ink cartridges also serve numerous different specifications with their special strengths. The series of Stylus Color ink cartridges, which are precisely adjusted to the respective Stylus Color printer, in order to implement their strengths perfectly:

  • Claria
  • UltraChrome
  • DURABrite

Within the ink series, Epson offers subordinate categories of Epson Stylus Color ink cartridges, each with their own unique characteristics and the perfect component for the associated printer model and application.

Epson Stylus Color Ink Cartridges Claria - quality for high demands

The Claria series combines the benefits of pigment and dye inks by using black pigment ink for the color black and dye ink for the colors cyan, magenta and yellow.

  • Claria Home Ink
  • Claria Premium Ink
  • Claria Photo HD Ink

Claria Home Ink - daisies for everyday life

The Claria Home Ink is designed for everyday printing needs and is used in the Stylus Color printers, which are built as a single-user printer for everyday use in the home. With the Claria Home Ink high-quality documents and glossy photos in laboratory quality are applied. In order to be able to use Epson Stylus Color ink cartridges for private use at low cost, the inks are not only available as single cartridges, but also in standard and XL quantities.

The page performance of each fill is indicated on the front of the package to facilitate selection for printing needs. To make it easier to purchase the right Epson Stylus Color Ink Cartridges for the selected printer model, the Claria Home inks feature a daisy motif on the packaging.

Claria Premium Ink - polar bears for documents and photos

The Claria Premium Ink is also designed for home use to serve two needs.

• Text printing
• Photo printing

With the Stylus Epson Color ink cartridges Claria Premium high-quality documents as well as glossy photos are printed. For the Claria Premium ink, the manufacturer uses a special formula that provides a combination of pigment and dye inks and also uses an additional Photo Black ink. The various inks are activated for printing, depending on the print request, to produce both high-quality printed matter and glossy, higher-quality prints than from the laboratory.

For text printing with the Claria Premium ink cartridges, pigment and dye inks are used to output razor-black text. The text is not only displayed in excellent quality and excellent readability, but also in a printed image, which brings out the individual letters clearly demarcated and shows a strong contrast to the paper. The black text is smudge and waterproof and can be processed immediately.

High gloss photos are printed with the Epson Stylus Color cartridges Claria Premium by the additional use of Photo Black ink. The photos show exact and sharp details, a high color intensity with vivid color palette and deep black tones. Photographs printed with Claria Premium ink retain their color intensity in the photo album for more than 300 years.

The matching Epson Stylus Color Ink Cartridges Claria Premium Ink for the corresponding printer model are marked with the Eisbären logo and offered in the sizes Standard and XL.

Claria Photo HD Ink - Elephants for photo printing

The Epson Stylus Color Cartridges Claria Photo HD are designed for high-quality photo printing, which meets the needs of photographers and suitable for printing on a variety of print media. With the Claria Photo HD ink outstanding high-gloss photos in first-class quality are applied. The Epson Stylus Color Ink Cartridges Claria Photo HD use six colors in their ink system.

In addition to the four inks cyan, magenta, yellow and black, light cyan and light magenta are available for improvement in the highlights. The ink technology used in Claria Photo HD ink allows a larger number of ink droplets of different diameters to print. As a result, the photo prints are printed in soft tonal gradations and the blacks are applied at a lower intensity to high-contrast photo prints with natural skin tones.

Photographs printed with Claria Photo HD Stylus Color Ink Cartridges last up to 300 years when stored in a photo album. The Elephant motif on the Claria Photo HD Ink is hard to miss, so when you buy the Epson Stylus Color Ink Cartridges, you may find it confusing Printer accessories is excluded.

Epson Stylus Color Ink Cartridges UltraChrome - pigment inks for professional use

The Epson UltraChrome ink series uses pigments coated with a layer of resin for all colors and black. This results in a very smooth surface on the printed image on the paper. The Epson Stylus Color UltraChrome ink cartridges have a number of benefits:

• Color stability
• resistance
• Variety of media
• stability
• Large color space
• water resistance

Ultra Chrome inks show a very fast stability in their paint application, as well as a high resistance to fading under the influence of light or UV radiation. Epson Stylus Color ink cartridges with Ultra Chrome ink can be applied to a wide variety of media without sacrificing their perks. The print job shows excellent stability as the inks are designed for professional use to meet the needs of exhibition and sales environments.

Ultra Chrome inks deliver a double density of ink, providing a wide range of colors with deeper blacks. The ink is waterproof and can be processed immediately after printing. The Epson Stylus Color ink cartridges UltraChrome are in the versions.

• UltraChrome HI-Gloss 2 - for coasters
• UltraChrome K3 Ink Vivid Magenta - for art print, photography, proofing
• UltraChrome GS Ink - commercial printing with eight colors
• UltraChrome HDR Ink - gallery quality offered in ten colors.

Epson Stylus Color Ink Cartridges DURABrite Ultra - specialists for business printer models

Epson Stylus Color DURABrite Ultra ink cartridges are specially designed for business printers, as their excellent properties make them especially recommended for use in the commercial sector. The DURABrite Ultra inks are ideal for duplex printing because they dry very quickly and do not smudge on the paper. DURABrite Ultra inks are smudge-proof and can be processed immediately after printing. The ink cartridges contain pigmented inks whose pigments are resin-coated.

This causes the print job to settle on the surface of the print medium and not penetrate the paper. Printing with DURABrite Ultra inks is done in intense colors and with high-precision texts.