HP DesignJet Ink Cartridges

With its DesignJet printing systems, the manufacturer Hewlett Packard provides professional tools for use in high-performance companies for various applications. HP Offers custom printing equipment along with the best printer supplies in the form of its high-performance HP DesignJet ink cartridges for a variety of industries, such as retail, educational, architectural, or graphic arts.

A strong family - DesignJet devices and DesignJet cartridges

Hewlett Packard's DesignJet family of products includes a range of printing equipment combined with matching printer accessories and DesignJet cartridges. The company represents the DesignJet family for a variety of applications:

• Office printing systems
• Graphic printing systems
• Production printing systems
• Photo Printer

along with the corresponding HP DesignJet ink cartridges available. Since the manufacturer builds his devices together with the printer accessories already in the development phase, tests them in printer and optimally matches them, the DesignJet printers with the associated DesignJet inks enter into a perfect symbiosis, which guarantees excellent print output of a high quality level.

HP DesignJet Ink Cartridges in office printing systems

The office print systems, along with the right printer accessories in both black and white and color for the CAD and GIS industry, print maps, technical drawings and renderings using six different DesignJet printer cartridges of different colors. Thanks to the high-quality printer accessories in the form of black and Color DesignJet ink cartridges and special papers, the printing results are convincing due to their high precision in the execution of fine lines, bows and hairlines as well as through the precisely drawn text, which has excellent readability.

Especially the printing of CAD drawings places high demands on the DesignJet cartridges, which applies their ink without bleeding, fissures or cracks to the plotter paper or other media with high precision and also to colorful graphics and renderings in a wide color palette in numerous color gradations with fine transitions representative color printing.

HP DesignJet Ink Cartridges in graphics printing systems

HP's professional graphics printing systems use high quality DesignJet ink cartridges to meet the demanding requirements of producing POP signs, posters, presentations, banners, photographs, large screen prints or GIS maps at a professional level. In order to equip the graphic printing systems with the DesignJet cartridges suitable for the individual requirements, HP offers different cartridge sizes, which are tailored to the required print volume and take into account both high print runs, unattended printing and even temporary use.

DesignJet Inkjet Print Cartridges contain special HP Vivid Photo Inks that are pigment-based in water and are designed specifically for high-quality photo printing. Documents printed with HP DesignJet inkjet print cartridges show high moisture resistance and can be processed immediately after printing. The colorful prints show excellent resistance to abrasion and moisture and excellent reproduction of the original colors. In addition, they have a long service life and guarantee a durability of the paint job of up to 200 years.

DesignJet printer cartridges with HP Vivid Photo Inks are used in a color combination of six or twelve inks, depending on the device model. Graphic printers using six DesignJet printer cartridges with HP Vivid Photo Inks are optimized for the production of high-quality color prints that not only have a wide range of color tones and print out bright colors, as well as shades with soft gradations in numerous gradations, but also excellent resistance to have adverse environmental effects and retain their color intensity for up to 200 years.

The use of twelve DesignJet cartridges with HP Vivid Photo Inks is required for gallery-quality fine art reproduction and compelling color proofing of photo prints. Printer models employing twelve DesignJet ink cartridges have a greatly expanded color gamut, with intense colors, a consistent gloss finish, and high precision in the implementation of fine details, and the potential to faithfully reproduce the color space of the original images.

DesignJet cartridges in production printing systems

The HP production printing systems produce CAD prints, POP elements, posters, canvas prints, banners or event posters in large format at high speed. The printer accessories for these devices, such as paper and DesignJet ink cartridges, depend on the job and its requirements. For the production printing systems in the CAD area special DesignJet printer cartridges are offered, which meet the requirements of the office printing systems with their demand for the high precision in the output of vector graphics, while in photo printing the DesignJet cartridges with HP Vivid photo inks in tanks with six, eight or twelve cartridges be used.

DesignJet ink cartridges in photo printers

HP DesignJet Photo Printers use DesignJet ink cartridges with HP Vivid Photo Inks and HP Photo Inks. The HP DesignJet photo printers are available for a variety of applications. These include copy shops and graphics companies as well as professional printers for large-format photo prints in laboratory quality. The DesignJet cartridges, which are used according to different requirements

• six HP Vivid Photo Inks
• eight HP Vivid Photo Ink or HP Photo Ink
• Twelve HP photo inks

Photo printers for medium-sized businesses

HP DesignJet medium and corporate photo printers use six DesignJet ink cartridges with pigmented Vivid Photo inks. Depending on the printer model, the six DesignJet cartridges are filled with different colors of the Vivid Photo Inks. The different compositions of the colors consist of cyan, magenta, yellow, two different blacks and red, as well as another shade of gray. Depending on the requirements, six DesignJet ink cartridges are assembled from these colors.

The photos and graphics printed out with the DesignJet cartridges show a high color intensity in a wide color gamut, providing a perfect reproduction of skin tones in their extensive bright shades and contrasting dark areas. The color prints with the color areas of six DesignJet printer cartridges with Vivid Photo Inks have an excellent wipe and abrasion resistance and get their color intensity over a period of 200 years without fading.

Photo printer for prepress

The professional, laboratory-quality photo printers address the needs of advertising agencies, professional photographers, design studios, and pre-press companies. These printers and their special printer supplies produce high-quality, gallery-quality fine art prints, photo enlargements, and a large number of high-quality print media.

The DesignJet ink cartridges used in these photo printers are also pigment-based, water-based inks, which are composed of a special formulation for printing high-quality photo printing. These inks are fast-drying and water-resistant, as well as robust against abrasion, while their color intensity is guaranteed over 200 years.

The DesignJet printer cartridges, which are used as a color system with eight or twelve inks in the respective printer model, contain in addition to the classic printing inks cyan, magenta and yellow two further blacks, one more cyan, magenta and gray, and red for the system with eight Inks and in addition for the system with twelve inks Green, Blue, GN and a gloss enhancer. The color system with eight DesignJet cartridges contains Hp Vivid photo inks, while the ink system with twelve DesignJet ink cartridges contains HP photo inks.

High-quality ink for professional printing - DesignJet ink cartridges

The manufacturer ensures its high quality for every single printout and on a large number of different substrates. HP guarantees the professional quality of its inks in the DesignJet ink cartridges, ensuring that every print job is immediately printed to error-free printing after ink cartridges are loaded into the printer, and the high reliability continues until the inks are consumed at the same level ,

The inks in the DesignJet printer cartridges, along with the equipment and other printer accessories, have been designed to handle a wide range of papers to meet the most exacting requirements, ensuring the best printing results for any industry.

For the Environment, Dispose of Ink Cartridges - HP will take back DesignJet cartridges

HP offers its customers a well-engineered recycling program to dispose of used ink cartridges and provide a reprocessing process to enable the production of environmentally friendly alternative printer cartridges, such as those offered by Prindo.