HP Photosmart

Although at first glance it looks like the HP Photosmart is just a photo printer, the bill is deceptive. The term "Photosmart" is just the brand name, since the HP Photosmart is a classic multifunction device. At these devices are available prints, but also a scanner, copier and sometimes a fax is on the HP Photosmart of the lot. What is important when buying this all-in-one device and which individual features are offered, we reveal on this page.

  • thermal inkjet printer
  • reduced energy consumption thanks to ENERGY Star
  • including ink when buying an original device
  • Multifunction device / all-in-one

The price of HP Photosmart devices

Often, printers that are sold as all-in-ones and contain many individual features are sold quite expensively. Fortunately, this is not the case with the HP Photosmart because the price is really limited on these devices. There are several HP Photosmart models, which is why the price for the printer from HP sometimes quite different. However, most printers are at about 100 €, although there are also deals that are in the hundreds of hundreds in the area.

Important: The ink or printer cartridge is usually directly with the purchase of a printer. This is usually an ink in black, yellow, magenta and cyan. This means that the first cartridge does not have to be bought extra, so that a higher price justifies itself and you can save depending on the offer even something.

Incidentally, you can also save by using a previous model version of a printer. It does not always have to be the most expensive model. It's also worth taking a look at the old versions (for example, the HP Photosmart 7510 as an all-in-one device for less than $ 100, while the newer HP Envy Photo 7830 costs over $ 100).

Compatible printer cartridges for the HP Photosmart

When choosing an HP Photosmart printer cartridge, customers have the option of choosing an original or an alternative product. An original ink cartridge always comes from the appropriate manufacturer, in this case from HP. The printer cartridge is 100% compatible, so there are no problems with this printer cartridge and the quality leaves nothing to be desired. However, there are also alternative products that are bought by the customers mainly because of the price.

This is the case with the HP Photosmart, but also with all other printers of many brands (for example HP OfficeJet or HP Deskjet). Even these "counterfeited" cartridges are compatible with the corresponding printer if they have been selected correctly and are suitable for these printer models.

Customers should be sure that their respective model is listed in the list that is described as appropriate. Thus, the alternative printer cartridge replaces the usually more expensive original cartridges and can print as many pages. The quality can be a bit lower depending on the ink cartridge, but who usually only makes simple black prints, for which a cheap cartridge from another manufacturer may be worthwhile. Especially with very many printouts, ink cartridges and also toner go into the money quickly, therefore, with all devices (HP Photosmart, HP Deskjet, HP OfficeJet etc.) advised to compare the prices and to weigh whether an original cartridge could be replaced.

Important: The best print quality awaits you as a customer at the original manufacturer, ie directly at HP. If, on the other hand, you want to buy a printer cartridge as cheaply as possible and save a bit, then it makes sense to look at the alternative cartridges from other manufacturers. This is especially useful if you do not need first-class quality (for example, for application documents), but rather print a lot of printouts in the office or general printouts (notes, meeting materials, etc.) and therefore quality plays a rather subordinate role.

Which series is recommended?

As with any printer series, the HP Photosmart also offers a variety of series. A series is usually to be understood as a kind of "generation", which brings different characteristics. This is also the case with the HP Deskjet, HP OfficeJet and many other HP devices.

Offered are e.g.:

  • a 5000,
  • but also 6000s
  • and 7000 series

In many cases, the HP Photosmart is not only equipped with a print function, but also offers a scanner, copier and sometimes also a fax machine. Here customers have to consider which functions are suitable and necessary (fax, photo, scan, etc.) and how important it is to save a bit on the printer. It is also important to keep an eye on prices for the ink cartridge in advance, so that customers will not be surprised later on when it comes to the cost of cartridge / toner.

Connection between printer and computer

In most cases, the HP Photosmart is easily connected via wireless, which means that a Wi-Fi connection is established between the computer and the printer. If a wireless connection is not possible, the HP printer can of course also be connected commercially via a LAN cable. Alternatively, the printouts can be transferred to the printer via USB stick. In summary, as a manufacturer, HP offers enough options to start printing and connect to HP's all-in-one device.

FAQ for the HP Photosmart

If your answers to your questions are not yet in the upper range, the following may be more appropriate for you. We would like to refer you to the following FAQ, which is dedicated to the special HP printer.

What is the difference with the HP Deskjet or HP OfficeJet?

The HP Photosmart is especially suitable for the private sector and offers good value for money and qualitative prints. For the office and business everyday life but rather the printers HP Deskjet and HP OfficeJet are designed.

Is special software required and will this be included?

The required software (HP Photo Creations Software) is supplied directly with the printer.

What is delivered?

For the HP Photosmart, it all depends on which model you have chosen - depending on other things are included or the content is variably set up. By default, of course, the HP Photosmart printer itself included. In addition, a printer cartridge, the original and compatible. The content also includes the appropriate cables (power cable and power adapter, but also telephone cable). Often, the HP Photosmart also includes a bag that carries all the accessories content.

Is there a money back guarantee

It depends on where you buy the HP Photosmart. HP may offer a money-back guarantee in certain cases, but unfortunately we can not make any general statements.

How many years does the warranty apply?

In general, HP only provides a three-year warranty if the user registers on the HP website and uses a special offer. The standard warranty on the HP Photosmart is usually one year.

What are the special features of the HP Photosmart devices?

Depending on which model you choose, the device is an all-in-one device. This means that you can not only print, but also scan, copy and even fax. Also Airprint, WLAN, USB, up to 4,800 x 1,200 DPI and other functions are often included.