Lexmark printer cartridges - a success story in the printer industry

The American company Lexmark has so far demonstrated its strengths in the production of low-cost laser printers and multifunction printers with the complementary printer accessories and consumables. In addition, the company offers competent services in the print area with maintenance and advice.

After many years of commitment to laser printing, Lexmark introduced Vizix, a newly developed and high-performance inkjet printing technology series with Vizix ink cartridges, in 2009, and continued to develop its ink technology.

The Science of Ink - Lexmark printer cartridges

As cornerstones of its inks, Lexmark names the criteria technology, ecology, security and synergy. Lexmark printer cartridges are the result of many years of professional development work that blends in perfectly with the process of printing. The main work in the output of a print job is done by the Lexmark printer cartridges.

The most important component in any Lexmark ink cartridge is the high-resolution printhead, in addition to the outstanding ink characteristics of its color intensity and color variety, durability and durability. The printhead, as the key part of the printing process, is precisely engineered by Lexmark in a mature engineering job.

The brain of the printhead forms the chip, which consists of a diced silicon wafer. The silicon wafer is developed in microscopic units on high performance computers as in the planning of the streets of a city by means of hundreds of reproductions. Each printhead contains a nozzle plate. The nozzles and ink channels are directed directly into the nozzle plate, using the same laser technology to construct the printhead that is currently used in many microscopic medical applications.

The machining process produces nozzle holes that have an extremely small passage at about one-seventh the diameter of a human hair. The printhead thus produced contains up to 640 nozzles in the black Lexmark ink cartridge and up to 480 nozzles in the color cartridge. These extremely small nozzles are the key to controlling the size and direction of ink droplets. Popular Lexmark printer cartridges, filled with Lexmark's patented ink, are designed to produce very small ink droplets that are accurately placed.

Each element of Lexmark printer cartridges is designed to work with the other technical components of the print. Upon receipt of the print command, events within the small printhead in the Lexmark printer cartridges are ramped. Several electrical pulses trigger heating of the ink within a fraction of a second. As the ink heats up, it is under a very high vapor pressure, which is nearly 975 meters below sea level.

The vapor pressure spreads and compresses the ink like a piston, shooting it through the nozzle onto the paper in fractions of a second. Up to 1120 nozzles can operate simultaneously in any combination during printing to put their ink on the paper. The ink chamber refills within a blink of an eye and provides the printhead for further use.

Vizix Ink Technology - Vizix Lexmark Printer Cartridges

The Vizix ink technology, which helped Lexmark breakthrough into the inkjet printing business, has several outstanding components:

• Excellent print quality
• High speed
• Reliability
• Efficiency

The Vizix technology

Patented Vizix ink technology has been carefully researched and developed by Lexmark to be used in inkjet printers to produce high-quality image, graphics and text printing. Vizix refers to all of Lexmark's inkjet technology, based on Lexmark printer cartridges that do not use a printhead in their cartridges.

The printheads remain with the Vizix technology in the printing device. The Vizix Lexmark printer cartridges consist of single tanks for each ink containing ink with dyes. The dye ink consists to a large part of a specially composed liquid in which the dyes are chemically dissolved. The fine nozzles of the printheads are clogged by the perfectly flowing ink, because the dyes of the Vizix Lexmark printer cartridges do not sediment and thus do not agglomerate or settle after printing.

The printhead, which is permanently installed in the printer, improves the precision of the nozzles used to squeeze the ink, providing astonishing accuracy in the placement of each drop of ink in both text and image. The print head in the print device is also constructed larger and reduces the printing time. It has a high stability and achieves the life of the printer.

Excellent print quality

The Vizix technology with its specially designed Lexmark printer cartridges brings images in sharp focus, crisp text with excellent readability and photos of high color intensity and brilliance. The individual drops of ink that are applied to the paper during the print job are positioned particularly precisely and consistently in Vizix ink technology.

High speed

The print output is considerably accelerated and achieves black-and-white printing up to 33 pages per minute and in color printing up to 30 pages per minute. The printing of photos, which are created in the standard format 10 x 15 cm, takes only 24 seconds. Due to the high speed of production of the printed matter, Vizix technology with its Lexmark printer cartridges is ideal for use in the professional printing sector as well as for long runs, permanent printing and very high print volumes.


The reliability of printing with Vizix Lexmark printer cartridges is guaranteed from the first page after loading them into the printer until the ink is used completely. The printing is done in a quality-proof consistency without misprints to the last page. The stable print output and smooth operation of Vizix Lexmark printer cartridges effectively saves the consumption of printer supplies such as paper and ink, as well as the use of energy and work time. As a result, users of Vizix technology not only benefit from excellent cost control, but also reduce and stabilize ongoing operating costs for printing.


Thanks to the single-tank technology only those colors are replaced, which are actually used up. The ink of the three printer colors cyan, magenta and yellow as well as black is each housed in a separate printer cartridge. The pressure with individual tanks is not only user-friendly, but also extremely economical. The three colors and the black cartridge are inserted one at a time into the printer and replaced independently of the other ink cartridges.

Thus, those inks that are rarely used in printing and are consumed very slowly, such as yellow, are not replaced with commonly used and rapidly used ink cartridges, such as magenta, but remain in the printer until their tank is empty is. This not only means that the individual ink cartridges are cheaper to buy, but saves ink and costs. All Vizix print systems use the same system of Vizix Lexmark printer cartridges, making it much easier for the customer to use.

The latest development of Lexmark printer cartridges - Evercolor

The most recent development in Lexmark ink technology is the "Evercolor" formula, which prints with intense colors in long-lasting durability and high resistance to fading. Color prints, graphics, and photos produced with Evercolor Lexmark printer cartridges have a lifetime that lasts for several generations before the color begins to fade to a minimum when used with Lexmark printer supplies.