Paper jam in the printer

Does your printer often or constantly jam? In the following article we would like to show you the causes as well as some solution steps.

Paper jams are caused by, among other things:

  1. Paper that has not been inserted correctly into the tray.
  2. Defective or dirty rollers.
  3. Damp, kinked or torn paper.
  4. Different paper types/thicknesses were placed in the feeder.
  5. A previous printout has been stowed away in the printer and is difficult to see.
  6. The paper path is blocked by a foreign object.
  7. Too much paper has been loaded into the paper tray.

Turning the Printer Off and On Again

  1. Switch off the printer by pressing the corresponding power button.
  2. Wait about one minute.
  3. Then switch on the printer again and wait for the standard warm-up period.
  4. Now test whether the problem has been solved by printing any test page.

Make sure that the print carriage is working properly.

  1. Please open the access flap to the ink cartridges.
  2. The cartridge carriage will now usually move automatically to the center of the unit.
  3. It is important that you now disconnect the printer from the power supply.
  4. Now you can safely search for foreign objects that could block the cart.
  5. If there is anything that does not belong there, remove it.
  6. After cleaning the area, the access flap can be closed again.
  7. Power your printer again and turn it on.
  8. Try printing.

Cleaning the rollers

  • Before you start cleaning, have the following ready:
    - A clean, lint-free cloth or a cloth that does not dissolve and leaves no fibres behind.
    - Distilled, filtered or bottled water (tap water may damage the unit)
    - Clean, lint-free cotton buds.
  • Switch off your printer completely and disconnect it from the power supply.
  • Grasp the right side of the duplex unit, slide it to the left, and then pull the duplex unit toward you.
  • Lightly moisten a clean, lint-free cloth with bottled or distilled water and wring the cloth out.
  • Press the cloth against the rollers and then turn them up with your fingers. Apply moderate pressure to remove dust and dirt deposits.
  • Moisten a cotton swab with distilled or bottled water and carefully clean the paper take-up roller.
  • After carefully cleaning all rollers, allow to dry completely.
  • Now put the complete unit back into the printer.
  • Print a test page.