Philips Toner

Philips Toner, the in-house product of the company, is in good company with pioneering technological innovations from Philips. The Compact Cassette with its cassette recorder was introduced in 1963. Four years later, color television was introduced, for which Philips produced the color picture tubes. From the company's Aachen research laboratory comes the FM ferrite antenna, which was followed by energy-saving fluorescent lamps in the 1980s, and finally in 1982 the compact disc, which emerged from a development cooperation between Philips and Sony.

In the medical field, the breakthrough in MRI tomography can be traced back to Philips. Quality of Philips can be found in all products of the manufacturer and so also in the toner cartridge.

Philips Toner - high-quality printer accessories with uncomplicated handling

Designed specifically for use in Philips' various laser printing devices and produced in a formula best suited to the device, the Philips toner offers its customers a high degree of reliability in the printing process. By inserting the toner cartridge in the multifunctional fax, in the multifunction printer or in the other output device, the first page is already output error-free. The high quality level without misprints is stably maintained until the toner cartridge is consumed.

This not only saves working time by eliminating repetitions of printing input, but also consumables such as paper and toner, and above all, energy. The use of Philips toner in the printer output device not only achieves optimal printing performance, but also stabilizes the economy in terms of printing and clearly controls the ongoing operating costs and reduces them over the long term. Even longer printing times without printing operation, the Philips toner bridges without loss of quality and prints the first page after a long break reliably error-free.

Print quality - Philips Toner

Documents printed with the Philips toner have excellent quality in print and text image with high color intensity and deep black. Color prints with the Philips toner show an extensive color palette with neatly executed details and a balanced color application. In text printing, the Philips toner impresses with its intense black finish, which cleanly separates the individual characters and provides a clear contrast to the white of the paper.

Texts printed with Philips toner have excellent readability, which is guaranteed even with so-called difficult fonts, such as script fonts, ornamental fonts or fracture fonts. Small font heights copes with the Philips toner as well as dense texts or very long running texts. Edges, contours and edges are dispensed with the Philips toner without tearing, fraying or dirty lines. The toner application leaves no toner residue, toner powder or streaks and provides high-quality documents for professional use thanks to its precise operation.

Philips Toner guarantees the printing of images and graphics as well as in text printing a color and detail-faithful reproduction and stands for the printing of high quality printed matter of excellent quality. The high print quality is reliably performed permanently on a very stable level and shows no loss in the print image during the entire life of the toner cartridge.

Stability that convinces - Philips Toner

Not only is the toner powder of the Philips toner of reliable quality, the toner cartridge is also processed with high quality materials under strict quality controls and extremely stable. The case of the toner cartridge is very practical, so that the used toner cartridge is removed quickly and easily and the new one is just as easy to use. The sturdy housing ensures that no toner powder escapes from the toner cartridge during printing and the paper is ejected from the printer without contamination.

The high reliability in the stability of the toner housing also guarantees a high level of protection for the printing device, whose fine mechanics is spared by smeared toner powder without smudging, clogging or clumping. The high reliability of the toner cartridge is transferred directly to the printing device, which is protected in the long term without soiling and requires only a minimum of maintenance and no need for repair.

At the end of the result chain are cost savings that have an extremely economic impact on operating costs. Documents printed with Philips toner have a very good resistance to harmful environmental conditions and are resistant to UV radiation and moisture.

The construction of the toner cartridge - Philips Toner

The majority of Philips toner cartridges are designed with the toner cartridge and drum unit in one unit. Once the toner powder is used up and users have to dispose of the toner, the drum unit is also replaced and replaced with the new toner cartridge. The toner cartridge and drum unit are different consumables and perform different functions during the printing process. Both components are indispensable for important tasks during the printing process.

The toner cartridge contains the toner powder that is transferred to the paper in the form of images, graphics and texts when printed. As the toner powder runs out, the entire toner cartridge is replaced with the drum unit.

The drum unit performs the task of transferring the toner powder to the paper. The printing device thereby applies the toner powder on a photosensitive drum, which is located within the drum unit. This finally transfers the powder to the paper, where it is melted, pressed and fixed with heat and pressure. The construction of the all-in-one toner cartridge has several advantages:

• Slim pressure device
• Maintenance of the printing device
• Economics of operating costs

Slim printer with Philips Toner

The all-in-one toner cartridge from Philips installs the drum unit with all its mechanical components in the toner cartridge and not in the printer. This makes the printer leaner in design and easier to assemble, and can be made available at a lower cost. The pressure equipment is less sensitive due to its sleeker construction and thus less prone to repairs. Also, the maintenance of the pressure output device, which has no drum unit, is less complicated and associated with less effort.

Maintenance of the printing device with Philips Toner

By regularly renewing the drum unit, which is a crucial component for printing, the printing equipment is constantly being fitted with a new and perfectly functioning mechanical printer accessory, significantly improving and stabilizing its functionality and life. The ongoing upgrade of the printing device not only extends the life of the device noticeably, it also minimizes its repair requirements and thus provides a significant cost advantage.

Economics of operating costs with Philips Toner

Continuous maintenance of the unit by renewing the drum unit prevents component wear, ensuring consistent print speed and reliable print quality with no misprints, as well as energy-saving and environmentally friendly printing. The ongoing operating costs for printing are significantly stabilized by the ongoing replacement of the drum unit and significantly reduced in the long term.

Philips Toner for the environment

To dispose of used toner, the toner cartridges can be returned to the manufacturer Philips. Upon receipt of the printer supplies used, the toner cartridges are transferred to the recycling process, where they are used, among other things, for the reprocessing and production of compatible toner cartridges. Reputable alternative toner manufacturers such as Prindo use, among others, also used Philips toner cartridges for the production of environmentally friendly and inexpensive rebuilt toner.