Prindo – a genuine alternative!

By purchasing our company brand Prindo you get a verified, alternative product “made in Europe” at a fair price from an expert company with more than 15 years experience in the ink and toner segment.

The Prindo brand has the whole package a good product needs:

  • High quality:
Selected European manufacturers
  • Bargain prices:
50% to 80% lower costs per page print
  • Long warranty:
3 years warranty
  • A wide range of products:
More than thousand inks and toners
  • Eco-friendly production:
Resource sparing green tech

Our philosophy is simple:
Printing quality and productiveness are no less than in genuine cartridges.

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Unlike cheap Asian clones Prindo uses reengineered and refilled genuine cartridges. All wearing parts are being thoroughly examined and replaced if necessary. Then the cartridge is filled with compatible premium ink or toner and sealed. The especially with the printer model aligned ink or toner warrants optimized results over an extended timespan.

In this way the consumer gets an environmentally friendly cartridge that is true to the original – at a fraction of the regular price.

Quality standards:

Prindo is being manufactured exclusively for us, so we can influence the entire production process. To warrant high-quality prints blackness, running performance, ink and toner adhesion, image and resilience are being carefully tested. Our products are being examined according to guidelines STMC DIN and DIN 33870. The compatible cartridges are designed to constantly warrant a crystal clear, clean printed image, are smudge-resistant and in compatibility with the print head and components of your device.

So what’s the difference here?

It’s the result that counts – as long as the way to get there is environmentally friendly and fair. And just that is Prindo! We set great store by a fair relationship with our suppliers and also continuously observe their environmental balance. This enables us to label our products Prindo with pride. Prindo – fair, economic and reliable.

Measured by the price per liter, printing ink is one of the dearest liquids in the world. That makes comparing prices a worthwhile task.The premium standard in our compatibles is the result of an uncompromising exchange of all relevant parts with high grade replacements while processing premium quality raw materials. We consider the environment. The elaborate work stages are effected in a resource sparing process.

Using high quality Prindo inks and toners you gain a reliable alternative to genuine products and save between 50% and 80% per page print.


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