Remove Toner

The toner runs out? Do not panic: spilled toner powder can be quickly and thoroughly disposed of if you use caution and follow a few basic rules.

Remove glitches on the toner - not uncommon

Remove the empty toner cartridge, unwrap and insert new toner: this is the classic situation for small and large misadventures with the toner powder. Sometimes a last remnant of toner powder dissolves from the old cartridge, sometimes there are problems with inserting the new ones. It can be particularly tricky for users who try to fill their used toner cartridge with cheap toner powder: What looks like a clever savings at first sight, can all too easily end in disaster. Because contamination by toner powder requires special care - and can not be eliminated by the usual means.

Not! The biggest mistakes when removing toner

  • First take a deep breath? D rather not.
    You're welcome to do that when you run out of ink - toner is not a good idea. Because toner particles are tiny and harmful in quantities. But it is not a disaster if you have accidentally inhaled toner: The particles only hurt after prolonged regular inhalation of health.

  • Use the old vacuum cleaner? Attention!
    Before you begin to absorb toner powder, make sure your vacuum cleaner is equipped with a particulate filter. Because in a conventional filter, the powder does not hang, but is instead again atomized finely blown into the air.

  • Wash toner with hot water? No way!
    Hot water is the safest way to fix toner color on carpet and clothing in the long run, but also on the skin. Because toner reacts to heat: During printing, the resin particles contained in the powder melt and are permanently fixed on the paper. The same thing happens when you associate toner powder with hot water: The resin components melt already from 40 ° C.

  • Just sweep the toner? Does not bring much
    With a hand brush the tiny particles can not be completely removed by far. They hang in the hand brush and spread it even more evenly.

  • Scrub toner stains off? Go backwards
    Stay away, even if it's hard: With rubbing you work the color powder really thoroughly.

That's how it works! First aid with toner breakdowns

  • When toner lands on the floor
    A vacuum cleaner with fine dust filter (!) Can reliably absorb most of the powder - even if some toner has accumulated inside the printer. What the vacuum cleaner does not take, you can carefully push it with a cloth in a lockable bag. There are even special toner dusters that absorb the powder by electrostatic attraction.

  • When toner gets on carpet
    After the first cleaning with the vacuum cleaner, it may be useful to additionally clean the carpet with cold water and neutral detergent or carpet shampoo. You should not rub with the cloth under any circumstances, otherwise you massage the toner powder even deeper into the carpet fibers!

  • If toner is on clothing
    It is often advised to knock the powder out of clothing first. However, you knock the toner directly into the ambient air - not a good idea! It is better to use a vacuum cleaner with a fine dust filter. Subsequently, the remainders can then be pre-treated with a suitable stain remover without pressure and be cleaned in the machine or by hand in the cold-washing cycle.

  • If you have toner on your hands
    Wash your hands under running cold water, preferably with detergent. If it is not possible to remove all paint, you can scrub vigorously with a nail brush.

Toner tips so that it does not even come to breakdowns

Those who concentrate on using toner and remain cautious can prevent many mishaps. Of course, this concerns especially the replacement of the cartridges in the laser printer. It should go without saying that the toner is stored in its protective original packaging until then. To store toner correctly, see Store Toner. For those who, despite known risks, want to replenish loose toner powder themselves, an old work coat and disposable gloves are of course a must!