Sharp Toner

The product portfolio of the Japanese electronics company turned in the late 80s of the 20th century, the development and production of printers, multifunction devices and printer accessories and thus the toner. In the field of printing technology, Sharp focuses primarily on laser printing technology in black and white and color printing.

Because Sharp printers and MFPs are designed to print larger volumes of print, the technology and capabilities of the printing equipment are targeted primarily at offices and businesses, as well as medium and large enterprises. Sharp's printing machines are characterized by their high printing precision and the economy of Sharp toner consumption as well as their very high printing speeds.

The peculiarities of Sharp Toner

• Flexibility
• Price
• Environment
• Economics recommendation

Sharp Toner - flexibility in technology

Sharp toners are designed to work in a variety of printer models, making toner handling as easy and simple as possible for companies using different printers. Companies working with a network of Sharp printing devices can create supplies of Sharp toner that can be used to easily populate the various devices.

The economy of the customer in view - the price

A major component in the operating expenses of many companies is the cost of printing with associated energy and maintenance costs. Since Sharp primarily caters to the needs of businesses and businesses, the manufacturer's printing devices and printer supplies are designed to minimize the cost of printing.

Not only for the investment in the equipment, the manufacturer offers a fleet with an attractive price-performance ratio, also the follow-up costs for printing considered the company Sharp with circumspection by using as much as possible in the production of their Sharp toner and other printer accessories low cost design taking into account various options, without compromising on quality. Sharp toners are available for the various pressure equipment in small and large quantities, in order to serve all requirements in such a way that they can be implemented economically sensibly. The housings of the Sharp toner cartridges are smaller and lighter designed than conventional toner cartridges from other manufacturers.

This feature not only favors minimization of packaging material, but also eases transportation and storage. Minimizing packaging material requires less raw material, finishing and processing, while improving transport characteristics reduces energy consumption and minimizes storage costs. By optimizing the marginal components of its product, the manufacturer is afforded a favorable pricing. The economical consumption of the Sharp toner additionally benefits the economic design of the ongoing operating costs.

Designed for the environment - Sharp Toner

As Sharp shrinks the cartridge for its toner, minimizes the packaging material and uses less raw materials for the production of its toner cartridge and also less energy for finishing and processing, the environment is also relieved and spared. The reduction of transport costs and the associated savings in environmentally harmful substances benefit the environment. Consumption of the Sharp toner in its consumption also contributes to the protection of the environment, since the savings in consumables also result in relief in production with all its effects relevant to the environment.

Recommendation of the manufacturer to save on Sharp Toner

Print documents that are used internally can be printed in draft mode by Sharp print devices. This noticeably reduces the consumption of toner powder, as when printed in the draft mode, a very low resolution is output with a correspondingly low density of inking. The widely scattered toner application consumes significantly less toner than the densely applied print image of high-quality documents.

The pressure in the draft mode also consumes much less energy due to its higher speed and also lowers the corresponding energy costs. In addition, toner can be saved when multi-page documents are printed in duplex printing for internal use. If these recommendations are followed for sparing use of the Sharp toner in medium and large companies, noticeable savings in the ongoing operating costs for printing can be achieved.

Sharp Toner - technology that is in the powder

In laser printing technology, the toner powder is attracted to the exposure drum by means of electrical charging and then transferred to the paper. On the paper, the toner powder is heated by a heating roller and melted to be simultaneously pressed by the pressure of the upper heating and a lower pressure roller firmly on the paper and connected to it.

Then the paper is pushed out of the printer and the toner cools and hardens. The temperature of the heating drum in the printing device is exactly matched with the so-called melting point of the toner. The heating drum must heat up to the exact temperature at which the toner melts, while the toner must change its state of aggregation from solid to liquid exactly as it passes through the heating drum, and then cool and harden again within a precisely calculated period of time. All components in the printing process are precisely matched to each other, so that a high-quality print image is output.

Sharp toner has a lower melting point than common toner from other manufacturers. The lowering of the melting point is based on a special chemical recipe in the toner, with which the individual components of the toner powder are put together. The low melting point of the Sharp toner has several effects, with which it recommends itself for its use:

• Power consumption
• Pressure device
• Print media
• Print speed
• further processing

Reducing energy consumption with Sharp Toner

Since the printing device is set to the low melting point of the toner powder and heats its heating drum to a lower temperature, less energy is used and consumed in this process. Since the paper is also transported in less time and ejected from the printer, the operating time for the pressure and the associated energy consumption is shorter.

Sharp Toner protects the printer

The lowering of the melting point causes a lower operating temperature in the printer during the printing process and at the same time a shorter operation per side and thus protects the fine mechanism of the printing device, which is less stressed.

The large selection of print media

Due to the heat of printing in laser printing technology, the printing paper is also stressed. Therefore, only heat-resistant papers can be used in laser printing. For lower temperatures in printing, a larger number of paper types can be used. Lowering the melting point allows Sharp toner to print a wider range of papers.

High print speed with Sharp Toner

The low melting point causes the heating drum to be heated to a lower temperature. The time savings in heating the drum is transferred to the speed of the entire printing process, which is done in a much shorter time and allows fast printing of long runs.


After printing, the melted toner on the paper cools faster from the lower temperature and stiffens very quickly. Further processing of the print documents is possible with Sharp toner immediately after printing, making it suitable for commercial use in high-volume, permanent and large print jobs.