In order to work efficiently and well-organized in your office or home office, you are dependent on various office supplies. An office supply always depends on the work you need to do. Especially when space and storage options are limited, you should choose your office supplies cleverly and sustainably. In the Prindo Shop you will find all the office supplies you need for a smooth working day at the office or home office at reasonable prices.

What belongs to typical office supplies?

There are numerous office supplies articles that are very helpful for your work and will make things easier in the medium term. These include paper as well as copy paper in various thicknesses and formats, pads, adhesive notes, labels. But our customers can also buy special products such as document shredders, calculators, printer and computer accessories online.

Furthermore, filing systems of any kind are classic office supplies. While you can use folders for larger amounts of paper and documents, notebooks allow finer sorting and storage, so that you can find customer documents, for example, more quickly. In addition, staplers and folders have a much more compact format.

With office supplies from our shop, you can speed up various work processes and also benefit from greater efficiency.
Stamps with your contact details, for example, eliminate the need to write down information by hand and are therefore counted among the classic desk accessories, just like punches and adhesives.

Envelopes and mailing items in various formats are indispensable in every office. In principle, it is advisable not to commit yourself to one envelope format, but to always have a small selection of shipping items ready. In our shop you will find common office supplies articles for this purpose:

  • self-adhesive, adhesive and gummed envelopes,
  • Air cushion bags for sensitive shipping goods
  • Packing tapes in various thicknesses and lengths
  • Labels for franking your items

Our service for you:

You can order these articles from us online already in small quantities at low prices. This makes the Prindo Shop the right contact for small home offices as well.

What standard equipment do you need in your office?

The choice of office supplies is huge. To really benefit from the selected items, it is important that you limit yourself to the products you really need. There are some office supplies that are part of the standard equipment and therefore considered indispensable.

Paper, for example, is part of everyday office supplies and, in the form of photocopying paper, is usually used in varying quantities every day. Printer paper is available in various thicknesses and types. If you want to work in a particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly way, choose our Prindo environmental paper made from recycled materials. You can use printer paper not only for use in your printer. It can also be used for handicrafts and painting. Especially the sheets with a higher grammage are a practical all-rounder that can be used in many ways.

The choice of paper depends on what you want to print:

  • Simple printer paper is sufficient for printing documents and papers and for making copies. It is not quite as stable, so it can be pulled in by the machines without any problems.
  • If you're looking for paper for crafting and painting, use special paper. Stronger versions are more suitable. For handicrafts you can find monochrome tone and motif paper in our shop.
  • Photo paper is ideal for making high-quality prints. It is stronger and is offered with both a matt and glossy surface. The special paper composition ensures that the colours are shown to their best advantage.

Filing systems, hanging files, folders, binders and dividers are also an integral part of the standard office equipment. Every day, your office is filled with numerous records and documents, which you naturally need to keep safe and tidy. File folders help you to organise large quantities of documents. Using the appropriate tabs, you can divide the folders and ring binders so that individual documents can be identified more quickly. The folders available in the shop differ greatly in their features. So there are models with:

  • Lever mechanism
  • Edge protection
  • Excess width
  • Handle hole
  • Space-saving slot

Compared to staplers, folders offer a decisive advantage: you can expand them as you wish and always staple documents in the right place. Once set up, folders & desk folders make document filing much easier. In the long run, you will avoid nerve-racking searching.

An important component in the office is a document shredder. With it you can easily and safely destroy documents that you no longer need.

The right stationery for your office

In the office, matching stationery is also indispensable. Even if you do a lot of work electronically, handwritten notes are produced daily. For this you are dependent on the right writing utensils.

When choosing them, make sure that the pens are handy and of high quality. They must be easy to use and should not scratch. If you have to make a lot of notes by hand and want maximum comfort, gel rollers are a good choice. They are comfortable to hold and slide smoothly over the paper. Preferably use stationery where you can refill the refills and colours. In this way you protect the environment and also benefit from lower expenditure on your office supplies.

In the Prindo Shop you will find a large selection of different stationery. You can buy them individually or as a set. These include highlighters, fineliners, mechanical pencils, coloured pencils, ballpoint pens, whiteboard markers and other items.

Here, as with our Prindo Green articles, we are committed to environmental protection and want to offer you sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions. By selecting individual colours, you can choose and purchase stationery according to your specific needs.

When it comes to office supplies, one product should not be missing and that is coffee. That is why we have extended our service for you. We offer you various coffee specialities from different manufacturers. Whether as capsules, pods, whole or ground beans; with us you get your coffee at low prices - delivered quickly and easily.

Hygiene in the company

A very important aspect is the hygiene in a company. For this reason we have extended our range of products and offer you various hygiene products in addition to office supplies. These include: Disinfectants for hands and surfaces, hand washing soap, cleaning agents, toilet paper and other useful articles.

Our service for you:

If you would like to receive further products, please let us know. We will find a solution for you.