If you have a high print volume, you also need a lot of paper. Now, in addition to office supplies, inks and toners, you can also get the right multifunction paper from us. You can now conveniently organise your entire office routine from our range. We have expanded our range with paper. We now also offer photo paper, plain paper, thermal paper and multi-purpose labels. It is not easy to keep track of which paper is suitable for which use and for which printer type.

Multifunctional paper for different requirements

Different requirements demand different paper. Business letters and letters of application, for example, require high-quality paper, while assembly instructions and recipes for re-cooking, for example, are adequately served by standard paper.
Environmental or recycled paper is made from waste paper. There are different qualities and, depending on price and quality, it can have a fairly high degree of whiteness or simply be grey.

It is suitable for everyday printed matter and is suitable for laser and also inkjet printers. To make a particularly good impression on your business partners, coated laser printing paper is suitable. It has a particularly smooth surface and is therefore not suitable for inkjet printers. Also, some toners do not adhere ideally to coated laser printing paper, sometimes the ink crumbles off at the folded edge or can be scratched off. However, if printer and paper are perfectly matched, stunning results will be achieved and your business partners will be delighted.

Before purchasing larger quantities, you should first test whether the paper is suitable for your printer. Plain paper or copy paper can be used for all laser and inkjet printers. Although laser printers achieve better quality on plain paper, inkjet printers also produce good results on plain paper. Inkjet paper has a special surface that absorbs the ink. Inkjet paper has a special surface that absorbs the ink and produces a much better print quality with stronger, more lifelike colours. Under no circumstances should this paper be used with a laser printer, because the sensitive, special coating cannot withstand the heat.

Compared to normal copy paper, plain inkjet paper is almost identical in weight and thickness. Higher quality grades (High Quality Inkjet Paper) are usually thicker and heavier. Not all papers are suitable for double-sided printing. You should pay attention to this if you plan to print documents on both sides.