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In our online shop you can get original OCE printer cartridges and toner. Our selection includes inexpensive products with a guarantee of up to three years. Our search system displays a suitable selection of OCE printer cartridges and toners after entering the printer model.

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Buy cheap OCE printer cartridges, toners and compatible products from Prindo

The Dutch manufacturer of digital printing machines Océ sells a large range of high-performance laser printers, plotters and copiers for high-quality color and black and white prints. The OCE ColorWave series is well known. With these devices you can print large formats in color or black and white in excellent quality. In our online shop you will find a wide range of OCE cartridges, OCE toners and alternative toners compatible with the printers.

Order original OCE ink cartridges in the Prindo online shop

In our shipping you will receive various OCE printer cartridges for the common systems. The manufacturer's printers are used in the commercial sector. Large format printers as well as companies active in advertising technology mainly use Océ large format printers. At Prindo you will find original OCE printer cartridges that match the device. Combined with the high-quality printers and plotters, they enable an optimal printing result.

At Prindo you can order OCE cartridges for the following printer models:

  • OCE 2124,
  • OCE 2136,
  • OCE 2236,
  • OCE CS2436,
  • OCE CS2436MF ReproKiosk.

The original OCE printer cartridges enable lightfast, colorful prints. You get these in the colors:

  • Black,
  • Magenta,
  • Cyan,
  • Yellow.

Each cartridge has a capacity of 130 milliliters. This means that the OCE cartridges achieve a long range. With the original OCE products you benefit from printouts in brilliant colors with high intensity. Flyers and brochures are given a professional touch.

OCE toner for high quality printed products

Are you looking for the right toner for your OCE printer? At Prindo you will find black toners for these monochrome systems:

  • OCE 7050,
  • OCE 7055,
  • OCE 7056,
  • OCE TDS 300,
  • OCE TDS 320,
  • OCE TDS 400,
  • OCE TDS450 Premium Class,
  • OCE TDS600 Premium Class.

You can use them to produce high-quality black and white prints in professional quality. The OCE toners are available in a double pack with two toners with a content of 400 to 450 milliliters. You will also find items for large format printers from the OCE ColorWave series in our online shop. Examples are the OCE ColorWave 3500 and the OCE ColorWave 700. The original toners enable optimal large format prints and sophisticated graphics.

You receive printouts with fine details and infinitely variable fill. The devices and toners are suitable for dry, waterproof prints on uncoated material. Toners for the ColorWave series of printers refine plain paper with a semi-gloss finish thanks to CrystalPoint technology.

Compatible alternative products from Prindo for OCE printers

In addition to the original toners for OCE printers, you will also receive a selection of compatible alternative products. With these series you can choose from original and alternative toners:

  • OCE TDS 300
  • OCE TDS 320
  • OCE TDS 400
  • OCE TDS450 Premium Class
  • OCE TDS600 Premium Class

For series like OCE 9300 and OCE 9400 you get alternative toners.

You can find alternative toners using our search mask. Enter the manufacturer, series and printer. Prindo shows you the available products in a few seconds. Below you will find the original OCE toners as well as compatible Prindo toners, which impress with their price. They are up to 50 percent cheaper than original OCE toners.

Our alternative toners offer the same brilliant printing results. They are environmentally friendly because they are made from recycled original toners. Refurbished and filled with high-quality color powder, you master your task with flying colors. By using our compatible Prindo toners, the manufacturer's guarantee does not expire. The OCE printer cartridges offer excellent quality for razor-sharp black and white prints.

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