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In our online shop you can get printer cartridges and toners for your Telekom Fax devices. Our selection includes affordable products with a guarantee of up to three years. Our search system displays a suitable selection of printer cartridges and toners after entering the Telekom Fax device.

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Deutsche Telekom AG, headquartered in Bonn, is Europe's largest telecommunications company. For years it has been offering its own office equipment that can be easily integrated into everyday office work and make it easier. The large number of these devices - telecom fax machines and multifunctional devices based on laser and inkjet - use proven printing techniques. It is characterized by high performance and user friendliness. Matching the models of the T-Fax series from Telekom, you will find original consumables and affordable alternatives at Prindo.

Fast communication in the office with the T-Fax

PC, printer and fax machine are standard equipment in large offices and companies. Employees use them to transfer important documents such as contracts in a short time. Telekom's T-Fax printers offer a combination of functionality and flexibility. The individual devices shine through fast and high quality printouts. They have a rich variety of functions. Most of the Telekom fax machines are plain paper fax machines. The printing technology depends on the model.

Recommended fax series of the brand are:

  • T-Fax 30
  • T-Fax 31
  • T-Fax 2

The telecommunications company also offers MultiFax models such as the MultiFax 500 and MultiFax 700. You need printer cartridges or toner for the individual devices in the Telekom T-Fax series. Consumables are available from Prindo at attractive prices.

The original T-Fax ink cartridges and toners such as T-Fax 374l toner impress with their quality. They produce legible and neat prints and copies. Branded goods from other well-known manufacturers also fit into many models in the Telekom series. The original consumables for Telekom fax machines and printers go hand in hand with high purchase prices. For this reason, the printing costs are high. To reduce them, compatible toners for fax machines from Telekom are recommended at a low price.

Inexpensive alternatives to the cartridges and toner for the T-Fax

Inexpensive Prindo toners for the T-Fax series do not result in any loss of quality. The replicas are identical to the original products. The fax machines from Telekom work with the compatible consumables, as usual, reliably and with high quality. The large price savings do not affect the functionality of the products.

Prindo toners meet the current standards. They deliver high-quality printing results in strong black and brilliant colors. Compared to the original toners for the T-Fax series, the cost savings are up to 44 percent. To find the right printer cartridge or the right toner for Telekom Fax, pay attention to the part number of the compatible Prindo products. If it matches the number of the original, you will benefit from easy compatibility and quality at a bargain price.