There is a lot of paperwork in the office or home office. Business reports, contracts or project work are part of it. To get the important documents from the PC onto paper, a classic printer or a combination device is needed. Printers and scanners are among the essential components of office equipment. Some of them are used on a daily basis.

The right printer and scanner for documents and images

To ensure that documents and images are available in the highest quality, the performance and functionality of the equipment plays a role. Buyers can choose between numerous categories. Printers are divided into:

  • Inkjet printers with high printing speed
  • Laser printers with intensive colour brilliance
  • All-in-one devices with integrated scanner

Which model is the right choice depends on the area of use.

Inkjet printers are suitable for continuous use in the office. Laser printers are recommended for home users. The scanner is used to digitise documents or pictures. With both devices - printer and scanner - users benefit from high functionality.

Alternatively, scanners are available as separate office devices. In addition to the handy barcode scanner, there are flatbed scanners and classic document scanners. Due to the large selection, it is possible to find the right device for every requirement.