There is a comprehensive range of printer supplies in our online shop. Clean Office fine dust filters, which reduce exposure to fine dust, volatile carbon compounds, ozone, toluene and benzene, are popular. There are also spare parts for the printer such as a duplex unit. This enables double-sided printing without manual intervention. Paper cassettes expand the feed capacity. This means there is always enough printer paper for high print volumes.

What is a fine dust filter for?

Fine dust filters are suitable for laser printers, toner fax machines and copiers. You attach them to the air outlet to filter tiny fine dust particles. Particularly in small offices or in the home office, the use of the devices leads to a high level of fine dust pollution. Unfiltered, the harmful substances enter the bloodstream and organs via the respiratory tract. This leads to:

  • Allergies
  • deterioration of lung function
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Inflammation of the skin and eyes
  • Diseases of the heart and vascular system
  • tumour, heart and lung diseases

A supply of fine dust filters enables a good indoor climate, free of harmful substances. Good filters work in depth. They sift out the smallest particles. The change indicator lets you know exactly when a replacement is necessary. On average, fine dust filters last for one year or for up to 80,000 pages.

Odour and fine dust filters offer protection against fine dust as well as safety against volatile carbon compounds, ozone, toluene and benzene. The printer accessories reduce the unpleasant odour caused by aromas released by the laser printer. At the same time, they prevent drying out and irritation of the respiratory tract. Depending on the printing load, they last 6 to 12 months.

Xerox Solid Ink for ColorCubes

Solid ink is especially suitable for Xerox ColorCubes. The ColorStix ensure high printing reliability as well as optimal quality. The printer supplies enable vivid prints in brilliant colours on various media. The ink cartridges produce up to 90 percent less waste.

Why do you need a duplex unit?

Duplex units are suitable for automatic double-sided printing. By using the printer accessory, you avoid having to turn the page manually. Printing on both sides saves you time and resources. The elements are available as optional accessories. The HP Duplex unit supports printing of small formats such as postcards and photos.

Paper cassettes for a larger paper supply

At Prindo you will find a wide range of paper cassettes for different devices and manufacturers. They allow you to feed paper from 250 to 500 sheets (the size of a pack of printer paper). The accessories are used when the normal paper cassette is not sufficient for everyday tasks. With the printer accessories you expand the feeding capacity of the printer to keep manual intervention to a minimum. You can handle higher print volumes without frequent refilling of the printer paper.

Thermal transfer rolls for fax machines

Machines that use the thermal transfer process require special thermal transfer rollers. These are a coated film. The rolls come in two parts. They consist of the supply roll and the take-up roll. To apply the ink, the machine heats the areas to be printed under computer control. The ink melts at the appropriate spot on the film. It is document-proof. The rolls are used for fax machines as well as for label, barcode and tag printing. A stock of thermal transfer rolls ensures the smooth running of the company.