For the photo development is nowadays no longer the walk and photo studio necessary. Photo printers for home use take over this task without problems. This saves time and money, which is especially advantageous when many photos have to be ready for final use quickly. Many devices now print the photo prints in extremely high quality and accept orders from other access sources such as the camera or mobile phone in addition to the PC.

Photo printers are available in a wide variety of designs. The so-called multifunction printer is relatively common. Besides the regular print function on conventional paper, it also offers special printing for special formats such as envelopes, posters, CDs, DVDs, glossy paper or even photo paper.

Alternatively, there are also exclusive photo printers that work with special print media or sophisticated printing techniques for photo printing. Basically, not every device is equally powerful and there are sometimes big differences in handling and printing costs. For this reason, here is an overview of the most important information about photo printers.