In our online shop you will find a wide selection of scanners. With classic document scanners with a feeder, you can quickly digitise texts, graphics and images in batch format. Space-saving mobile devices that fit in any pocket are ideal for use on the move. For bound documents such as books or magazines, low-cost flatbed scanners are ideal. Models with high colour depth and resolution are suitable for photographers. For retail, we offer barcode scanners for one or two-dimensional barcodes.

Document scanners for quickly digitising your documents.

The scanners are suitable for digitising your images, graphics and texts. A sensor reads the data and converts it into a file in the desired format. Feed-in or desktop scanners with a high resolution of at least 600 × 600 dpi are common. Devices with which you scan single- or double-sided documents in A4 format at a speed of at least 30 to 60 pages per minute are practical. They process loose stacks at high speeds. This enables efficient, productive work at home or in the office. The "Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500" from our shop reads larger documents or envelopes by switching to manual scanning. With a special device, the scanner makes it easier to capture receipts for the tax authorities.

Mobile document scanners are an alternative to stand-alone devices. With the "Epson B11B241401" you can capture and process your texts and images with ease. These types of scanners have a compact design. This makes them suitable for carrying in your bag or stowing in your drawer. They can be used in private and commercial areas. You use them for occasional scanning tasks that do not require high resolution.

Flatbed scanners for scanning books and bound documents

Use them to digitise single sheets and bound documents such as books, magazines and passports that you cannot scan with a traditional document scanner with a feeder. Flatbed scanners are suitable for processing your texts, images and documents. They can also process slides and negatives. To use them, place the original on the flat glass plate. High-quality devices have a practical automatic document feeder (ADF) and a duplex function.

The high-quality scanner "Canon 2995C010" convinces with its simple operation. Compared to document scanners, it is cheaper in price. The device offers high-resolution scans with a large 48-bit colour depth for home or office use. This allows intensive post-processing of the images without colour loss. Network scanners are recommended for large companies and offices. The "HP ScanJet Pro 4500 fn1" from our range offers fast double-sided scanning with a daily volume of up to 4,000 pages.

Barcode scanner for reading barcodes or barcodes

To scan barcodes and barcodes from goods and products, you need a barcode scanner. Hand-held scanners have a scanning field. They use infrared to read the data on the bars (barcodes). The devices are preferably used in the retail trade. The one-dimensional codes contain information about the price and product description of the goods. They consist of the bar code and an EAN code with 13 digits. By scanning with this type of scanner, you can make your work processes more efficient because you no longer have to type in the digits. At the same time, you remain informed about the current stock in the warehouse.

Two-dimensional codes are so-called QR codes. You can read them with special barcode scanners with cameras (2-D imagers). They are suitable for scanning mobile tickets, coupons or digital wallets from smartphones. Devices that capture both linear and 2D barcodes are practical. You can find suitable products from Honeywell and Zebra in our online shop.