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The Californian company first appeared on the market in 1958 as an embossing manufacturer. Today, DYMO is a group with an international reach. In the 1990s, it expanded its product portfolio to include electronic marking systems. Since then, they have been the company's largest internal business unit. Dymo's label printers impress with their extensive features.

In addition to integrated keyboards, LCD displays and various formatting functions facilitate operation. The labelers, such as the DYMO label printer S0969000, connect you directly to the computer or to the WLAN network. Like its predecessor models, it shines with a resolution of 300 dpi.

The manufacturer's label printers score points with their integrated automatic cutters, easy handling and built-in battery. You can order an original DYMO label tape to go with the device.

A dream team: Label printer with an original DYMO label tape

DYMO labels are distinguished by their durability and affordable price. With little effort, you can organize your files in the office and at work. They give your office furniture a professional look. The manufacturer's range of office supplies and labeling systems includes

  • Embossed labels
  • LT Plastic labels
  • IND Vinyl Labels
  • D1 High performance permanent polyester strap
  • D1 high performance belts

An original DYMO labeling tape is an essential accessory for keeping your papers in order. The majority of the US company's designs are made of durable plastic. One of the most popular color combinations is black on white. Alternatively, you can select the marking tapes in:

  • Black on yellow
  • Black on transparent
  • Red on white
  • White on red
  • White on black
  • White on blue
  • White on green
  • Black on grey

Other background colours are violet, brown and various neon shades. In addition to the classic colour ribbon, multi-coloured label tapes are also available. Among others, these are white label tapes with a coloured header in:

  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red

You can print individual terms and short descriptions on the high quality font tape in razor-sharp quality. The width of the labels ranges from six to 24 millimetres. While the narrower versions of DYMO can be used to label binders or staplers, you can use wide ribbons for cabinet organization. With their help, you can transform your office cabinet into a practical and efficient sorting system.

If you want a clean, high-quality print result, we recommend combining DYMO label printers with the manufacturer's original consumables. To get the best quality, order only from specialist retailers like Prindo.

The company handles the distribution and shipping of original products that match your existing labeling systems. The integration enables good and fast performance and trouble-free operation of the label printers. If you equip the devices with the appropriate labeling tapes, you benefit from a long service life.

High quality and flexible use of DYMO labels

DYMO label tapes are distinguished by their high quality. The majority of the marking tapes are:

  • oil-resistant
  • chemical resistant
  • heat- and cold-resistant
  • water-repellent
  • UV-resistant

You'll also find DYMO labels that are resistant to external influences and abrasion. These are used outdoors or in the warehouse.

Save money smartly: Buy DYMO labeling tape from Prindo

Choose original Dymo labels, and benefit from their long durability and crisp, sharp print in black or white. Prindo's online store offers a wide range of font and ink ribbons for DYMO label printers and other labeling systems.

You can easily enter the model name of your label printing in our search mask. We will display the matching products clearly arranged in seconds. In addition to labels, the online shop offers printer paper, dot-matrix printers and multifunction printers. If there are several models, you will get an overview of the Prindo alternative solutions. These offer you manufacturer quality at a bargain price.

How do DYMO label printers work?

Label printers print fixed or custom labels on paper or self-adhesive materials. They help you organize your office life without having to do any labeling yourself. High-quality DYMO label printers let you print durable and neatly labeled labels in no time. They can be connected to your computer via a USB interface or WLAN network.

The label printers work as direct thermal label printers or using a ribbon. The former require a high level of heat to generate the print. Use label material with a heat-resistant surface layer. This layer contains the ink particles. The material releases them as the ribbon passes under the heated dots on the printer head.

Direct thermal label printing is used when you want to print labels that remain legible for a long time, but where print quality is less important. Accordingly, you use the technology to print labels for shipping, for example.

Furthermore, label printers work with a color ribbon. Depending on the manufacturer, this is available in different lengths, widths, and color versions. The color is located on the labeling tape. On a classic black-and-white printer, it is black. CMYK colours are used on a colour label printer. As soon as the label roll hits the ribbon, the dots heated in advance transfer the colour particles.

The warm areas of the ribbon prove to be soft and viscous. This makes it easier to apply them to the DYMO label stock. The technique allows for even and fast label printing.

How and where are DYMO label printers used?

DYMO label printers are used in a variety of applications, which we'll discuss in more detail below.

Printing labels for shipping

Primarily companies with an online shop need label printers to prepare their goods for dispatch quickly and efficiently. High-quality labels last long and are easy to read, so that the delivery reaches the recipient without any problems.

Printing instructions and labels

For products without operating instructions or indicative packaging, labels help to provide the necessary information. Since they can replace packaging material, they offer the following savings potentials:

  • Time
  • Material costs
  • Place in warehouse

The printed labeling protects household chemicals from being misused and thus from dangerous accidents. Labels can also be used for price identification or barcodes.

Labelling folders and documents in the office

With a label printer combined with the DYMO labeling tape, you can organize your workspace clearly. You can use the labels to label folders, files and documents. At a glance, you know at a glance to which case or file cabinet the documents belong. In the warehouse, it's a good idea to label on the filing cabinets to keep track of the products or materials stored.

Use labels in the private sector

In the household, long-lasting labels are suitable for labelling preserving jars or storage boxes, for example. Alternatively, you can label books with your name or create a clearly arranged sorting system in the tool cabinet.

Is there an alternative to the original DYMO labeling tape?

In the future, Prindo will offer affordable alternatives to the original lettering tapes from various manufacturers. The labels are made of high-quality material and convince in black and white and in color with their durability and high quality. They score points with their good price-performance ratio.

The consumable material is inexpensive to purchase. In comparison to the original products this means an impressive price saving. Other advantages are the Prindo quality standard and the sustainability aspect. To protect the environment, the company sells recycled paper with the "Blue Angel" eco-label, for example. In the Prindo online shop you will find original labeling tapes and alternative products from other manufacturers such as Brother.