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For your Brother printer to work reliably, you can't leave anything to chance. We offer you high-quality original cartridges. In addition you can make real bargains with our inexpensive alternatives prindo cartridges. The whole thing happens without any risk, because you get a three-year warranty. You do not have to wait long for our delivery, because you benefit from 24h express delivery. Now choose your printer model and we will suggest you the suitable Brother printer cartridges.

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How do I recognize original Brother replacement cartridges?

Today you can easily distinguish an original from a fake. Since 2012, Brother has been working with chiped cartridges. Since no chip had to be decoded before, counterfeits could be developed easily.

Even before the chip was introduced to the market, Brother had its products protected by patents. Therefore, there are differences in the construction of compatible ink cartridges. The manufacturers had to find their own systems to circumvent the manufacturer's patents.

The Brother inkjet printers are available in two series You probably own a DCP printer. These models are recommended for home use. In the home office an MFC printer is an advantage, because these models have an additional fax function.

Brother cartridges in cardboard packaging

You can find out whether you are holding an original Brother cartridge in your hands by taking a closer look at the packaging. The Brother logo is printed on the upper right edge of the packaging. The "brother" catches your eye. The promise "at your side" is part of the logo and can be read smaller below.

On every original packaging you will find the holographic logo of Brother. You can play it safe and check the ID number printed on the security label for authenticity. We will explain how this works afterwards. To check the logo, you need the app "Brother Support Center". This can be downloaded for devices with the Android and iOS operating systems. If you have any questions, Brother's customer service will be happy to help you.

You can assume original cartridges if:

  • The safety label is present.
  • The holographic effects are visible.
  • The packaging is closed and the label is not damaged.

To check the security label:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Open App
  3. Scan 7-digit ID number
  4. Wait for verification

If a green check appears, everything is fine. If the recognition does not work at first attempt, try again or enter the number by hand.
Brother printer cartridges can also be recognized by their special ink. You won't succeed at first sight, but at the latest when you hold the brilliant colour printouts in your hands.

The Brother ink even has its own name with "innobella". The artificial word is derived from "innovation" and "Bella". So it is no coincidence that you receive printouts in photo quality. Look at one of your hairs. The ink droplets are ten times finer than the diameter of human hair. This results in a very fine and razor-sharp print image.

For best results, Brother also puts the appropriate paper on the side. Device, paper and ink cartridges form a unit. You won't have any problems with pale prints, because Brother guarantees colour fastness of up to ten years when using matching original products.

What is the difference between normal size and XL cartridges?

Brother printer cartridges are also sold in XL. These cartridges create far more pages. If you print more often, this purchase is certainly an advantage. While a simple cartridge only produces a few hundred pages, the XL cartridge from Brother prints up to 2,400 pages. On the picture opposite you can see a packaging for XL cartridges.

If you want to save money and always have cartridges in stock, buying a multi-pack is an option. What this means is explained below.

What are Brother multipacks?

The Brother Multipack offers you everything in one go. In addition to black ink, it contains cyan, magenta and yellow. This eliminates the annoying re-purchase of individual cartridges. You buy in stock and much cheaper. You simply replace the actual used cartridge. It is an advantage that Brother inkjet printers work with separate cartridges. This is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment.

The picture on the right shows you a Brother multipack. Optically the packaging is identical to the box of normal cartridges. Only the size makes the difference.

If you usually print only in black and white, there is a better alternative, namely a double pack. Then there is always black ink in the house and you don't hoard color cartridges that you don't actually use.

What are Brother Twinpacks?

A Twinpack contains two cartridges of one colour. Many printers get two separately packed black Brother printer cartridges. These can be used up bit by bit. This way you can build up a stock of ink cartridges and save a few Euros compared to buying them separately.

The double pack contains normal original Brother ink cartridges with a filling quantity of two times nine millilitres of ink. This allows you to print approximately twice with 300 pages each.

The fact that it is a double pack could identify Brother more clearly. Actually it is only recognizable by the size that two cartridges are included. The individual printer types which are compatible with the Brother printer cartridges are clearly listed.

What are Brother Value Packs?

The Brother printer cartridge can only work in conjunction with the right printer and the print results will only be completely convincing if the right paper is used.

If you want to keep your documents longer or even preserve them for posterity, it is advisable to buy Value Packs. Here you will not only find the suitable cartridges in black and colour, but also the corresponding paper is included.

Brother printer paper is optimally matched to the ink. Brother guarantees a lightfastness of 100 years on the documents.

You think, more saving does not go actually? Then the next section should arouse your interest. The described Value-Packs become really cheap if you decide on compatible printer cartridges. But saving money does not mean sacrificing quality. Why compatible cartridges are worthwhile and what they are all about is explained in the next section.

Brother ink cartridges: original or compatible?

An original cartridge comes directly from the manufacturer. In this case, therefore, from Brother. The ink is perfectly matched to the respective printer. The printouts convince by sharpness and colour brilliance. Printer and cartridge simply fit together perfectly. This is reflected in the long service life of the devices.

However, Brother printer cartridges have a high price. By buying the described multi-packs, money can be saved. However, the whole thing does not really become cheap.

Savers therefore often choose compatible cartridges, as these are produced by other companies. The Brother printer cartridge is therefore almost faithfully reproduced. The cartridges are not refilled, but also brand new.

Now you might ask yourself if compatible cartridges can really convince. This is where we can best draw on the opinions of our customers. They do not see any difference to the original product and often consider compatible cartridges to be even more powerful. In any case, these are tested products, manufactured according to European standards.

Decide on compatible Prindo cartridges - buy up to 30% cheaper. Customer satisfaction is also important to us. You benefit from a 60-day return policy and a 5 warranty on prindo cartridges.

When you buy a multipack for the Brother DCP 100 you can save many Euros compared to the printer cartridges from Brother.

How to install and change Brother printer cartridges?

One good news first: Brother printer cartridges can always be replaced individually. The printers contain so-called single-ink cartridges, which always have only one colour.

In contrast to print head cartridges, which are contained in HP printers for example, you do not waste ink. You simply wait until an ink cartridge is completely empty and then replace it accordingly. Print head cartridges, on the other hand, usually leave some ink unused in the cartridge, as not every colour is used up at the same time.

First, some general tips for changing cartridges:

  • As long as the print image appears strong, no cartridge needs to be changed, even if the level indicator is already set to empty.
  • If the printout appears paler, remove the cartridge in question from the printer and shake it vigorously. This will dissolve any remaining ink and you can continue printing for a few more pages.
  • Wear rubber gloves when changing Brother ink cartridges. There may be ink residue on the cartridge itself and inside the printer.
  • Do not touch the print head nozzle or electrical contacts when changing cartridges.

Now to change the cartridges for Brother MFC and DCP:

  1. You open the ink cartridge cover and press the lever that holds the cartridge when it is empty.
  2. You remove the empty cartridge from the machine.
  3. You unpack the new ink cartridge.
  4. move the green button on the yellow protection cover counterclockwise.
  5. Remove the cover after the vacuum seal has been broken.
  6. Push the new cartridge in the correct position and allow it to click into place.
  7. You check that the printer works and that the cartridge has been inserted correctly.

Can I refill Brother ink cartridges myself?

Ink cartridges are self-refilling. The question is whether it is worth the effort for you. The extensive range of original inks and compatible printer cartridges saves you the often time-consuming and complicated work.
However, if you would like to give it a try, you should first have the following utensils ready:

  • Syringe with cannula
  • Screwdriver
  • Hand drill
  • liquid glue

There you go:

  • Remove the cartridge from the outer casing
  • Press the retaining lugs away with the screwdriver
  • Drill a hole in the top of the tank housing
  • measure and apply the required amount of ink
  • Insert cannula into the drill hole
  • Slowly inject ink into the cartridge
  • Seal bore hole with adhesive
  • Reattach the housing parts
  • Reinsert the cartridge

How do I dispose of my Brother printer cartridges correctly?

Empty Brother printer cartridges should never be disposed of in household waste. This is harmful to the environment and prevents Brother cartridges from being recycled. Brother encourages its customers to take an active role in protecting the environment through its free recycling program.

You'll even learn what you can actually do good. Since 2009, Brother has been supporting projects in the Peruvian rainforest. This has already resulted in improved drinking water quality, a medical outpost has been established, and boats have been purchased for necessary transportation and evacuation.

Brother is also active in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea with its aid program. In Orangerie Bay, a school has been built and sewing machines donated.

Which ink cartridges can be recycled?

All used Brother ink cartridges can be recycled. However, the company only accepts original cartridges.

What toner can be recycled?

All genuine Brother toner cartridges are accepted. The necessary box will be delivered to you with a free shipping label. If more than twelve toners have accumulated on your desk, a courier can arrange for free collection.

How many cartridges should I return at once?

The pre-fabricated envelope holds approximately five empty Brother printer cartridges. Fewer cartridges should not be sent. This is rather unprofitable and pollutes the environment.

How can I send my empty cartridges to Brother?

The return only applies to Brother original cartridges. If you order compatible cartridges, you will not suffer any disadvantages. We will explain how to proceed in detail in the next section.

If you want to return cartridges to Brother, you can do so as follows:

  1. Go to Brother's homepage.
  2. Enter your address details.
  3. Submit the form.
  4. An envelope with a shipping label will be sent to you.
  5. Fill the empty envelope with the cartridges.
  6. Seal the envelope carefully.
  7. Take the envelope to the nearest post office.
  8. The envelope is accepted free of charge and sent to Brother