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Learn about the parts that make up a printer cartridge. How does a print cartridge work? How does the ink get into the print head? What can break in a print cartridge?

Protect yourself from toner dust. Use a fine dust filter. In the guide, you can find out all you need to know about fine dust in printing.

The difference between laser and LED printers are very similar in their process, but there are small differences, which are briefly explained here.

Anyone looking around a classic office will discover the same office supplies. The reason is simple: certain utensils are needed daily in the office everyday life and support the employees in carrying out their tasks quickly, efficiently and carefully.

When you act as an important person within an office, there are special contact details that are of great importance to potential partners or customers.

The versatility of thermal paper contributes to its widespread use, which is reflected in numerous everyday applications throughout our environment.

Printing labels for addressing letters, organizing in the office, labeling the DVD or labeling the jam jar - stickers are not only cheap, but also uncomplicated.

The technical developments in printing technology make it possible to print high-resolution image files as laboratory-quality photos with an ink-jet printer or laser printer using special art paper, the so-called art paper, also called photo paper.

Which types of printer paper are available and when and where they are used always depends on the user. Basically, there are a handful of important varieties that should not be ignored.

The manufacturer of printing devices Canon covers with its fleet of photo printers a wide range of applications for different needs.

The Canon Printhead - The pen of the printer. High-performance print media, Canon's advanced printhead technology.

When printing, users can pay attention to a wide variety of criteria. In addition to print quality and speed, environmentally friendly printing can also be an important reason for buying.

The image drum as a transmitter of the print image in laser printing and laser copying. At the heart of your printer is the image drum, also known as the photoconductor, known as the Photo Conductor Unit (PCU) in English-speaking countries.

Where do I put the printer? The new printer needs a place: one where it does not bother you, is easily accessible and works perfectly.

Optimal printer settings for a smooth print. Not only when things need to be done quickly, cumbersome inputs for each individual expression, such as paper size or resolution, create an unnecessary obstacle in the workflow.

The primary purpose of calibrating your printers is to avoid unwanted color cast and optimize the color image. The emergence of a color cast results from the fact that the color composition varies among the individual devices.

Your printer will not be able to connect to or break the Wi-Fi connection after successful installation constantly off. In the following steps we would like to show you solutions that will help you to solve the problem Problems should help.