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We offer you original toner for your Toshiba printer as well as high-quality and extremely inexpensive alternatives with a 3-year warranty. With our free 24h express delivery you will receive your new toner in a flash. Simply select your Toshiba printer and we will show you the matching toners.

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Toshiba Toner order cheap at Prindo online shop

Toshiba offers powerful multifunction systems and printers for small and large businesses. Models like Toshiba e-STUDIO 408P are suitable for fast black and white prints. Multifunction systems like Toshiba e-STUDIO 448S let you print, scan, fax and copy. For professional use, devices from Toshiba's A3 colour multifunctional series such as the Toshiba e-STUDIO 2505AC are suitable.

Matching the high-quality printers, you can get the original Toshiba toner in the Prindo online shop. The toners complement the existing system. The results are perfect prints with high colour fidelity and brilliance. Compatible refill toners are an inexpensive alternative. The high quality remanufactured and refilled original toner cartridges convince with high quality and a good price-performance ratio. With the alternative toners from Prindo you can achieve printing results in manufacturer quality.

Order toner for Toshiba printers

In the Prindo online shop you will find the right Toshiba toner for your device. High-quality original toners from Toshiba maintain the efficiency of your printer. They enable perfect print quality at a good price. The range of the toner is adjusted by the manufacturer to the respective device. Professional multifunctional systems like the Toshiba e-STUDIO 2505AC work with four toner cartridges in the colours:

  • Black
  • Cyan
  • Yellow
  • Magenta

At an affordable price of 0.3 cents per page, the device prints 33,600 pages in colour. Black and white prints are available for 0.2 cents per page. You achieve a range of up to 38,400 pages. Monochrome devices only require a black toner cartridge from Toshiba.

Laser printing technology allows very low prices per printed page. Laser printers are cheaper to maintain than inkjet printers. Companies with high print volumes benefit from modern Toshiba multifunctional devices combined with Toshiba toners in the original.

Advantages of Toshiba toners:

  • high quality
  • vigorous colours
  • high pressure efficiency
  • colourfast
  • Environmentally conscious production according to ISO14001
  • time-saving printouts
  • optimum sharpness
  • high color depth
  • favourable page printing prices

With the Toshiba toners in the original you can achieve high-quality prints in colour or black and white. At Prindo you can order toners for single user laser printers and multifunction devices.

You can find the toner cartridge you need with just a few clicks using our search mask. Enter the model name of your Toshiba printer. Choose Toshiba toner in original or compatible alternative toner from Prindo. Many printers profit from low page prices. A comparison is worthwhile.

How is a Toshiba toner constructed?

A Toshiba toner has a special design to ensure the ideal fit for the receiving tray of your laser printer. There are cut-outs on the housing of the cartridge to fix the toner securely in the device. The toner tank is generous. It contains fine toner powder. With the help of this powder, the devices achieve a high-quality, permanent laser print after fusing by heat and pressure.

Some models come with compact cartridges that contain the toner and the image drum. The two components are installed separately in the device. The toner has a slope so that the toner powder sinks to the bottom. A plastic wheel on the side of the toner drives the mixing shaft to prevent the ink powder from clumping together. The metal rail distributes the toner powder evenly on the magnetic roller. An electrical charge causes it to be transferred to the image drum before it is drawn onto paper.

How to replace Toshiba toner?

  1. Open the front cover that leads to the toner.
  2. Remove the empty Toshiba Toner.
  3. Shake the new cartridge to loosen the toner powder.
  4. Remove the seal.
  5. Slide the new Toshiba toner along the leading edge into the machine until you reach the mark.
  6. For some machines, clean the loading unit now.
  7. Close the cover.

Alternatives to an original Toshiba Toner

Users rely on the Toshiba toner in the original. Cheaper are compatible toners from Prindo. The alternative toners offer a stable and productive page yield. An alternative toner reaches as far as a Toshiba toner in the original. The print quality of compatible toners is comparable to the manufacturer's product. You get professional prints with intense colours and strong contrasts.

Note: Using compatible Toshiba toners does not void the warranty of your device.

Prindo alternative toners are convincing:

  • dense coverage
  • high accuracy
  • outstanding stability
  • long-life durability
  • long range
  • reasonable price
  • brilliant colors
  • high sharpness
  • top quality

How cheap are the alternative toners from Prindo?

For comparison, we take the cost of the original toner for the Toshiba e-STUDIO S257 and the alternative toner. If you use the original Toshiba toner, 0.2 cent will be charged for each black and white sheet printed on one side. A page printed with alternative toner from Prindo will cost you 0.1 cent. This corresponds to a saving of 50 percent. With a range of 36,600 pages, you can achieve a high cost saving for your company or office. For our compatible toners, we use only high-quality reconditioned original toner, which we fill with high-quality toner powder. Toners from Prindo are high quality and powerful. They are in no way inferior to the originals.

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