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In our offer you will find original Kodak printer cartridges for your Kodak printer. Moreover, there are high-quality alternatives available, which are very reasonably priced. Beside a high quality, low prices there is a three year warranty on top of that. The ordered Kodak printer cartridges or Kodak ink cartridges are quickly with you thanks to our 24h express delivery. Simply select your Kodak printer and look for your suitable Kodak printer cartridge. You don't have to do anything else for your order.

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How do I recognise original Kodak printer cartridges?

The first important feature by which you recognize an original Kodak printer cartridge is the price. Kodak printer cartridges and Kodak ink cartridges are in the higher price range. Another feature to recognize original Kodak cartridges are the clearly visible security labels. You can easily recognize this label. Usually there is a QR code for the Kodak printer cartridges for the different printers also on each cartridge.

High quality Kodak printer cartridges

Kodak is one of the best known brands in the field of imaging systems. Since 1912, when Kodak began to manufacture its own printer materials, it has been constantly developing, including in terms of quality. Kodak has always been regarded as a company where innovations have been implemented, also in the printing sector. It is not for nothing that one of the fastest inkjet printers, for example, comes from this company. Kodak attaches great importance to achieving the best possible printing results with its Kodak printer cartridges. That is why consumables such as Kodak printer cartridges, Kodak ink cartridges and all other types of Kodak cartridges are of exceptionally high quality.

What are Kodak Multipacks?

Multipacks are usually cheaper packs than normal packs. Kodak multipacks contain Kodak printer cartridges in different colors. You can easily recognize them by the inscription Multipacks when ordering Kodak printer cartridges. There is of course no difference between the filling quantities of the printer cartridges in a multipack and the original Kodak printer cartridges, which are sold individually. With a Kodak Multipack you can also save money, because they are cheaper to get than if you buy them individually. Because of the durability of Kodak printer cartridges there is no disadvantage with a multipack. The Kodak printer cartridges can be stored for up to two years and therefore you always have a replacement at hand when the Kodak printer cartridges are empty.

What are Kodak double packs?

Kodak printer cartridges are also available as double packs. These are often also called Twin Packs. As the name suggests, a Twin Pack consists of two Kodak printer cartridges. Very often you can get the twin pack of Kodak printer cartridges, especially in black, at a reasonable price from us. But it is also possible to get Kodak printer cartridges as colour cartridges in a twin pack. No matter how much you need and what your needs are.

Kodak printer cartridges compatible or original?

With all Kodak printers, the way they work is a little striking, but due to the company's philosophy, this is not surprising. The Kodak brand is best known for its expertise in imaging systems and photo printing. This means that Kodak printer cartridges are used exclusively for inkjet printing. This does not mean that you as a user cannot use compatible Kodak printer cartridges.

How are Kodak printer cartridges changed and used?

  1. Make sure that the printer is turned on.
  2. Lift the printer tray and wait until the printer carriage is in the correct position. This is important because the Kodak printer cartridges are located in the print head.
  3. Squeeze the Kodak cartridge latch with your thumb and index finger.
  4. Kodak printer cartridges can then be lifted out of the print head.
  5. Remove the new printer cartridge from its packaging.
  6. Remove the protective caps from the Kodak printer cartridges.
  7. Immediately insert into the print head. This prevents the print head from drying out.
  8. Press the Kodak cartridge down until you hear an audible click.
  9. Close the printer compartment and the device is ready to print again.

Can Kodak printer cartridges be filled by the user?

Kodak printer cartridges are priced in the upper segment. This of course tempts some users to consider filling their Kodak ink cartridges themselves. This is certainly possible, but it is associated with some risks and dangers. Moreover, it must be mentioned that due to the design of Kodak printer cartridges, self-filling is not an easy task. If this is not done correctly or incorrectly, this can not only lead to poor printing results, but also to damage to the device. Self-filling and the associated damage or defects will invalidate Kodak's manufacturer's warranty.

How do I dispose of my Kodak printer cartridges correctly?

Kodak is very concerned about sustainability. Social and environmental responsibility play a major role in the company's philosophy. In the Kodak tradition, it is important to offer an environmentally friendly business. This is a common thread running through the company. People and nature should always be in harmony with each other. For this reason, Kodak supports a number of recycling programmes, including the recycling of empty Kodak printer cartridges.

Which Kodak printer cartridges can be recycled?

Kodak offers a recycling program for all products. This includes Kodak printer cartridges, Kodak ink cartridges, Kodak black and color cartridges, and Kodak hardware.

How can I send empty Kodak printer cartridges to the company?

The recycling of Kodak printer cartridges is done through the Kodak "Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Program". In addition to recycling, you can also return used equipment. You will receive an offer and with it a return label. The responsible fulfillment partner of Kodak is SMASH Direct.

What alternatives are there for disposing of Kodak printer cartridges?

Disposing of Kodak printer cartridges with household waste is not permitted and is enormously harmful to the environment. Unfortunately this happens again and again. Besides returning them to Kodak, it can be so easy. You can also dispose of these printer cartridges through special local hazardous waste collection points, if this is possible in your town or community.