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Kyocera is one of the best manufacturers in the field of laser printing systems. In our offer you will find original Kyocera toner for your printer. In addition, we offer you low-priced but high-quality alternatives for the Kyocera toners. We also offer a three-year warranty on these products. Our free 24-hour express delivery service ensures that the Kyocera toners you order from us reach you as quickly as possible. All you have to do is choose the right Kyocera toner.

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Toner for the popular Kyocera printer series

How do I recognize original Kyocera Toner?

As with almost all known toner manufacturers, counterfeit products cause great damage every year. Not only the manufacturers are affected, but also the end users. In order to distinguish original Kyocera toners from counterfeit toners, the first step is to look at the price. The cheaper the price of alleged Kyocera toners, the higher the probability of a counterfeit. The problem is also that a very plain and simple cardboard is used for the packaging of Kyocera toners. It is very easy to counterfeit. Therefore, it is important to look out for scratch marks on Kyocera toners or other signs of use. This is important because counterfeits are usually always made using used Kyocera toners that are packed in counterfeit cardboard.

High quality in Kyocera Toners

The company sets great store by the highest standards in the production of Kyocera toners. This high quality also has a positive effect on economy, print quality, long life and environmental friendliness, to name just a few examples. Kyocera toners are subjected to constant tests and inspections. Thanks to a pronounced control system, only Kyocera toners that meet the highest quality standards are sold.

What are Kyocera Value Packs?

A Value Pack is a set that fits a particular printer. A Kyocera Value Pack consists of Kyocera toners in the colours cyan, magenta, yellow/yellow and key/black. In addition, the Kyocera Value Pack also contains paper suitable for the printer.

Kyocera Toner: compatible or original?

It's a question of how high your expectations of the print results of Kyocera toners should or must be. In order to save costs, you can also obtain compatible toners for your Kyocera printer from Prindo. As a rule, you will get almost the same print results in almost identical quality as with original Kyocera toners. It takes a very trained and expert eye to detect even the slightest deviations. However, we at Prindo offer you two other cost-effective alternatives.

Rebuilt toner: This process is based on the production of new toners. The original Kyocera toners are completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and fitted with new spare parts. These Kyocera toners are filled with a very high quality ink, which is produced according to the standard of the original Kyocera ink.

Refill toner: In the case of refill toners, the original housing of the Kyocera toner is refilled with an alternative, but very high-quality ink.

The production of compatible toners, rebuilt or refill cartridges, is strictly controlled and monitored according to valid European standards and European law. This control gives you the assurance that you will always receive an excellent print result and that your costs can be reduced by up to 30 percent.

When you buy compatible Prindo toner, you take no risk whatsoever. In addition to a 5-year guarantee, you also have a right of return over a period of 60 days. It goes without saying that of course the Kyocera warranty remains valid for you.

How are Kyocera Toners changed and used?

  1. Open the front and top covers on your Kyocera printer. This is done by pressing the open button on the top right.
  2. Then push the locking lever from Lock to Unlock.
  3. Remove the toner from the printer.
  4. Remove new Kyocera toner from the packaging.
  5. Remove all attached protective covers and protective strips.
  6. Insert the Kyocera toner in the appropriate holder.
  7. Slide the locking lever from Unlock to Lock.
  8. Close the front and top covers again.

Can Kyocera toners be filled by the user?

In principle, it is also possible to refill the Kyocera toners yourself. However, if you only want to save costs, you should consider this step very carefully. As is the case with many other manufacturers, the manufacturer's warranty also expires if you fill the toner yourself. This means that self-filling can cause irreparable or very expensive damage to the printer. You will then have to pay for these costs yourself. Not to be sneezed at is also the high expenditure of time that is involved in self-filling. If you add up the time required and the high risk, you can only advise against self-filling.

If the costs for new Kyocera toners are too high for you, you can also reduce them and make significant savings through other options. One of these possibilities is to switch to compatible toners from Prindo for your Kyocera printer. These Prindo toners are not only available for Kycocera, but also for a wide range of printer series from other manufacturers. These compatible toners are available in all colours, from cyan to magenta and yellow. With these Prindo toners you can save up to 30 percent compared to the original Kyocera toners in the best case. As a special service, Prindo also grants you a 60-day right of return. On top of this, there is an additional guarantee of 5 years. The Kyocera manufacturer's warranty remains in force in any case.

How do I dispose of my Kyocera toner correctly?

The issue of sustainability has been firmly anchored in Kyocera's corporate philosophy ever since the company was founded in 1959. Since that time, this has been lived out and the company's motto "Respect the devine and love people" also clearly states this. For Kyocera, technology and responsibility for people and nature are inseparable. That's why a free recycling system for Kyocera toner and other consumables is naturally included.

Which Kyocera toners can be recycled?

As a customer, you have the opportunity to send all Kyocera toners and all Kyocera-derived printer consumables to Kyocera free of charge and have them recycled.

How can I send empty Kyocera toners to the company?

Kyocera toners and supplies can either be returned individually or collectively.

Collective return: Kyocera provides appropriate boxes for collective returns. These can then be picked up by the waste disposal service provider working for Kyocera if required. There is a one-time deposit for the box, which is refunded after disposal. All you need to do is register on the appropriate Kyocera page.

Individual return: For the individual return of Kyocera toners, registration on the corresponding Kyocera website is also required first. Within 24 hours you will receive an email with an attached parcel label. You must fill out the parcel label and then also stick the original carton of Kyocera toner. The parcel has to be sent to the post office free of charge.