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In our Prindo-Shop you will find original toners for your Xerox printer. Moreover, we have high-quality and very affordable alternatives with a three-year warranty. You will receive the new Xerox toners as fast as lightning through our 24h express delivery, which is free of charge for you. All you have to do is select your Xerox printer and choose the Xerox toner that suits you best.

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High quality Xerox toners

First and foremost, Xerox is a specialist in laser printers and therefore specializes in Xerox toner. The company makes every effort to meet the highest standards in production. Xerox toners are equipped with the highest quality, which is unparalleled. The Xerox toners create a very fine and clear resolution. Another special advantage is the very long life span. However, with us you do not only get the toners in the usual quality, but also at reasonable prices.

How are Xerox toners changed and used?

  1. Opening the front cover
  2. Pull out the Xerox Toner
  3. Remove new Xerox toner from the packaging
  4. Carefully insert the Xerox toner into the rail until it clicks into place
  5. Close the front cover firmly again
  6. Check status on system display. When the signal is green, the printer is ready to start again.

Can Xerox toner be self-refilling?

In principle, it is quite possible that the Xerox toner can be refilled by the user. Depending on the type of printer model, from inkjet printers to multifunction printers to photo printers, you will need to purchase the appropriate ink. However, you should remember that filling Xerox toners by hand is not only complicated but also risky.

If the Xerox toner is filled incorrectly or if the ink leaks, you will lose all manufacturer's guarantees. It is therefore important to consider very carefully whether it makes sense to fill the toner yourself.

How do I dispose of my Xerox toner correctly?

Disposing of all types of print materials in household waste is generally not a very good idea. This also applies to Xerox Toner. Toners must always be disposed of properly. Xerox provides a specially established recycling programme for this. Especially in today's world with a constantly growing population and increasing scarcity of raw materials. Xerox toners contain many raw materials that are important to you. With a well thought-out recycling program, they can be reused several times without wasting the valuable raw materials.

Which Xerox toners can be recycled?

Xerox accepts virtually all Xerox toners and other print materials for proper disposal. However, they can only be disposed of when returned in the same packaging in which the Xerox Toner was delivered. The manufacturer offers a return fork request on their website. If you have this label, you can send the empty Xerox toner to the company free of charge.

The recycling program is called Xerox Green World Alliance. It helps to minimize the environmental impact of printer materials worldwide. Tons of these printer consumables are produced each year and Xerox is helping to save valuable raw materials by developing alternative recycling materials for Xerox toners.

How can I send empty Xerox toners to the company?

This free shipping return is very simple.

  1. Wrap the empty Xerox toner in the protective pouch, then place it in the original packaging material and seal it with adhesive tape.
  2. Place the sealed packaging material between the insulation caps of the original box and also seal this box with tape.
  3. Then request the return fork. This is displayed on the screen.
  4. Print the label on DIN A 4 and fold to DIN A 5.
  5. Stick the completed label to the box using adhesive tape. Make sure that the return address is still at the top.
  6. Finally, send the box postage paid to Xerox.

However, only returns that have the label sent by Xerox will be accepted. Returns without this label may be billed by the company.