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How do I recognize original Epson printer cartridges?

Epson printer cartridges bear the company logo in a prominent place. If you see them on the packaging, you can be sure that you have original Epson ink cartridges in front of you. The manufacturer has made its system for finding the right Epson printer cartridges user-friendly. All Epson printer cartridges belong to a certain series.

Pay attention to the motif on the front of the packaging. If there is a strawberry there, for example, you know that you need Epson ink cartridges with the motif of a strawberry. This way you can find Epson printer cartridges without the exact printer name. In the user manual of every Epson printer, the ink series of the Epson printer cartridges is noted with the corresponding symbol.

In order to protect customers from counterfeit Epson printer cartridges, the manufacturer has developed a security hologram with which it marks its original products. The hologram is located on the outer edge of the packaging of Epson printer cartridges and on the Easymail shipping packages.

In addition, all Epson packages show the amount of ink in millilitres and the coverage of the individual colours.

What is the difference between normal size cartridges and XL and XXL Epson printer cartridges?

The addition XL and XXL in Epson printer cartridges means a higher filling quantity. With a higher quantity of ink in Epson printer cartridges, the page yield is higher. This is with XL Epson ink cartridges with approx. 500 pages and with XXL Epson printer cartridges with approx. 1,000 pages. You can see Epson printer cartridges with higher filling quantities on the XL and XXL marking.

Epson printer cartridges - what are Epson Multipacks?

Multipacks contain several Epson printer cartridges in different colours. You spend less money for Epson ink cartridges in multipacks than for Epson printer cartridges in single packs. You can identify Epson printer cartridges by the label "Multi". In white writing the marking stands out from the rest of the labeling.

In addition, there are colored symbols for the contained Epson printer cartridges. These are cyan, yellow, magenta and black. Multipacks are suitable for people who print in colour and black. If you print predominantly in black, Epson printer cartridges Multipacks are not profitable. In this case, XL and XXL cartridges are suitable in this colour.

What are Epson TwinPacks?

The Epson TwinPacks contain two cartridges in one colour. These are two coloured Epson printer cartridges or two black Epson printer cartridges. The marking in white colour shows buyers which pack of cartridges they have in front of them.

There is a coloured symbol on the front of the packaging. This indicates which colours it contains.

Epson printer cartridges: original or compatible?

The Epson printer cartridges in the original come from the manufacturer himself. They are convincing due to their high quality and their compatibility with the respective printer. The company, which is active in the field of image processing technology, guarantees easy handling when inserting the original Epson ink cartridges.

Epson develops its own cartridges for each model. Fit and print quality match the device. They deliver top class quality over the entire life of the printer. A rule of thumb for users: For expensive devices there are cheap printer cartridges and for cheap devices there are expensive cartridges. This is how individual manufacturers subsidise their products.

Prices for Epson ink cartridges in original quality are higher than those for compatible cartridges. In total, three different alternatives to Epson printer cartridges in original quality are available:

  • Rebuilt Epson printer cartridges: In this process, the companies take the housings of the original cartridges, dismantle and clean them in a modern process. Afterwards they fill the housings with high-quality ink, which corresponds to the original of the manufacturer.
  • Refill Epson printer cartridges: With this option, the cartridge cases receive an alternative ink filling.
  • Compatible Epson printer cartridges: Third party companies like prindo produce cartridges which are a cheap alternative to the original. The housing and the ink are manufactured by prindo in a proprietary process.

With compatible prindo printer cartridges you get a high quality colour result. The production meets European quality standards by European law. Normally compatible prindo ink cartridges are 30 percent cheaper.

Changing and inserting Epson printer cartridges

With conventional inkjet printers, the Epson printer cartridges are changed as follows:

  1. A message appears on the LC display as soon as the fill level of the Epson cartridges is running low. Pay attention to which cartridge is empty. Then select "Continue".

  2. Change the Epson printer cartridges, before they indicate that they are empty, press the "Home Button" on the printer. In the Setup section, select the "Maintenance" option. Replace the Epson ink cartridges and press the color button.

  3. In the next step, open the scanner unit to remove the Epson cartridges.

  4. Press the tab on the Epson ink cartridges and carefully remove them from the holder. Important: Pull out the Epson cartridges by pulling them upwards.

  5. Before inserting the new Epson cartridges, shake them gently.

  6. Remove the yellow tape before inserting the Epson cartridges into the holder. During this process, press the Epson cartridges down until they click into place.

  7. The printer will start filling, which will take a few seconds. During this procedure, do not start any operation and wait. When the printer stops filling the ink with the Epson cartridges, a message will appear to indicate that the replacement process is complete.

How can Epson printer cartridges be filled?

If you are familiar with this, you will be given the chance to fill Epson printer cartridges. To do this, buy refill ink for your photo printer, multifunction printer or inkjet printer. Self-refilling is a complicated process that requires skill. Using filled Epson cartridges involves an increased risk.

It happens that the printer ink leaks or a defect of the complete device occurs. In such cases, the manufacturer's warranty is void. As a matter of principle, manufacturers do not recommend filling the cartridges.

The Epson customer service is available for questions

In case of problems with an Epson printer or Epson printer cartridges, the comprehensive support of the manufacturer is available. Customers receive drivers, software and manuals via the repair service. Buyers of Epson products receive numerous online support services for various issues. When you buy a new printer of the brand, you register your product in order to stay informed about new developments and updates of the device over the years.

You can contact Epson via a chat, the hotline or by e-mail. From Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., Epson customer support is available for questions about devices, Epson printer cartridges or accessories.

Pioneer in printing technology

With its Epson ink cartridges, the brand demonstrates performance and environmental awareness. The manufacturer Epson invests millions of Euros in research and development of Epson cartridges. In this way, the group guarantees high-quality accessories, improvements and performance. The company has a total of 50,000 active patents to offer, which also applies to the Epson printer cartridge segment.

How do I dispose of Epson printer cartridges correctly?

One important piece of information in advance: Do not throw Epson printer cartridges in the household waste, as they, like all other cartridges, pollute the environment.

Epson's recycling philosophy is: "In order to preserve valuable environmental resources and reduce waste, we try to collect and recycle as many products and consumables as possible".

As part of its remanufacturing program, the manufacturer offers a return and collection program including collection boxes for Epson printer cartridges. Customers register for this program and request a collection box to pick up empty Epson cartridges. Afterwards a shipping service provider collects the collection boxes with the Epson ink cartridges free of charge.

The expansion of the recycling program for Epson cartridges

For some time now, recycling has been available to customers for Epson large-format printers. This expansion is part of the company's environmental vision 2050. The used cartridges of the large format printers go into the recycling cycle. The customer does not incur any additional costs. When registering for the program, customers are sent a container to send the cartridges to Epson.

The company guarantees free collection of the collection boxes.

The recycling service for toner cartridges was launched in 2006. Since the expansion of the program, print service providers and customers from the industry have had the opportunity to return their empty toners to Epson free of charge. Customers play a major role in reducing the volume of waste.

Luxembourg is the central collection point in Europe for empty Epson printer cartridges, toners, etc. Starting at a certain number of empty Epson cartridges, recycling takes place at Sims Group Ltd. in the Netherlands. This is a leading company in the field of raw material recycling. Epson promises its users an environmentally friendly and efficient return of the products to the recycling cycle.

All components of Epson printer cartridges are reused. The plastic components and metal parts are used by industrial companies for their field of activity. The manufacturer of printer cartridges has been hoping to reduce CO2 emissions for years. In this way, Epson conserves natural resources. The volume of waste is reduced.

Which Epson printer cartridges can be recycled?

It is possible to recycle all Epson printer cartridges. From common printer models to specific models, the manufacturer takes back all Epson printer cartridges for the recycling process.

Is there a chance to return Epson toner?

As with Epson printer cartridges, the manufacturer offers the possibility of returning toner through the recycling program. Customers register for the program. They will then receive all information about the return shipment.

How many Epson printer cartridges can be returned?

Epson offers a choice on its website between "under ten Epson printer cartridges" and "over 10 Epson ink cartridges". If you click on the corresponding link and register, you will receive further information about the return of empty Epson printer cartridges.

How does the return of Epson cartridges work?

On the website of the Epson recycling program a registration form is available for customers. The company takes back all original Epson printer cartridges. When registering, please state the number of cartridges and request collection boxes. The manufacturer collects these free of charge from customers' homes, offices or company via a parcel service.