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We offer original Ricoh toner & printer cartridges for your Ricoh printer. You can also find high quality alternatives that are also reasonably priced. In addition, we offer a three-year warranty for them. Because of our free 24h express delivery you don't have to wait long for your order.

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How do I recognize original Ricoh toner and ink cartridges?

For manufacturers of toner and ink cartridges, counterfeit printer consumables are a growing problem. By contacting the manufacturer, for example Ricoh, you can be sure that you are getting genuine Ricoh toner and printer cartridges. Furthermore, original Ricoh printer cartridges and toners can be recognised by their unmistakable logo and trademark. An original Ricoh printer cartridge and toner can also be recognised by its packaging. Font and symbols are arranged in a precise and straight line.

High quality Ricoh toners and cartridges

Ricoh is one of the largest international manufacturers of hardware and consumables such as Ricoh toners and printer cartridges. Although the product range is very wide, Ricoh pays great attention to high quality. This not only applies to the hardware but also to the Ricoh toner. Those who want to order Ricoh printer cartridges or toners will get effects like economy, high opacity and long durability.

This is equally interesting for you as a small consumer as well as a large consumer. The print is saturated with colour and yet ink is not wasted unnecessarily. All important criteria for a printout such as opacity, UV resistance, water resistance and precision are met to your complete satisfaction.

Ricoh toner and printer cartridges - compatible or original?

The term compatible toner refers to toners that are not produced directly by the manufacturer. The quality of compatible Prindo printer cartridges or toners for Ricoh printers is in no way inferior to Ricoh printer cartridges and toners. If you order compatible printer cartridges from Prindo, you can save a lot of money. This is also due to the fact that there is less emphasis on expensive packaging material as it is the case of Ricoh toners and cartridges.

The focus is rather on the use of good ink. But we at Prindo offer you other alternatives besides the compatible ones, with which you can save costs.

Refill cartridges: The so-called refill cartridges keep the original casing of the Ricoh printer cartridges and are only refilled with a high-quality alternative ink.

Rebuilt cartridges: Rebuilt cartridges are based on the fact that in this case new printer cartridges are manufactured. The original Ricoh printer cartridges or toners are completely disassembled in this process, a thorough cleaning is carried out and the printer cartridges or toners are fitted with new spare parts. For example, original Ricoh cartridges or toners are filled with a very high quality ink. This ink complies with the standards of the original Ricoh printer cartridges.

The types of manufacturing processes, starting with the compatible printer cartridge, the rebuilt or refill cartridge, are carried out in strict compliance with European standards. Quality control is carried out in accordance with European law. For you as a customer, this quality control means that you can achieve a cost saving of up to 30 percent in addition to a high-quality print result.

How are Ricoh printer cartridges changed and used?

  1. Prepare new Ricoh printer cartridges.
  2. Press the button to open the front cover of the machine. The button is located on the right side.
  3. Pull the locking lever forward and release the lock.
  4. Pull out the empty Ricoh ink cartridges.
  5. Insert the new Ricoh ink cartridges into the machine. Pay attention to the arrow marks on the left and right sides and insert them cleanly into the guide.
  6. Push the locking lever towards the machine to lock both the print cartridge and the machine.
  7. Close the front cover to make the unit ready for operation again.

How do I correctly dispose of my Ricoh toner or ink cartridges?

Ricoh has been committed to sustainability for around eight decades. That's why Ricoh is one of the pioneers in its industry. In addition to programmes to reduce CO-2 emissions or optimise the carbon footprint, there is also the End of Life Management Programme. This programme offers the opportunity to return Ricoh toner or other consumables to the company.

Which Ricoh toners and printer cartridges can be recycled?

In addition to all types of Ricoh toners, printer cartridges and other consumables can be returned to Ricoh. This applies to all used materials that originate from Ricoh in the original.

How can I send empty Ricoh printer cartridges to the company?

The resource Smart Return Program is available for the return. This program makes it easy and free of charge to return cartridges. The program is not only a return program, but also an effective recycling program. Everyone who participates in this program helps the company achieve its sustainability goals.

To participate in this program, you must go to the company's website and access the program.

  1. Fill in the form to request a return label.
  2. There is a choice of a single or multiple return form (max. 4 Ricoh printer cartridges).
  3. You also have the option of returning via Ricoh's Environmental Box or ordering this Environmental Box first.
  4. Once all the steps have been completed, you will receive the return label, which you must affix to the environmental box.
  5. Then all you have to do is take the package to the post office and send it to Ricoh free of charge.