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How do I recognize original Canon replacement cartridges?

Original Canon cartridges are easy to recognise. Canon uses only two clearly distinguishable variants:

Cartridges in cardboard packaging

The carton packaging always contains the Canon logo and numerous technical data. The most important identification mark of original inks is the Canon hologram, which is located on the front of the packaging.
Depending on the viewing angle, the two terms appear:

  • Canon and/or
  • Genuine

The figure on the right shows the graph when the word "Genuine" is visible. The graphic is linear and changes into a shape of waves by rotating it. When viewed from above, the hologram looks like iridescent gold and changes to a dark iridescent green when viewed from the side.

Now how can you tell if the hologram is real or fake? According to an official statement from Canon, fake holograms do not change their color at all and only slightly when viewed from different angles. Most of the time, they are even completely in the wrong colour or size, they are blurred, blurred or damaged.


Cartridges in plastic packaging

The plastic packaging (also called "blister packs") are made of thermoformed plastic. They provide optimum protection for the ink cartridges and cannot easily be imitated or cloned.

The printing and sealing of the imprint on the packaging is made in a quality that is not worthwhile for a clone and ensures excellent recognition of the original.

There is no unique Canon hologram on these plastic and blister packs. But again, there is an official tip from Canon to quickly recognize fakes:

If the Canon logo is blurred or shown in the wrong colour or font size, it is a fake. Another sign for fakes are typing errors on the packaging. If the packaging looks as if it has been reused or resealed, it is also not genuine Canon inks.

What is the difference between normal size and XXL cartridges?

Canon also offers XL and XXL inks. With these you can print much more pages than with normal cartridges. This increases the life of the cartridge, which is especially useful if you print a lot. The XL and XXL inks are cheaper, but the print quality remains the same.

On the picture on the right you can see such a packaging: XL and XXL cartridges can be easily identified by the red symbol on the packaging.

XL and XXL inks are also available in combination with multipacks. What these contain is explained in the next question.

What are Canon Multipacks?

Multipacks contain cartridges for two or more different colours. They are cheaper than normal packs. On the picture on the right you can see such a pack: Multipacks can be recognized by the label "Multi" on the pack.

Since the label is often grey, as in this example, it does not stand out well against the grey background. You can also recognize multipacks by the colored symbols for "Cyan", "Magenta", "Yellow/Yellow" and "Key/Black". If several of them are shown, it is a multipack.

In the example on the right, the pack contains each of the four colors once. This is the largest possible multipack. They are especially worthwhile if you frequently print in several colours and thus use the colours evenly.

If, on the other hand, you print mostly in black and white and only occasionally in colour, you will use up the black cartridges much faster. Then it makes little sense to always buy a multipack if cyan, magenta and yellow/yellow still have a high fill level but black is regularly empty.

In this case we recommend that you buy double packs or triple packs with "Key/Black" instead. These offer the greatest savings potential when changing the same color (see next question).

What are Canon Twinpacks?

Twinpacks contain two times the same cartridge, e.g. two colour cartridges or two black cartridges. Twin packs are cheaper than normal packs and are worthwhile if you print a lot. In the picture on the right you can see such a Twinpack: It can be identified by the label "Twin" on the packaging. Since the label is often grey, as in this example, it does not stand out well against a background of the same colour.

But you can also recognise twin packs by the fact that the symbol for the same colour appears twice. In the illustration, for example, the color "Key/Black" appears twice. So it is a twin pack.

Besides the double packs, there are also triple packs that contain the same cartridge three times. This way you can reduce your printing costs even further.

What are Canon Value Packs?

Value Packs are usually the so-called Photo Value Packs. This is basically a multipack that contains all four cartridges "Cyan", "Magenta", "Yellow/Yellow" and "Key/Black" once. Additionally, there is also paper included.

The picture on the right shows such a Value Pack. It contains 4 ink cartridges (CLI-571bk + CLI-571c + CLI-571m + CLI-571y) and 50 sheets of photo paper with the size 10 x 15 cm.

With a Canon Value Pack, you can purchase the appropriate paper directly with the ink & toner. The paper is specially designed for brilliant colour prints and therefore gives better results than printing photos with standard paper.

However, you can still save even more money when purchasing Photo Value Packs by ordering compatible printer cartridges. But compatible cartridges are also cheaper with all other packs such as normal packs, XXL inks, multipacks or twinpacks. In the next section we explain them.

We also show why you still get the usual high print quality despite the lower price.

Canon ink cartridges: original or compatible?

Original cartridges are manufactured directly by Canon. They are of high quality and perfectly matched to the respective printer. But the price is also much higher. But there are also three alternatives with a good price-performance ratio:

  • Refill ink cartridges: Here the original cartridge case is refilled with an alternative ink.
  • Rebuilt ink cartridges: In the rebuilt process, new ink cartridges are produced by disassembling the original cartridges after they have been used up, cleaning them, providing them with new spare parts and filling them with a high-quality ink that corresponds to the technology of the original.
  • Compatible ink cartridges: are manufactured completely new by third party companies. Both the cartridge body is rebuilt by the third party company and the ink is assembled and filled by the company itself.

The production of refill, rebuilt and compatible cartridges is subject to the control of European law and therefore European quality standards. Alternative cartridges also provide a high quality print result with brilliant colours and are up to 30% cheaper:

When you buy compatible Prindo cartridges, you take no risk: you have 60 days right of return and a 5-year guarantee. The manufacturer's warranty for your Canon printer remains fully intact.

Already with one purchase, the savings e.g. with the Prindo alternative for Canon PG-545XL is 12,60 €. In the long run you can save a lot of money when replacing your printer accessories.

How do I insert and change Canon printer cartridges?

  1. Switch on your Canon printer.
  2. Open the access drawer to the printer cartridges, the control panel and the paper output tray.
  3. Wait until the print head holder in the middle of the carriage has come to a stop.
  4. Remove the empty ink cartridge by pressing lightly on the tab and lifting the cartridge. On most Canon printers, a red, fast flashing light indicates the used cartridges.
  5. Remove the new ink cartridge from its packaging, pull off the orange tape and then peel off the complete protective film.
  6. Remove the orange protective cap by gently lifting the tab.
  7. Insert the cartridge into the print head with the front side sloping. Make sure that the letter on the label (e.g. blue "C" for "Cyan") matches the position where you insert the ink cartridge.
  8. Press the top of the print cartridge until you hear it click into place. Make sure that the ink tank indicator is lit.
  9. Close the control panel and the other covers.
  10. Wait until the machine has cleaned the print head. Then confirm the note about the replaced ink cartridges in the display. You can now print again.

Can I refill Canon ink cartridges myself?

In principle it is possible to refill ink cartridges yourself. To do this, you must first buy refill ink for your inkjet printer, multifunction printer or photo printer. However, refilling empty printer cartridges by hand is very complicated. There is a high risk that the cartridges will not be refilled correctly or that, for example, printer ink will leak, resulting in a defect in your inkjet printer. You will then lose the manufacturer's warranty.

We therefore advise you not to refill your empty cartridges yourself. However, you do not need to buy expensive original Canon ink cartridges: The compatible Prindo printer cartridges are available for all popular printer series (e.g. PIXMA, MAXIFY, Selphy, BJC) and in all colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow/Yellow, Key/Black). Our own brand offers first-class printing performance and is up to 30% cheaper than the original. You get 60 days right of return and 3 years warranty. And even more importantly, despite the price saving, the Canon manufacturer's warranty remains intact.

How do I correctly dispose of my Canon cartridges?

Do not throw old Canon ink cartridges in the household waste. This pollutes the environment and prevents the cartridges from being reused. Canon has offered a free, simple and environmentally friendly recycling program for ink and toner since 1990. Not a single component of an empty cartridge ends up in the trash: Canon uses the parts to assemble new cartridges. If this is not possible, the parts are recycled: as raw material for other industries or as a substitute for fossil fuels.

Which ink cartridges can be recycled?

With the exception of cartridges for large format printers, virtually all cartridges can be sent to Canon. All popular partner numbers like PG-545XL, PGI-1500XL, CL-541XL, CLI-551 BK, BCI-10 etc. are supported. For the complete list of supported ink cartridges, please visit the Canon ink cartridge recycling page.

Which toners can be recycled?

For toners, Canon only accepts the so-called All-in-One toner cartridges for recycling: toner containers (with codes such as C-EXV, NPG, CLC, GP) and ink cartridges (with codes such as BCI, BX, CL, CLI, PG, PGI) are not allowed for toner recycling. Recycling of large format printers as well as GP, iR, iRC, NP and CLC copiers is also not supported for toner cartridges. Permitted cartridges include, for example, partner numbers 051, C-EXV 26, CRG 056, EP-22, FP-250 and MP10. For the complete list of supported toners, please refer to Canon's toner recycling page.

How many ink cartridges should I return at once?

With the packaging provided by Canon, you can return between five and ten ink cartridges per package (depending on the size of the cartridges). As recycling is intended to reduce the environmental impact, small quantities of less than five ink cartridges should not be returned.

How can I send my empty cartridges to Canon?

Canon only accepts returns of genuine Canon cartridges. If you are using compatible cartridges from other manufacturers such as Prindo, which can save you a lot of money compared to the original while maintaining the same quality, you cannot return them via Canon. However, there is another possibility (see below). If you would like to send your original inks to Canon, please proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Canon Recycling Program form.
  2. Enter your name and address. Confirm that you are only returning cartridges that are on Canon's official recycling list and submit the form.
  3. You will receive two postage free return envelopes from Canon, each of which can hold 5-10 cartridges. Place the empty cartridges in the return envelope and seal it carefully. Then send it by post.

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